In Photos: Flood Hit Terengganu And Kelantan

22 11 2014
Floodwater in Taman Murni Permai, Tok Jembal in Kuala Terengganu. (NST)

Floodwater in Taman Murni Permai, Tok Jembal in Kuala Terengganu. (NST)

Heavy rains caused bad flood in Terengganu and Kelantan.

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Malindo Air Plane Catches Fire

26 03 2014
Malindo Air's ATR 72-600 plane’s turboprop engine caught fire.

Malindo Air’s ATR 72-600 plane’s turboprop engine caught fire, Wednesday 26, 2014. Image credit to The Star).

A Malindo Air flight to Kuala Terengganu had to turn back to Subang Airport because the ATR 72-600 plane’s turboprop engine caught fire.

Terengganu midfielder Faiz Subri who was in the flight with the rest of the Terengganu FA team posted a picture of the burning engine.

Everyone on board the 7.30am flight was safe.

The Star reported that according to a statement on the Terengganu FA’s website, the team took a replacement flight back to Kuala Terengganu at 10am.

Ramadhan’s Bedil In Kuala Terengganu

17 07 2013

In Kuala Terengganu, one of the most special part of Ramadhan is the ‘bedil’.

How I wish there is ‘bedil’ in Kuala Lumpur too, to signal the time for Iftar and Imsak.

Below is a post that I wrote on September 28, 2010 about photographing the bedil in Kuala Terengganu.

Photographing The Bedils

I snapped this photo myself. I need to aim my camera to the right spot and snap at the right moment because if I was a few seconds late I’ll be snapping photos of smoke.

In Kuala Terengganu people break their fast after the sound of the ‘bedil’ in the Ramadhan.

There were bedil‘s on the 2nd day of Eid until 7th day of Eid too.

On the 5th day of Eid, my dad took me to Bukit Pak Apil in Kuala Terengganu to watch bedil’ shooting.

These are the bedil shooting base.

A policeman guided us to a safe location to watch the bedil‘.

The ‘bedil’ contractor and a policeman reached the ‘bedil’ shooting site.

The ‘bedil’ contractor preparing the ‘bedil’.

First we have to wait for the sound of ‘dup’.

Then we started snapping lots and lots and lots of photos as the bedilexploded in the sky into a gigantic umbrella of colourful lights right above our heads.

Then the umbrella turned into tiny sparkles of lights like colourful rain drops and faded into tiny umbrellas of smoke.

The bedil after the ‘dup’ sound

The bedil exploded…

…into tiny sparkles of lights like colourful rain drops…

…and faded into tiny umbrellas of smoke.

We went there again on the 6th and 7th day of Eid to snap more photos.

It was very, very hard to snap the photos because we have to aim at the right spot of where there the wind would blow the ‘bedil’.

We also need to snap at the right moment before the beautiful ‘bedil’ faded into umbrellas of smoke in the sky.

We also had to squat down fearing the loud sound made us jump and fall down the cliff.

We need to squat because we do not want to fall down the hill.

I snapped some beautiful ‘bedil’ photos and I am very proud of them 🙂

I snapped all the above photos by myself!

My Great Grand Father Passed Away

18 06 2012

On Thursday, June 14, 2012 at about 5pm, my mother’s cousin called my mother saying that my Appa (my great grand father) is in the hospital.

My great grand father’s name was Mohd. Ya’acob bin Abdullah and his Chinese name was Tung Foo Piew.

He is my mother’s grandfather.

My father planned to go to Kuala Terengganu the next day to visit Appa at the Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital (KTS).

But after about half an hour later, my mother’s cousin called my mother again to tell that Appa had just passed away.

I was very sad when I heard the news.

Appa was a very nice man and he was still strong and active despite he was very old.

So we went to Kuala Terengganu that night after Maghrib and we reached Appa’s house at about 1:30am on June 15, 2012.

Appa was buried at the Perkuburan Tok Pelam at about 10am.

Please click here for: My Great Grand Father’s Burial.

Beautiful View From Bukit Puteri

17 10 2011

The Kuala Terengganu Post Office and a part of Terengganu River can be seen from the Bukit Puteri.

I visited the Bukit Puteri the last time we went back to Kuala Terengganu.

It is a very beautiful place to visit >>>please click here for ‘Visiting The Bukit Puteri’ <<<

We can see beautiful views of Kuala Terengganu and the Terengganu River from the hill.

Another beautiful view of the Terengganu River.

Another side of the Terengganu River.

The jetty where we can board a boat to travel to beautiful islands around Terengganu.

Visiting The ‘Bukit Puteri’

12 10 2011

From left are my big sisters Kashah, Kafah, me and Kaman in front of the Bukit Puteri.

Bukit Puteri is a 208-metre hill facing the Terengganu River.

‘Bukit’ means hill and ‘puteri’ means princess.

It was formerly a fortress between 1831 and 1876.

It is a very beautiful place.

Uncle Hulaimi or Awang Goneng wrote a lot about Bukit Puteri  in his books, ‘Growing Up In Trengganu’ and ‘A Map Of Trengganu’.

Climbing up the stairs to the hill top.

On the way to the top of the hill.

First we reached the site of 'Meriam Beranak' or the 'Cannon That Give Birth'.

The 'Meriam Beranak'; the mother and the baby cannon.

Then we saw another cannon.

Next we visited the 'Pondok Genta' or the 'The Bell's Hut'. Inside the hut is the historic 'Genta' or 'The Bell'.

The Genta or the bell.

This is the large brass bell known as the ‘Genta’. It was struck during emergencies as well as during important festivals and royal events. Uncle Hulaimi wrote about the 'Genta' in his books.

Then we climbed up the stairs to the fortress.

The fortress.

My siblings and I in front of the fortress.

We saw the throne once we entered the fortress.

Behind the throne is the 'Gun Powder Hole'.

On the left is the throne and on the right is another cannon. This must be the place where the archers be during the wars.

The lighthouse.

The lighthouse is on the hill top.

Going down the hill.

A Wonderful House By The Beach

20 09 2011

At the gate infront of Ki Hassan's house. From the left is my big sisters Kaman, Kashah, my mother, nenek, me, Ki Hassan and my sister Kafah.

Last two weeks, I went to Ki Hassan’s house.

Enjoying ourselves at Ki Hassan's house.

Ki Hassan’s name is Hassan A. Karim.

He is my grandfather’s cousin.

Ki Hassan is a good man.

He teaches the students around the area for free.

He is also a blogger, please click here for his blog >>><<<

His house is by the beach in Mengabang Telipot, near Kuala Terengganu.

We played in the large backyard facing the beach.

Pretending going home from the camp.

From the front is Kashah, me and Kafah.

The drink was very delicious and I ate my favorite snack, ‘kerepek bawang’.

I really had a wonderful time over there.

Playing on the swing with my big sister, Kafah.

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