10 Longest Bridges in the World

30 01 2018

[Yahoo! News}- With only 22 miles between the UK and France, Boris Johnson reportedly thinks it’s ‘crazy’ that the Channel Tunnel is the only connecting bridge.

Although it’s faced some mocking and controversy, a bridge connecting the two nations could, technically, exist.

Bridge designer and former president of the Institution of Structural Engineers Ian Firth said it was ‘absolutely possible’.

And while a 22 mile bridge might seem longer than your average water crossing, it’s by no means the longest bridge to ever exist.

These are the 10 longest bridges around the world.



The Iconic ‘Mee Racun’ of Batu Pahat

30 12 2017

The district of Batu Pahat, Johor is known for the iconic Mee Racun 3G restaurant, which is located in Kampung Kenangan Dato Onn, in front of the Pinetree Hotel.

Featured in the Johor state newspaper, Jauhar, it serves delicious dishes with the ‘racun’ (poison) themed name, such as Kuew Tiaw Racun, Nasi Goreng Racun, and of course, the iconic Mee Racun.

Despite its frightening name, each dish is actually not poisonous at all; but the gravy is red and looks ‘poisonous’, thus leading it to the peculiar name, as what had been explained to me by a lady at the restaurant.

I’ve already eaten at the restaurant three times, the food was constantly tasty and the people who work there are also very kind and friendly.

My personal favourite is the ‘Kuew Tiaw Racun’, a spicy and delicious dish that I really enjoy, where every mouthful was a treat in itself with its unique and distinctive flavour ‘explodes’ in my mouth in each spoonful.

One of my favourite parts of eating the dishes here is to sip in the bone marrow using a straw.

So if you visit Batu Pahat, you won’t want to miss the chance to try these marvellous dishes. 

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Photos: LEGOLAND Malaysia – Pt.1 Boating School

25 12 2017

The Boating School is one of my favourite rides in Legoland Malaysia.

It is the ride that I would first go to every time I visit the park.

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Photos: Serene Dungun Vs Lively Pasar Malam

10 11 2017

A beautiful view of the near the river mouth of Sungai Dungun, Oct. 24, 2017.

Last month, we made a short trip to Dungun; and that was the first time I spent a night in the seaside town.

It is a lovely town, and I really enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I even visited the Pasar Malam, which was big and lively with rows and rows of stalls selling all kinds of food and drinks.

There are even traditional kuih and food that are not sold in Kuala Lumpur!

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Meeting Lego Batman At Legoland Malaysia

20 03 2017

Currently, the LEGO Batman event is running at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

The picture above was taken on the 13th of February during the promotion, several days before the event began.

The British Airways i360: World’s Thinnest Tall Tower Opens

18 08 2016
Panoramic views: The i360 is the thinnest ‘tall tower’ in the world.

Panoramic views: The i360 is the thinnest ‘tall tower’ in the world.

‘London Eye on Sea’, the 138m “vertical pier” on Brighton’s seafront opens to the public on Thursday, August 4, 2016, after 12 years after in development.

Officially called ‘The British Airways i360′, the tower cost £46m to build and will be the highest viewing platform in Britain outside of London.

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China’s Tianmen Mountain’s Vertigo Inducing Glass Walkway

17 08 2016
How are you with heights?

How are you with heights?

Are you brave enough to walk on this vertigo-inducing, glass-bottomed walkway that snakes around a peak on the Tianmen Mountain?

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