A Castle In Kuala Lumpur

28 08 2010

A few weeks ago, my family and I went to a castle.

The castle is not as tall as the castles in Europe.

It’s name is Al-Rawsha.

Anyway, it is not a real castle; it’s actually a restaurant :mrgreen:

The restaurant is at Jalan Kampung Pandan.

From the outside it looks like a real castle.

We went there to buy food for iftar.

The restaurant sells Middle Eastern cuisines.

We bought ‘Chicken Mandy’ and ‘Lamb Mandy‘.

There are yoghurt, salsa and rice together with the ‘Chicken and Lamb Mandy‘.

They are so delicious!

I wonder if there is any more restaurants that looks like a castle 🙂




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17 07 2013
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16 08 2012

Dear Ahmad Ali,
It really looks like a castle ❗ I hope we can go there again 🙂


28 09 2010
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2 09 2010

Have put a link of your page to facebook.com/MyKualaLumpur


3 09 2010

Dear MyKL,
Thanks. Please visit my blog again.


30 08 2010
Aunty Moon n Uncle Kamil

Salam my dear Ali

We are in Kemaman, jealouslah kami because we love to eat chicken mandy and uncle loves to eat lamb mandy. A couple of months back our friend from Mekah cooked for us chicken n lamb mandy for us.

Aunty Moon tak payah baca papers sebab I am always been updated by my dear Ali. Thanks so much for sending those “master piece”.

Take care n lots of love n bear hugs from Uncle Kamil and Aunty Moon


30 08 2010

Dear Aunty Moon n Uncle Kamil,
Tell Aunty Moon’s friend to teach Aunty Moon how to cook chicken and lamb mandy.
Then Aunty Moon can cook for me too :mrgreen:


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