A Beautiful House By The Lake

25 03 2010

Last weekend I went to Uncle Osman Bakar‘s house.

We went there to send Pak Ghani.

Uncle Osman’s  house is in Cyberjaya but very close to Putrajaya.

With my sister at the back of Uncle Osman's house

If we walk out from the garden at the back of the house, we will be in Putrajaya.

Uncle Osman’s house is very,very big and very, very beautiful.

It is a new house.

The house is by the Putrajaya Lake.

The lake is beautiful too :mrgreen:

There is a nice jogging path by the lake.

Aunty Badar let me read some books.

I love to read the books about plants and ships.

And I enjoyed playing in the beautiful garden too.

I think I want go to Uncle Osman’s house again.




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10 04 2010
Aiman Amani

Dear Ali,

Ali really looks cute in the second photo 🙂 Kaman has more photos of the lake, go and take a look. Ali can choose more to post here.

🙂 Kaman 🙂


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