Welcome To My Blog

Hello, my name is Ahmad Ali Karim.

Welcome to my blog.

I love to write and I started to write stories when I was 3 years old.

Now I am 5 years old and I am very happy to start my own blog.

I wrote the above introduction on August 28, 2008. At that moment I was very excited when at last my father gave me the permission  to start my own blog. I wanted to become a blogger just like my eldest sister 🙂 By the way, that photo was taken when I was 5 years old. Now I am 9 years old, please click here to see the new me 🙂

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98 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog”

  1. A.A.K.
    I commend you, and I am pleased to see your initiative to author your own blog. Remember always the unwritten law of bloggers: Stand for the truth. You have taken the responsibility to always search for truth, and it is awesome. Without truth, blogs only add to the bable in a world that has been denied truth, in favor of what only appears to be true. Always be the beacon of truth, and you will do very well.


    1. Dear NoTingles,
      Thank you. It is very important to make our world a better place to live in for everybody, like in Micheal Jackson’s songs, ‘Heal The World’, ‘Earth Song’, ‘We Are The world’ and others. But for this to happen, all of us must do our part and we must understand and do our responsibilities. I am sad that there are people who do not understand the importance of taking care of our Earth and I try to write about it hoping that I can help to save the Earth. Violence is bad and it can destroy us and violence is against Islam too, that is why I am against violence. I drew posters and wrote songs about to stop the wars too 🙂 Please visit my blog again.


    1. Dear Marco,
      I’m very happy to hear that you want to start a blog 🙂 I learn a lot from blogging because I need to read and write a lot. It is fun but I have to hard work :mrgreen:
      Please let me know about your blog. Thanks for writing and please visit my blog again.


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  3. assalaamualaikum dear ahmad’
    how are you today.?
    i read your posting about your nasyid, and will upload in you tube…
    if ready to upload, please tell me ok. because i want to see and hear your nasyid..ok thanks ahmad.


  4. Salam Ahmad…salam perkenalan
    apa kbar? doa mama semuga sejahtera selalu..
    mama terjumpa web ini cari2 dimana bolih dapat roselle in australia..ya kini mama di melbourne…
    mama stokis roselle disabah…hanya kini bercuti dengan anak2 mama..sorry website mama dalam process …
    apa pun mama berharap Ahmad senantiasa riang dan pandang lah dunia seluas mata mu memandang ..ia indah …
    dan roselle jangan lupa minum selalu..ok..
    salam mesra
    mama dinima


  5. adik ahmad, blog adik kurang post, mungkin adik boleh ceritakan kisah menarik bergambar atau bahan berita berunsur pendidikan, paling penting sesuai bagi peringkat umur adik

    blog adik memang mantop, keep going


  6. Assalaamualaikum dear ahmad.

    minal aidin wal faidzin taqobbalallahu minna wa minkum siyamana wa siyamakum..takobbal ya kariim….
    happy idul fitri 1 syawal 1430 H

    selamat hari raya idul fitri (indonesian language)
    wilujeng boboran siyam ( sunda language )


  7. Assalaamualaikum dear ahmad.
    how are you in this ramadhan.?
    in this time I want give you a new story about abu nawas, by the tittle

    moving the mosque

    One day King Aaron spoke in front of his people. “After having friday frayer tomorrow afternoon, you should not go home. I will make a very inportant announcement.”
    “The place around our mosque is very noisy. So, I would like to move to another location. Anybody who can move the mosque will get a lot of prizes.”
    Nobody took the offer. The king repeated the announcement many times. Still, nobody spoke. The king looked at the people one by one. His eys tried to find Abunawas. When he saw him, he asked, “Abu, what about you?”
    Abunawas was surprised. But, finally he said, “I’ll move the mosque, but I have a condition, Your majesty,” said he.
    “What is it?” asked the king.
    “I’ll move the mosque the following friday, if you hold a feast for us,” said the smart man.
    Nobody spoke. They looked at Abunawas unbelievely. they thought that the task was impossible. They could not imgaine
    how a man could lift up and carry a big mosque.
    The following friday, a lot of people were gathering in front of the mosque. They just finished doing the friday prayer. They joined a big feast there. Everybody was happy.
    “Abunawas, this is the time you do your job,” said the king. He continued speaking to the people, “You all are here to witness and extraordinary thing today. Abunawas will move the mosque to its new palace there.”
    Abunawas cleared his throat and said, “brotherts, king Aaron gave me an order to move the mosque to the other side of the palace square.”
    The crowd made some noise expressing their disbelief on what they just heard. One of them shouted, “How will you lift it up, Abu?”
    Abunawas looked at the man. He smiled and said, “I will carry it on my shoulder,”
    “Okay, Abu. Do it now,” shouted King Aaron over the noise.
    The crowd was silent. Nobody dared to speak loudly.
    Abunawas stepped forward to the people. He stood with his legs apart. He bowed to pull his trousers up. He rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. Then he walked to the mosque. Hundreds of people, including, the king and the ministers followed him.
    when Abunawas came to the side of the mosque, he stoped and murmured something inaudible. Many people took a deep breath.
    Abunawas turned to the people and said, “Brothers, usualiy when I bring something heavy. Please help me. Lift it up and put in on my shoulder!”
    Everybody was surprised. They just looked at each other.
    “Gentlemen, there are around two hundreds of you here. You’ve just had a big feast! You must be very strong. Please, help me!” said Abunawas again.
    Suddenly one of the minister said, “Abu, are you crazy? We will not be able to lift it up!”
    “yes, we won’t” said another one.
    More and more people shouted the same thing.
    Abunawas said to the king, “It’s not my fault not to move the mosque, Your Majesty. The people don’t want to help me!”
    The king smiled bitterly as he heard Abunawas’ words.


  8. Assalaamualaikum dear ahmad.
    how are you today.?

    I praise you, because your english language is very good.
    but my english language is less good.
    may be, in writing the story, or a comment,in your blog is a mistake.
    please corrections for me. because I get a little, about the english language.

    before, I say thanks and i am sorry…ok
    wassalam ahmad.


  9. Assalaamualaikum dear ahmad.
    thank for your comment in my blog.
    I have one new story again abaut abunawas for you ok.
    for the tittle is

    Draining off the sea

    Two days after Abunawas wrapped the sun, he was called to the palace again. He said, “Abu, you are very great. You can put the sun in a bag.”
    “Thank you, Your Majesty.”
    “Our sea has been polluted. We will be able to clean it up when it is dry. Now I want you to drain off the sea,” said the king.
    Then Abunawas went home. One the way he saw some children look for fish in a small stream by the street. They drained off a small hole by the strem with a pail. Abunawas smiled. He got an idea.
    Early the next morning it was very crowded around the palace. A lot of people dug several big holes around the palace.
    Some guards asked for explanation to Abunawas, but they were ignored. The people kept on digging the holes.
    The guards notified the king about the strange happening around the palace.
    “What’s the matter?” asked the king.
    “Abunawas and his friends dig many holes around the palace,” reported one of the guards.
    “Why don’t you stop them?” asked the king.
    “they ignored us. You have to see it yourself, Your Majesty,” said the other guard.
    Then the king went out of the main building to the yard. He was surprise when he saw the palace fence nearly fell down.
    “Bring Abunawas here,” he shouted to one of the guards.
    The guard ran to Abunawas. “Abu, Abu…the king calls you”! he shouted.
    “Dig deeper! Deeper!” Abunawas kept giving orders as if he had not heard anything.
    The king saw Abunawas did not pay any attention to the guard. He walked toward him himself.
    “Abu, Abu…Stop!” shouted the king.
    Abunawas pretented to be surprised. He paid homeage and said, “Yes, Your Majesty”. Then he asked his friends to stop digging.
    The king said, “What are you doing, Abu? Don’t you know that almost destroy the palace? I can punish you right now!”
    “Your Majesty, I just do your order,” answered Abunawas.
    “I’ve never ordered you to destroy my own palace. Tell me what are you doing!” said the king.
    “We’re making a dam.”
    “A dam? What is it for?” asked the king.
    “Yesterday you ordered me to drain up the sea. The dam is for the sea water. If I drain up the sea and don’t make any dam for the water, there will be a big flood in this country,” answered Abunawas, “So, today we make the dam and tomorrow we will drain the sea!”


  10. Assalaamualaikum dear ahmad.
    how are you today.?
    i have one new story abaut abu nawas for you ok

    The sun in the pail

    The king gave another impossible task again to abunawas that day.he said, “abu,in this summer, the sun is very very hot.if you can wraf the sun, you’ll help all people.”
    Abunawas was just silent. Thenthe king said again, “I want you to wraf the sun by tomorrow!”
    Abunawas could not refuse the order. He looked confused.
    “what time will you take the order, abu?” asked the king.
    Abunawas was silent.the king repeated the question.
    After a quitelong silence he answered, “Around midday, your majesty!”
    Then the king ordered all the ministers to com to the palace the next day around twelve o’clock.
    The next day at twelve o’clock many people gathered in the palace . they wanted to see how abunawas wrapped the sun. when abunawas come there , the king asked him directly, “how will you do it, abu?”
    “I need a pail of water and a big leather bag, your majesty. There must be no leak on the bag,” said the smart man.
    Then the king asked his guards to get a pail of water and a big leather bag.
    Not long after that the guards brought in the things. They gave them to abunawas.
    After receiving them, Abunawas went to the palace square with a pail of wather. He put it in the middle of the square. He looked into the pail.the water was very clean. He saw the reflection of the sun in the water. Then he went back to the king and the ministers.
    “Your majesty, I have caught the sun. I put it in the pail,” said Abunawas.
    The king smiled and asked, “How can you prove it, Abu?”
    Abunawas asked one of the minister to go to the middle of the square and to look into the pail. He asked the minister when he come back , “what did you see?”
    The minister answered, “the sun!”
    The other ministers talked to each other. They did not believe the minister who just saw the sun in the pail.
    “Abu, can I see the sun?” asked one of them.
    “go ahead,” answered Abunawas.
    So the minister went to see the sun in the pail. When he came back, he told the other that he saw the sun in the pail.
    Do you want to prove it yourself, Your majesty?” asked abunawas to the king.
    The king smiled. He knew abunawas try to release himself from the impossible task. He said,”No abu. Now wrap it!”
    Abunawas took the big leather bag. He went to the middle of the square. He opened the bag and put it on the ground.
    Next, he lifted the pail and poured the water into the bag. He closed the bag and ran to the king.
    “I have wrapped the sun, your majesty,” he said and put the bag in fron of the king.
    “I still see the sun shining in the sky, Abu,” said the king.
    “Your majesty, your ministers told us that they saw the sun in the pail. And I poured the water into the bag. So, the sun is in the bsg now,” argued abunawas.
    “abu, look outside. The sun is shining in the sky!” the king argued also.
    “Yes, Your Majesty, but it is the second sun.”
    “The second sun? there is only one sun in the world!”
    “You’re right, Your Majesty. There is only one sun in the world. So, when I put it into the bag, the whole world was in total darkness. So God repleacted it with the new one,” Abunawas argued convincingly.
    The king could not argue any further. Then he walked to the bag and opened the bag. He did not see the sun in the bag. Then said, “Abu, there is not sun in the bag. Where is the sun you just wrapped?”
    “Your Majesty, there are two suns now. The sun in the bag feels guilty because I can catch it. It will show itself only if it see the second sun,” said Abunawas.
    “What do you mean?” asked the king.
    Abunawas did not answer the question. He took the bag and brought it outside. He opened it under then sun. After a moment he shouted, “It’s here, Your Majesty!”


  11. Has you go to U.S.A ? or other interesting place? i know you go to Sekolah Kebangsaan Padang Hiliran at kuala terengganu . i see you speech vary fantastic ! you speech like a true English boy. I want to say you Congratulation !!.


    1. Dear Abang Kimi,
      Thanks.I went to the U.S.A. twice. I like to go to the U.S.A.because there are so many interesting places, for example the Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge and many more. I also had visited many other interesting places like SKPH! I have to practice to be a good speaker because I want to speak at the United Nations meetings.
      I do not go to school. My sisters are home schooling. We study at home.


  12. Assalaamualaikum dear ahmad.
    how are you today.?
    i have one story abaut abu nawas for you

    Catching six speaking donkeys

    Once day king Aaron called abunawas. He assingned him to do impossible mission.
    “Abu, I want six speaking donkeys with beard. I give you a week. If you cannot get the animals, I’ll punish you.”
    Abunawas was confused. He went home. He stayed home the wole day to think about the mission. On the seventh day he went to the city square where he could meet a lot of the people.
    Any time he met a person bread, he asked him, “Hi, young man. What’s the day?”
    Any of those person who could answer his question correctly would be allowed to go, but for those who could not would be asked to follow him. Finalli, he got six person with wrong answer.
    “what do you want from us, abu?” asked one of them.
    Abunawas didn’t answer the question, he asked another question instead. “what the day?”
    The man answered, “Thursday.”
    “fool, it’s Wednesday,” said another.
    “No, it’s Monday!” said another.
    “Okay! You are now confused. Tomorrow we’ll go to see the king. He’ll tell us what day it is,” said abunawas to calm the down.
    Abunawas then asked them to go to his house. He told them that the king was a humorous man. He liked jokes. So, he asked them to answer the king’s question jokingly.
    The following day, abunawas and the six men went to the pleace. The king and the ministers had been there for a moment waiting abunawas. As the saw abunawas entering the pleace, he asked, “Abu have you got the six speaking animal?’
    Abunawas whispered to him, “see, how humorous is the king!”
    The king repeated the question.
    “Yes your majesty. Here they are!”
    “Abu, what are you saying?” the king asked in a surprise tone.
    “Here they are, your majesty.”
    “they are human being, not animals!”
    “Ask them about the day,” said Abunawas.
    So the king asked them the name of the day one by one.
    None of them answered correctly. The king wondered how the men were so foolish. He said, “you are foolish like donkeys!”
    Yes you are right, your majesty,” said Abunawas quickly.
    “Yes, yes, you are right, your majesty,” said the six men.
    After that, the king asked again, “Abu, where are the six speaking donkeys?”
    “Your majesty, you just said, they are donkeys. None of them can correctly answer your simple question!” answered Abunawas.


  13. assalaamualaikum dear ahmad.
    I will give you some beautifully word in indonesian language, maybe it is can
    infortant (mamfa’at) for you. I diden’t translated to english language maybe can be next time.ok


    Tergelincirnya lidah itu lebih berbahaya daripada tergelincirnya kaki.
    Begitu juga buta mata, itu tak seberapa, bila di bandingkan dengan dengan buta hati.

    Orang yang membiarkan diri dalam kebodohan tentu membahayakan.
    Tetapi lebih berbahaya lagi, bila orang yang berilmu bila tidak di amalkan.

    Jangan biasakan diri dalam kemalasan dan kesibukan yang tak ada arti.
    Karna dunia ini tempatnya beramal untuk bekal di akhirat nanti.

    jagalah dan kuatkanlah imanmu.
    Karna dia lebih berharga daripada dunia dan hartamu.

    Kata mutiara ini kutulis untuk sohibku.
    Yang bernama ahmad teman seagamaku.

    قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم: إذا أراد الله بعبد خيرا استعمله قبل موته فسأله رجل من القوم ما استعمله قال يهديه الله إلى العمل الصالح قبل موته ثم يقبضه عليه

    Janganlah kamu merasa telah kaya akan seorang guru yang membimbingmu agama.
    Karna sesiapa yang tidak mempunyai guru, maka syaitanlah yang menjadi gurunya.

    Gurumu adalah pelantaramu.
    Apabila kau putuskan dia, berarti kau telah memutuskan pelantaramu.

    Janganlah kamu ingkari para aulia dan ulama amilin wa sholihin.
    Karna dengan mengingkari mereka, itu adalah tanda dari kebodohan dan sifat jahilin.

    Katakanlah “adakah orang-orang mengetahui itu sama dengan orang yang tidak mengetahui.
    Ataukah adakah kegelapan itu sama dengan cahaya ?

    Simpanlah sifat su’udzon kepada siapapun.
    Karena su’udzon itu terlalu jauh dari kebenaran.

    Baca, pahami, dan amalkanlah al-qur’an dan ikutilah petunjuk nabimu.
    karna itu adalah sebaik-baiknya tutur kata dan sebaik-baiknya petunjuk bagimu.

    Ulama adalah cahaya ummat dan pewaris para nabi
    Maka dekatilah dia supaya kamu dapat petunjuk dan terterangi.

    Dunia diciptakan untuk kamu,sedangkan kamu diciptakan untuk akhirat.
    Bila kamu mencari dunia, maka tak ada tempat bagimu di akhirat.

    Tetapi seandainya tujuanmu alam akhirat.
    Maka dunia ini adalah pelayan bagi mereka yang berbekal untuk akhirat.

    Jauhilah sifat cintamu kepada dunia.
    Karena dia adalah sebagai hijab tujuanmu yang nyata.

    Karna halalnya jadi hisab.haramnya jadi adzab.
    Darimana dan untuk apa, semua akan di pertanggung jawab.

    Berhati-hatilah dengan musuh yang ada di jiwamu sendiri.
    Karna dia selalu bersamamu kemanapun kamu pergi.

    Dialah nafsumu yang selalu memperbudakmu.
    Untuk menuruti semua perintah nafsumu.

    Nafsumu yang membikin cela.
    Tetapi malah jiwamu yang tercela.

    Tak ada kebaikan yang terdapat pada nafsu amarahmu.
    Karna dia adalah senjata yang selalu dipergunakan oleh musuhmu.

    Hanya kapada allahlah kita meminta pertolongan .
    Dari jahatnya nafsu dan syetan yang menyesatkan.

    I take this words from my teacher in religion.

    Iam sorry if in this teks any wrong.



  14. Aik! AA
    i did comment here already…but where has it gone to?

    Oh dear what shall the matter be Oh dear?

    Do you know this song?

    I have written something in this comment column and already counted your teeth and dimples you have there…where is it?

    * 8 on top and 9 at the bottom row.


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