Sulawesi Earthquake & Tsunami: Photos & Videos

29 09 2018

[CNN}- At least one person died and 10 were injured, according to Indonesia’s Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), after a series of earthquakes struck the island of Sulawesi on Friday afternoon.

Initial reports from the agency say dozens of buildings collapsed in Palu City in the Donggala region of Sulawesi.

Evacuations are underway and people have been advised to remain alert and outside their homes.

A localized tsunami hit beaches in the cities of Palu and Donggala as a result of the tremors, according to the BNPB.

An early tsunami warning had been issued by the Indonesian meteorological agency, but was later lifted after the agency ascertained that the water had receded.

BNPB spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho shared a video on Twitter of the tsunami striking the coast at Palu. “Tsunami was about three meters high,” Nugroho wrote.

Troops from the Indonesian National Armed Forces were being deployed to help deal with the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, according to the BNPB.

Writing on his official Twitter account Friday, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that he was monitoring the situation and preparing for any post-earthquake eventualities.

“May our brothers and sisters remain calm and be safe,” he wrote.The first in a series of tremors was felt at 3 p.m. (4 a.m. ET) 35 miles north of Palu, according to the United States Geological Survey. The largest shock — with a magnitude of 7.5 — was detected 50 miles north of Palu, according to USGS.

The shaking of the 7.5-magnitude tremor was “severe” and the likely damage following the quake “moderate to heavy,” the USGS said.

Local media reports that the airport at Palu has been closed until Saturday evening.

The quakes come a month after a trio of earthquakes hit several islands in the South Pacific and Indonesia, including Lombok, which is still recovering from the effects of an August 5 earthquake that killed more than 430 people.


Disturbing Composite Photos Reimagine Ocean Pollution

11 08 2018

Hundreds of thousands of marine animals — fish, reptiles, birds and mammals — die every year after ingesting or being entangled in garbage carried by ocean currents.

Portuguese artist Paulo de Oliveira’s shocking composite images of animals being strangled by discarded nets and gorging on plastic rubbish serve as a stark warning of the damage caused by human waste.

In his series, a baby seal lion swims with a fishing net around its neck, a turtle munches on a coffee cup, a whale shark consumes plastic bags and a fish eats the remnants of a plastic lid while swimming through a sea of garbage.

De Oliveira, a 64-year-old former advertising executive turned professional diver and photographer, said: “I created these composite images to illustrate the amount of plastic garbage polluting our oceans. I wanted to make people understand the enormity of this environmental attack and how it affects the entire marine food chain. It is a theme that needs strong images that one often cannot capture directly in nature with the necessary quality.

“Nothing that can be seen in these images is unrealistic fantasies, though. All this happens every day in some parts of the oceans. It has already been witnessed by me and by many people but, except for honorable exceptions, it has not been directly portrayed in nature with force that I have tried to present in these compositions. In general, people respond well to images even when they know they have not been captured directly in nature. As I worked in advertising, I see this technique as just another tool that allows me to express my creativity.” (Caters News)

[Gambar & Video] Pekan Ayer Hitam Terbakar

7 08 2018

Deretan kedai kerepek dan pasu di pekan Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat, Johor dilaporkan terbakar pagi tadi.

Menurut Utusan Online, seorang saksi, Nurul Nazihah Sujono, 25, menceritakan kepada Utusan Online, kejadian berlaku sekitar pukul 7.30 pagi.

“Ketika itu saya ingin ke tempat kerja namun apabila melihat kepulan asap hitam, saya terus bergegas ke tempat kejadian.

“Mula-mula saya cuma lihat satu kedai sahaja terbakar kemudian terus merebak ke kedai yang lain dengan cepat,” katanya.

Keadaan angin yang kuat menyebabkan api tersebut lebih marak sehingga berberapa kedai hangus terbakar.

Menurut seorang pengguna media sosial WhatsApp yang merupakan sahabat kepada seorang mangsa, kedai yang terbakar ialah kedai di sebelah kiri lampu isyarat menghala ke Machap.


2018 New Brilliant LEGO Sets You Don’t Want to Miss

4 08 2018

James Bond™ Aston Martin DB5 – This complex 1295 pieces set comes complete with multiple cool features from the James Bond movies, including changeable plate numbers, and even razors coming out from the tyres. This set will be available for all to buy with a limit of 2 sets per household on the 1st of August 2018. It is currently only exclusively available to LEGO VIPs.

LEGO sets are loved by lots of people across the world and LEGO fans are always waiting for LEGO’s new releases.

They come in small and simple sets, while others are large and complex, with some reaching up to more than 5000 pieces which can be very complicated to be built, especially for those who are new to LEGO.

This year LEGO releases lots of brilliant sets from the Star Wars, Creator – Expert, LEGO exclusive, Architecture, Harry Potter and LEGO City series that attracts my attention.

My favourites are the James Bond Aston Martin DB5, the Bugatti Chiron, the Statue of Liberty, the Roller Coaster, and the Hogwarts Castle.

Listed below are some of the top new releases from LEGO this year, including the ones which are due to be released soon.

Please click the pictures for larger images:

Photos from the Super Blue Blood Moon

9 07 2018

[Yahoo! News}- Earlier this year, a blue moon, super moon and blood moon all coincided for the first time since 1866.

The rare celestial event – dubbed the ‘super blue blood moon’ was visible from many parts of the world, but the most jaw-dropping views were in western North America, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Australia.

However, due to the way the eclipse happens, those in Western Europe, most of Africa and Central and Southern America missed out on the event.

This was the third in a series of ‘supermoons’ which saw the moon appear 14 percent brighter and 30 per cent larger than usual.

Skygazers in the Eastern Hemisphere last saw a blue moon total lunar eclipse in 1982, but those in the West haven’t witnessed one for more than 150 years.

Unlike a solar eclipse, this lunar eclipse can be safely viewed without protective eyewear. (Getty)


Outstanding Glass Mosaics Designs From All Around the World

7 07 2018

[Yahoo! News}- From a mosque in Iran to the largest Tiffany glasswork in existence, AD rounds up the locales of the most beautiful mosaics.

Please click the photos for larger images.

Gambar Sekitar Majlis Tahlil A. Karim Omar

2 07 2018

Alhamdulillah, dengan rahmat Allah S.W.T., majlis tahlil ayahanda kesayangan kami, Allahyarham Tuan Haji A. Karim bin Omar telahpun berjalan dengan lancar selama 3 malam berturut-turut.

Terima kasih diucapkan kepada semua yang telah menjayakan majlis tahlil ini.

Semoga roh Allahyarham dicucuri rahmat oleh Allah S.W.T., Amin.


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