A Map of Trengganu

Copies of AMoT. Please place your order now.

‘A Map of Trengganu’ (AMoT) is the latest book written by Uncle Awang Goneng.

It is a sequel to the best seller, ‘Growing Up in Trengganu’ (GUiT).

The book is about the old days in Terengganu, the beautiful town and the people living there long before I was born.

It also talks about the old and historical buildings that had been demolished like the the mosque near my mother’s house and the rows of shop houses in Kedai Payang.

GUiT was launched at Alam Akademik or Kedai Pok Loh Yunang in Kuala Terengganu.

Anyway the building had been demolished.

My father picked up the books from the distributor this morning and had delivered some to the costumers who had placed their order.

Orders had came in even before the book reached KL.

There was an order from New York, USA too.

I do not really understand the book as it has lots of hard words but my big sister is so excited about it and cannot stop reading it.

I am reading AMoT but there are too many hard words for me...

She was smiling and laughing by herself while reading 🙂

I want to keep one copy and wait until I grow up a bit older to enjoy it as my big sister and my parents.

May be Uncle Awang Goneng should write a simpler edition with  larger font for small kids like me :mrgreen:

This book had just came in from Singapore and may not reach the bookstores in KL yet 🙂

Just now I sold a book to Uncle Wan Yusuf after the Friday prayer.

During the ‘Khalifah Dinner And Talk’, I helped to distrubute flyers.

I hope that I can help my father to sell a lot more copies of AMoT and that AMoT will be another best seller like GUiT 🙂

So, please >>>Click Here<<< for information on how to order ‘A Map of Trengganu’

I wish that one day I can write a book too, like Uncle Hulaimi.

This book is fun and very interesting, so please place your order now :mrgreen:

A Map of Trengganu by Awang Goneng.

The sequel to Malaysian bestseller Growing Up in Trenaggnu looks at the terrain of Trengganu, the landmarks that are still standing and those that have fallen to rubble, the winds that bring chill and change to the inhabitants of his coastal town, and people who walked the streets and breathed the air that is laced with dried shrimps, the aroma of röjök, and salt coming in with the spray from the South China Sea.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

11 thoughts on “A Map of Trengganu”

  1. Salam,…Cuma Amber..nok kabbor..AMOT..memang ada kellah..saya beli di Johor..masa tu Kat Aiport Antarabangsa Senai Johor Bharu..buku Amot..
    bila baca..dok sekker..memang kelang…gelekkek amber..bacer..sappar 2 ..3 kali baca..
    sekiang juper semular…


    1. Dear Uncle Rozlee Awang /ALong Pok LEE,
      I cannot really understand Trengganuspeak, so I have to ask my mother to translate this comment because my mother understands Trengganuspeak 🙂
      My mother and big sister also enjoyed reading AMoT. Anyway, as I wrote to Uncle AG, I can’t understand AMoT because there are too many hard words and Trengganuspeak. So, I can’t understand the jokes …
      Have uncle read ‘Growing Up in Trengganu’? If uncle have not read it, uncle can >>>click here<<< to order.
      Thank you for visiting my blog. Please visit my blog again.


  2. My Dear Friend Che Ali,

    Thank you for writing this blog about my book. I pray that one day you too will be a writer and keep up the East Coast tradition of writing. My forefathers were writers from a long line of writers from Patani and they were dispersed all over the Nusantara. I am pleased to know that your sister likes my book or perhaps she was laughing at the mistakes I have made in AMoT?


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