Video: Japan’s Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Waves Surge Nov 2016

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook northern Japan at 5:59 am on 22nd of November, 2016, triggering a small tsunami.

Japan Meteorological Agency said that the epicentre of the earthquake, which was felt in Tokyo, was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture at a depth of about 10 km (6 miles).

The quake however did not kill or injure anyone, nor did it damage the Onagawa Nuclear Plant, though Tokyo Electric Power Co was still checking if the other nuclear plants in Fukushima are damaged.

The biggest quake recorded to hit Japan was a 9 magnitude quake, causing a large tsunami which led to the world’s worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl, a quarter of a century earlier.

Below are some videos of the tsunami waves surge:

Myterious Places That Glows At Night

Magical, awe-inspiring and mysterious are all words to describe these places that glow in the dark.

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Powerful Typhoon Neoguri Battered Okinawa

Japan urges thousands to evacuate as a powerful typhoon hits Okinawa with torrential rain and high winds. Katie Sargent reports
Japan urges thousands to evacuate as a powerful typhoon hits Okinawa with torrential rain and high winds. Katie Sargent reports

Powerful Typhoon Neoguri battered Okinawa on Tuesday bringing heavy rain and strong winds, high waves up to 14 meters (46 feet) high and storm surges that were set to intensify as the storm passed the main island of Okinawa in the evening.

The Okinawa government reported four people were injured, while a man was reported missing from a fishing boat in rough seas off Kyushu.

Typhoon Neoguri is one of the strongest and biggest typhoons to hit during Japan’s summer months.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said that Typhoon Neoguri was packing sustained winds of 194 kilometers (120 miles) per hour and gusts up to 240 kph (148 mph).

Local airports were closed and about 550,000 people were advised to evacuate their homes.

Forecasts show the storm tracking toward Kyushu island and then across Japan’s main island of Honshu. 

Stunning Photos Of Sounkyo Hyobaku Matsuri (Ice Waterfall Festival)

Image Credit to Fest 300
Image Credit to Art Gimbel/Fest 300

On the northern island of Hokkaido, fierce winter weather blankets everything in white. The Sounkyo Hyobaku Matsuri, or Ice Waterfall Festival, rewards those who venture off the beaten path and brave the cold climate. The small town of Kamikawa, where the festival takes place, lies on the edge of Daisetsuzan National Park, the largest national park in Japan, which is worthy of a visit on its own.

Sounkyo Hyobaku Matsuri features an otherworldly landscape of frozen waterfalls, glowing ice caves and igloos to explore. Just come prepared, as temps often plummet to -20C. After experiencing this winter wonderland, stay in one of the local hotels across the street, many of which come equipped with a natural onsen (hot springs). You can thank us for that tip later.

Running from January to March, Sounkyo Hyobaku has one of the longest running periods of any festival in Japan, so it’s an easy link-up with other winter festivals in the region.

All Photos: Art Gimbel

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Anwar In Japan: Edited, Recycled Photo Again?

So Anwar Ibrahim wants us to know that he is now in Japan and that there was a big crowd of medias surrounding him at the Narita Airport.

(Please click here for “Is Malaysia The New World Power?”)

But the photo does not look right.

Why are there so many Malay cameramen and reporters waiting for him in Japan?

And the weirdest part is, some reporters and cameramen were not even looking at his direction but were focusing their cameras at some other directions.

So, it was an old photo taken in Malaysia that was edited by his supporter!

Image credit to Badut Rakyat.
Image credit to Badut Rakyat.

It is very hard to understand why Anwar posted that photo.

What about his integrity?

Without integrity there will be no credibility.

But maybe he knows that Pakatan supporters can easily be tricked and do not mind to be tricked by their leaders.

Photos: Heavy Snow Killed 7, Injured 1000 In Japan

Snow storm hit Tokyo and some other part of Japan on Saturday.

Tokyo recorded the heaviest snow fall in 45 years, while Sendai recorded the heaviest snow fall in 78 years.

By late Saturday, 27 centimetres (10.6 inches) of snow was recorded in Tokyo and 35 centimetres (13.8 inches) of snow was recorded in Sendai.

Reports on Sunday said that at least seven people were dead and more than 1,000 people were injured across Japan.

Due to the heavy snow, hundreds of flights were cancelled.

NHK said that nearly 5,000 people were stranded at the Narita airport Saturday as traffic linking the airport to the capital was disrupted.

More than 20,000 households were without electricity on Sunday.

Japan Meteorological Agency expected more snowfalls in the northern part of the country on Sunday.

Please click the photos for larger images:

Is Malaysia The New World Power?

On Sunday morning, January 19, 2014 the opposition leader, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim was denied entry into Japan at the Narita Airport in Tokyo.

He wrote in his Facebook that he was told to board the first flight back home or face deportation.


And as usual, he blamed the Malaysian government as he wrote in the last paragraph:

“In this regard, I demand an explanation from the Malaysian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in particular, as to what role Wisma Putra has played in this scandalous episode in respect of the so-called “latest report” that has purportedly led to my being forcibly evicted from Japan.”

Without thinking, other opposition leaders started to not only blamed the Malaysian government but also humiliated the Japanese government.

PKR Youth members staged a protest led by Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin outside the Japanese embassy and handed a memorandum of protest to the Japanese Ambassador Shigeru Nakamura, calling for an explanation on the incident.

The Star reported that PKR’s Youth chief said:

“We strongly believe that the Japan Government’s actions were extraordinary, unwarranted and violates Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” said the Bukit Katil MP. “I fully agree that his was politically motivated. We would like to known who is updating them on the case against Anwar, because he was allowed to enter the country before without issues.” – The Star.

(Photo credit to
Please click the photo for larger image. (Photo credit to
(Photo credit to
(Photo credit to
(Photo credit to
(Photo credit to

DAP leader, Nga Kor Ming wrote:

Nga tweet

Nga fb
This statement is a humiliation to the Japanese government. What about the integrity and the credibility of the leader?

In his Facebook, Nga wrote: “The Japanese government bowed down to UMNO until Anwar Ibrahim was denied entry. Congratulations! Najib is getting more powerful.

Is Nga saying that UMNO has the power to order Japan government to do something?

On January 21, 2014 the Star wrote an article titled, “Official: Anwar failed to satisfy conditions”.

Under Japanese laws, a person who had been imprisoned for more than a year can be denied entry into the country, as stipulated under Article 5 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.

Japan's new Prime Minister?
Now I’m wondering is this Japan’s new Prime Minister?

In my posts Now Trending: #Kangkung and PKNS Issue: An Example Of Good Governance?,  I asked about the integrity and the credibility of the opposition leaders.

Maybe integrity and the credibility means nothing to them and their loyal supporters.

In Photos: Typhoon Wipha Hits Japan, 17 killed

Typhoon Wipha strikes Japan’s pacific coast on Wednesday, killing at least 17 people while 50 others are still missing.

The typhoon caused flooding and mudslide that destroyed homes and other buildings.

Izu Oshima island, which is about 120 kilometers (75 miles) south of Tokyo was hardest hit by the disaster.

Police and firefighters were having difficulty getting to some stricken areas.

Here are the photos of the disaster…

10 Killed In Japan’s Hospital Fire

Firefighters attempt to contain a fire at a hospital in Fukuoka Photo: GETTY IMAGES
Firefighters attempt to contain a fire at a hospital in Fukuoka Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Ten people were killed while eight others were injured during a fire at a four-story orthopedics hospital in Fukuoka, Japan on Friday.

Eight of the ones who were killed were the patients while the other two are the staff.

The Telegraph reported that the fire started at around 2:20am or 1720 GMT.

CNN reported that, “The fire at the orthopedics hospital started early in the morning and burned for roughly two and a half hours.”

The cause of the fire is not yet known.


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