About Me


Assalamualaikum and greetings to all!

My name is Ahmad Ali Karim. I am a 17-year-old student from Malaysia and I write about politics, laws and the current issues. My writings focus mostly on the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, as well as issues regarding the social well-being of the youth.

I began writing on this blog in August 2008 when I was 5 years of age, where I would write on casual topics regarding my everyday life; and as time passes on, I begin to transition into writing on more serious topics.

Best regards,
Ahmad Ali Karim


Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera!

Saya Ahmad Ali Karim, seorang pelajar berumur 17 tahun. Saya menulis mengenai isu-isu semasa termasuk hal-hal berkaitan undang-undang dan politik, dengan fokus terhadap Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia serta pembentukan sahsiah dan jati diri remaja.

Saya telah mula menulis di laman blog ini pada 27hb Ogos 2008 pada ketika saya berumur 5 tahun, dan menulis di dalam bahasa Inggeris sepenuhnya. Ketika itu saya menulis tentang topik-topik santai berkaitan dengan kehidupan harian saya. Setelah itu, saya telah mula menulis tentang perkara-perkara yang lebih serius dan demi semangat kenegaraan yang jitu, saya mula belajar untuk menulis di dalam bahasa kebangsaan.

Ahmad Ali Karim


السلام عليکم دان سلام سجهترا!

ساي احمد علي کريم⹁ سأورڠ ڤلاجر برعمور 17 تاهون. ساي منوليس مڠناءي ايسو٢ سماس ترماسوق حال٢ برکاءيتن اوندڠ٢ دان ڤليتيک⹁ دڠن فوکوس ترهفڤ ڤرلمباݢاءن ڤرسکوتون مليسيا سرتا ڤمبنتوقن شخصية دان جاتي ديري رماج.

ساي تله مولا منوليس دلامن بلوݢ اين ڤد 27 هاريبولن اوݢوس 2008 ڤد کتيک ساي برعمور 5 تاهون⹁ دان منوليس ددالم بهاس ايڠݢريس سڤنوهڽ. کتيک ايت ساي منوليس تنتڠ تڤيک٢ سنتاي برکاءيتن دڠن کهيدڤن هارين ساي. ستله ايت⹁ ساي تله مولا منوليس تنتڠ ڤرکارا٢ يڠ لبيه سيريوس دان دمي سماڠت کنݢاراءن يڠ جيتو⹁ ساي مولا بلاجار اونتوق منوليس ددالم بهاس کبڠساءن.

احمد علي کريم

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215 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I am 17 y/o too (2020) and still fighting for my spm examination this year. I just found your blog when i was looking for answers to history test papers 😂 It’s great to know a little bit about you and I’m wishing all the best for you. May Allah S.W.T bless you and your family ~ This is amazing blog too !


  2. Terus memperjuangkan Islam sepertimana ayah adik perjuangkan. Zaman sekarang ini, banyak anak muda yang tidak sedar akan kepentingan mempertahankan Islam pada masa muda-muda ini. Politik di Malaysia ini sangat-sangat merunsingkan kerana ada tangan-tangan yang ingin menggugatkan kedaulatan Islam di Malaysia. Politik itu tidak kotor, tetapi disebabkan adanya ‘tangan-tangan yang kotor’, ia berpotensi mengotorkan politik tersebut. Terus memperjuangkan Islam melalui politik dan undang-undang !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tuan,
      InsyaAllah, semoga Allah memberi kita kekuatan dan membimbing kita ke jalan yang benar, amiin. Benar kata tuan, itulah juga pandangan arwah ayah. Tolong doakan kami sekeluarga agar diberi kekuatan dalam menempuh kehidupan yang getir tanpa ayah dan agar Allah permudahkan urusan.


      1. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih, Cikgu Sharifah. Insya-Allah.
        Cikgu banyak memberi tunjuk ajar, sokongan dan semangat kepada Ali dalam menghadapi SPM. Masih banyak perkara teknikal dalam menjawab soalan peperiksaan yang perlu Ali pelajari, dan tak mungkin Ali dapat kuasai tanpa bantuan Cikgu. Seronok dapat berguru dengan Cikgu.
        Mohon doa dari Cikgu, semoga Ali terus istiqamah dalam memperjuangan bangsa, agama dan negara. Jazakumullahu khairan kathira.


  3. Assalamualaikum, hebat adik!

    It is unbelievable you are able to throw your thoughts in a structured way. While many other kids are poor in Bahasa as well as English, you have written excellent powerful political views in English.

    My advice, please tell your parents to look for a sincere ulama/Tok Guru who can lead and guide you to the path of Allah, ultimately be a new leader with Sultan Al Fateh spirit.

    May Allah protect you. Aamiin


  4. As’salamualaikum Dik,

    I feel happy to have found ur blog although by accident yet everything in life is but an accident. It makes me happy to see someone of ur age to have such clarity of thought n on such serious & heavy subject.
    I have a son who is now 8 yrs old although if u were to ask him, he says he is 9 …… by next February … lol. He is smart n has his own independent mind just like u do. I feel that as long as our future is filled with children like urself n my son it will be a great future worth every effort on us the parents to do our best to do the right thing the right way on all matters.
    If i may suggest, i feel it will be better if u aspire to become a leader rather than a politician. What we lack is not politicians but leaders.
    May u attain success in this life and in the hereafter and may u be protected from the fire


    1. Dear Uncle Shafiq,
      Wa’alaikumsalam. Amin. Thank you for Uncle’s doa. It is great to know about Uncle’s son who is intelligent, having his own independent mind and like me, unbothered by the popular culture of today’s kids. Alhamdulillah, I am very thankful and fortunate for all the opportunities granted by Allah S.W.T. and the support and guidance by my parents, big sisters and great people around me which makes me a better person.
      We need to learn beyond our text books and be sensitive to what is happening around us. It is very sad to see lot of kids and teens who are ignorant and apathetic to the challenges and threats that we are currently facing, and not be bothered about the seriousness of protecting the sovereignty of Islam and our country.
      We need to change the popular ‘culture of today’s kids’ and start learning to be more serious about more important matters and not only surround our life with entertainment issues such as football, TV series, games and others. After all we the future of our Nation. Please doa that I’ll be a good Muslim leader. Amin.
      Please convey my salam to Uncle’s son, may Allah bless him and all of us.


    1. Dear Muhammad,
      Sorry for a late reply because I was travelling.
      Of course I want to be your friend. Maybe one day we can meet at the TV Alhijrah where I met your mother. By the way I also know your grand aunty whom I call Aunty Habsah who lives in Penang.
      Please visit my blog and keep in touch.


  5. Assalamualaikum Muhammad. Nice blog i ever seen. I was in the dialogue program yesterday, met you, your mum and sis and talked to you. Insyaallah someday you will be someone…. My dua… Uncle T.


    1. Dear Kak Nuramalina Mazeli,
      Thanks. I am sad to see people humiliate Islam. And I am sad to see how PAS is today. I always ask Uncle Nasha when is he going to leave PAS but he would just smile and ask me other questions instead of answering my question 😉
      I am angry because some opposition leaders are not being fair, they frame the Federal Constitution to prove that they are right when some of them know that they are cheating because they are lawyers. It is sad that their supporters cannot see the truth. By the way, please visit my blog again. Hope to hear from kakak again 🙂


  6. salam adik 🙂
    akak ckp melayu tak pe kan? hehe.
    teruskan istiqamah adik. semoga adik dan keluarga sentiasa di bawah Rahmat Allah dan MaghfirahNya. semoga adik membesar sebagai seorang pemuda harapan Ummah yang sejahtera Aqidahnya dn bermanfaat untuk orang lain.
    love your parents always ya! 🙂


  7. alhamdulillah. Keep up the good work Ahmad. I’ve always reminded myself over and over that a good human being is one who contributes much to betterment of the society. I believe that comes from a hadith.

    No matter what you become when you grow older, so long as you hang on to the teachings of Islam, you will not go astray.


    1. Dear Uncle Urb,
      Thank you very much for the kind words. Yes, my father always remind me to do my part for the betterment of the society too. So I try to write on issues that I feel important like COMANGO, kalimah Allah issue and so on. Please doa that I’ll be a good Muslim and a good citizen.


  8. Assalamualaikum.
    Subhanallah, adik anugerah dari Allah SWT. Adik mengingatkan kakak pada Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih. Pemimpin di usia yang muda. Moga adik dan ramai lagi umat Islam yang lain hebat seperti baginda malah lebih hebat lagi. InsyaAllah dengan izin-Nya. 🙂


  9. assalamualaikum adik ahmad ali..akak baru je terbaca tentang blog adik ni ketika akak sedang melayari blog paneh miang..amat menakjubkan apabila seorg kanak2 yg baru berusia 9thn pandai berbicara mengenai politik..ianya amat mengagumkan..semoga terus sukses dlm bidang yg diceburi ye..dan akak akn menyokong dr blkang..


  10. Since you live in Terengganu , I suggest that you be like Ust Azhar Idrus. He learned Islam very thoroughly from religious teachers , in fact he did not dream of going to the university to get a degree. Instead he spent his time at sekolah-sekolah pondok to save himself from entering Hellfire. Tell your Papa and Mama that you want to be like Azhar Idrus …its better for you. You can also teach your Papa and Mama to understand the Qur’an better.

    Be a good believing Muslim ..then you will be a better politician….because you fear Allah …then you do not abuse or oppress.


    1. Dear Abu Hasan Chan,
      I never live in Terenganu and I don’t even understand what Ustaz Azhar Idrus says in his speeches because I don’t understand the Terengganu dialect. Anyway my father took me to meet ulama’s like Dr Muhammad Uthman el-Muhammady, Ustaz Ismail Mina Ahmad and lots more. I attended a lot of seminars and talks about Islam. I also watch Ustaz Kazim Elias on YouTube. You should try watching them too.
      I also attend Hadith Class every week and Qur’an classes 3 times a week. Both my ustazs are hafiz and my Qur’an ustaz is doing his degree.
      I hope PAS leaders will listen to YB Nasharudin’s advice about DAP and do not lie too much or blame others for their faults.


      1. Dear B
        Thanks. Politics is okay if the politicians are fair and do not play dirty games or use violence, but when the opposition parties wants to gain power using violence and making issues against the constitution, it will be dangerous.


  11. Assalamu alaykum, dear Ahmad,
    Keep writing! Ask your Dad’s permission before you post anything, though. We are also a Homeschooling family. I homeschooled my 4 girls 🙂 I’m a Grandmom to Rehaan, 4 🙂


  12. You my little one….HAVE JUST INSPIRED ME TO GET MY SON, Matthew David, (age: 7yrs), to start his own blog…..I think it would be beneficial towards his reading/writing skills; as well as allow him to meet others that have the same similarities as he does right now! What do you think? Any ideas or WORDS OF WISDOM for me to get him “EXCITED” about his own BLOG?? I’d appreciate anything that you have to offer in this area. Bless you my sweet.
    PS *(I am a Christian, AND SOOOO HOPE you are smiling and not thinking about deleting me because I’m not educated in the world of Allah…

    Thanks buddy!!! Sheryl….Your new friend in California, USA!
    PSS*(Have you ever been to the beautiful state that I live in???) – If not? YOU SHOULD!!!

    shoe-kree-aah (Thank you in Indian–the only word that I know….and you’re probably NOT even Indian huh???



    1. Dear Sheryl,
      Thank you for the kind words. I am very proud and happy to be able to inspire somebody to do good things. I started my blog when I was 5 and blogging helps me to improve my English grammar, writing and typing skills. There are lots of things that I need to learn. I guess Matthew David’ll find it fun to write about things that he likes, he can also post pictures that he draw and writes stories. It will be really fun to receive comments too 🙂
      As a Muslim I am taught to respect Christians and people of other religions and I have a good Christian friend who is an Archaeologist from Australia.
      Yes, I have been to California twice and I love Palo Alto and San Francisco. I also love clam chowder and would love to visit Pier 39 again for tasty clam chowder 🙂
      It is nice to make new friends, please keep in touch. I can learn new things from you and your son. Please let me know when Matthew David starts his blog.


  13. Dear Ali,
    I found your sister’s blog while googling bubur lambuk on the internet.
    Then I found yours. And, I am impressed on the way you write and how well you greet other people.
    My eyes full of tears when I know who are you and how old are you.
    I have visited all your siblings blogs.
    Is that true that your father is one of the Board of Governor in KMS?
    Correct me if I am wrong.
    My husband and I very attracted to KMS and planned to send our kids there.
    Hope all of you success in this world and most importantly in the hereafter.
    May Allah bless you.


    1. Dear Kak Zainor,
      Thank you for visiting my big sisters’ blogs and mine too. My father is not one of the KMS’s Board of Governor but he is one of the trustees of the Khalifah Project.
      I never study in KMS but my sisters used to study in KMS for a while. I would have studied in KMS if Bro. Muhammad Al-Mahdi, the founder of the Khalifah Project is still alive because if he is still around, KMS will be a very, very good school.
      Thank you for the kind words and please pray for me.
      Please visit my blog again.


  14. Dear Ali,

    Nice blog you have here! Now I do believe when I heard someone [I can’t remember] at the book signing at the Borders, The Gardens that you truly are the youngest blogger ever. Anyways, I have started a new blog, and if you may, please visit and leave a comment.

    Thanks Ali, for inspiring so many people to write, including me. And thanks for the photo too! I’ll post the link when I’m finished with the post about the AMoT book signing event.

    All the best!

    Kak Zura


  15. in reply to ahmadalikarim.
    ok.i will do.and thanks to you for your reply..im admiring your talent of writing blogs.i have read many of your blogs.i love them.youre so talented..yes,of course i will send your love to both of them..so as i,i love their house and their fish ponds inside their house.its really beautiful right??ok ahmadalikarim..if you reply me,thanks once again..love to hear from you again.i would like to ask u,can u teach me well english??cause im not so good in it..thanks


  16. salam..hye ahmadalikarim..im 14 years old..i started to read your interesting blogs after Auntie Moon showed them to me..really,i love your blog.i cant imagine a 5 year old boy,can start to write his own blogs..wow,thats such a great talent.may Allah bless u always and i hope u have a good life.thanks-


  17. Dear Ali,
    I’m so sorry that I’ve never post you any comment for a long time.I felt very sorry for your grandmother’s shop.For your information,yesterday,29th JULY 2009,I’ve just bought some exercise books from your grandmother’s shop(alam akademik).
    I bought such a lot books there.I bought 2 mathematic books,2 bahasa melayu books,1 bahasa inggeris book and a science book and also 2 mathematic books for my younger sister.That’s all for today.Hope to see you again,Mohd Ali.
    Miss you!!!Bye!!!!……….


  18. salam…anak comel….may God Bless u and your family….u are a great giving from Allah to your baba and mama….be a nice boy…salam from my kids: abg shikh ahmad firdaus, kakak siti nur khadijah, adik shikh ahmad yasser, siti nur aisyah and adik shikh ahmad zaim zein


  19. Dear Ali,

    thanks for the wonderful picture.here are the name of the pupils.
    from left:i don’t really know him,izzat,i don’t really know,KAK SYAZA,kak hazirah,KAK ADLIN and kak puteri.

    I’m so sorry,there are two people that I don’t really know from year 4.
    bye,miss you!!!


  20. Assalamualaikum,Ali….thank you for visiting my school…I’m Adlin from Sekolah Kebangsaan Padang Hiliran….I hope i can meet you again…You are the cute little boy….bye ahmad ali….i miss you always…!


  21. Assalamualaikum,Ali.i,m kak syaza from sk padang hiliran.thanks for visiting my school just now.
    wow! what a wonderful blog you have.i really loves it.
    i hope i can meet you again,cute little boy!
    bye,miss you!!!!!!


  22. hi ahmad..nice blog you got here..i am impressed..for a 5 yrs old boy like you..well talking about being a politician..i am impressed too..make sure youu stick to your principles..you need lotsa brains and guts to be a good politician..not just being another politician..be a good one who serve the GOD and country..now i wished you all the very best..ahmad…


  23. Dear Uncle Abdul Karim,
    I think Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi must work harder. He should not let people cut down trees and disturb the hills because it will be a landslide.
    He must stop pollutions. There are too much crime in Malaysia.
    He must work harder at the UN meetings to tell everybody do not fight and stop wars. In Malaysia things are so expensive.


  24. Assalamualaikum…
    To Pakcik Karim,
    This is Nizam, Ku Rahman sons, Gong Kapas.
    Right now I’m trying to trace all of our family members.
    I’m working on our family tree on the website.
    So is there any possible way for me to have the correct connection of the family members so that I can put it in the family tree.
    The website is http://www.geni.com.

    My email is bardjang@yahoo.com.

    I will need your email for invitation purposes.
    Hope we can share this exciting family tree.



  25. Dear Ali

    At last we managed to response. Thank you for the beautiful words you had put in your blog. Uncle Kamil is very proud of you, and so am I!!!

    Please do come back and visit us again and probably next time we can have nasi minyak or sata or otak-otak and others… Ummmp very nice Kemamang foods….


  26. Salam.

    May Allah bless you.
    It’s good to start writing at the early age. As people say “Melentur buluh biarlah daripada rebungnya”.

    I hope and pray that you will continue writing.

    Take care



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