Aerial Photos: Major Flood in Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang

25 12 2014

Terengganu, Kelantan and Pahang are now facing major flooding that caused 90,000 people to be evacuated to safer places.


Left UMNO: Ahmad Said Forgot What He Did To Idris Jusoh

13 05 2014

A few hours after he was replaced, Terengganu former Menteri Besar (MB) or Chief Minister, Ahmad Said has officially left UMNO.

It was reported that he left UMNO because he was angry over the matter and wants to still be an MB at least until during the wedding of one of his children this weekend.

I was shocked to hear the news because I never knew he would have the heart to do that.

Ahmad Said has forgotten the history of how he became the MB in 2008.

On 22 March 2008, Ahmad Said took over Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh’s position as the Menteri Besar of Terengganu despite BN just won a big majority in the Terengganu state election under Idris.

In that election, BN won 24 out of 32 state seats, while PAS won the remaining 8 seats compared to BN under Ahmad Said did very badly during the 13th General Election.

It was also reported that Idris received full support of twenty-three of the 24 Barisan Nasional state assemblymen elected and Federal Government.

Idris Jusoh was replaced only because the Sultan of Terengganu wants Ahmad Said to become the MB instead of Idris.

Of course Idris was angry; but did he leave UMNO the way Ahmad Said did?

Not like Ahmad Said, Idris was and is still loyal to UMNO and kept fighting for the party and did a very good job. 

But only hours after Ahmad Said was replaced, he quits UMNO.

What kind of man is he?

Is power and money is all that he could think of?

If Ahmad Said can get another ADUN to join him, BN may lost Terengganu to the opposition but it is good to get rid of leaders with no integrity and with no loyalty to the party before it is too late.

It is time for the Terengganu UMNO to regroup and build a better team under a better leader who will never sell his party for his own agendas.

Lima Sebab Barisan Nasional Menang PRK Kuala Besut

25 07 2013

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GE13: “TUMBANG PAKATAN!” – PAS’s Latest War Cry Slogan

20 04 2013

During the PRU13 candidate nomination in Marang, Terengganu this morning, PAS supporters grouped together in the middle of the road chanting words of war cry to taunt the Barisan Nasional supporters.

Let us listen to what they say:

I really love this part of their war cry:

Tumbang, Tumbang ! TUMBANG PAKATAN !

That shows how confused PAS supporters are that they even shouted, “TUMBANG PAKATAN!” 🙂

This reminds me of this ‘interesting’ photo during the KL 112:

There can’t be four qiblat in the Merdeka Stadium. So, which direction is the real qiblat? (Photo from Paneh Miang)

There can’t be four qiblat in the Merdeka Stadium. So, which direction is the real qiblat? (Photo from Paneh Miang)

So, no wonder today they are chanting for, “TUMBANG PAKATAN” 🙂

That is why we should not vote PAKATAN RAKYAT!


Credit to Uncle Din Turtle:

The New King Of Malaysia

13 12 2011

Today His Majesty Tuanku Abdul Halim is the new Yang di-Pertuan Agong (the king) of Malaysia.

His Majesty Tuanku Abdul Halim replace His Majesty Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.

Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin is the Sultan of Terengganu while Tuanku Abdul Halim is the Sultan of Kedah.

His Majesty Tuanku Abdul Halim is the first Sultan that has been the Yang  di-Pertuan Agong twice.

Tuanku Abdul Halim had been the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia for the first time from 1970-1975.

All the Malaysian sultans take turn to be the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for 5 years.

Meeting Uncle Cikgu Wan Hassan (My Father’s Teacher)

11 07 2011

Yesterday, I met Uncle Cikgu Wan Hassan in Bangsar.

He is from Terengganu.

And he was my father‘s teacher in Sultan Sulaiman Secondary School (SSSS) in Kuala Terengganu.

He used to be my father’s scout teacher

Now he lives in Besut.

His wife, Aunty Cikgu Faridah Mohd Dagang also used to teach in SSSS (1981-1997).  

Now the school’s new name is Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Sulaiman. 

Anyway we didn’t visit his house, we visited his son’s house :mrgreen:

We ate rice with very tasty fried chicken, chicken percik, curry, ulam (Malaysian salad) and lots of other dishes.

My mother used to study in the school too, so my parents enjoyed talking to their old school teachers and their son. 

Anyway I didn’t enjoy so much being there because there was not much things to do and I do not understand what they were talking about 😉

Meeting Uncle Adnan Othman

7 06 2011

Our photo infront of Uncle Adnan's beautiful house. In the back row are Uncle Adnan Othman(L) and Kashah(R) and in the front row are Kafah(L), me(M) and Kaman(R).

Last Sunday I went to Uncle Adnan Othman‘s house for breakfast.

Uncle Adnan is from Terengganu and in ‘Trengganuspeak’, his name is Adnang Othmang.

Uncle Adnan Othman was a very popular singer in the 1960s.

He used to sing with a band named ‘The Rhythm Boys‘.

After that, he worked for Bata Shoes as a shoe designer.

Bata Shoes sent him to London for a shoe making course.

And one of his classmate was the famous shoe maker, Datuk Jimmy Choo.

Now Uncle Adnan do not design shoes anymore.

He is now an artist.

Uncle Adnan teaching us on how to how to paint such a beautiful picture.

I went to his art gallery and saw so many beautiful paintings.

Collections of beautiful paintings by Uncle Adnan Othman.

The fruit series by Uncle Adnan Othman.

He draws boats in Terengganu rivers, waterfalls and flowers.

More beautiful painting by Uncle Adnan - waterfall, and boats in Terengganu rivers.

Uncle Adnan also has lots of guitars and he let me play his guitars.

These are some of Uncle Adnan's guitars.

Then my big sister Kaman sang a Cuban song, ‘Guantanamera’ while Uncle Adnan Othman played the guitar.

We are listening to my big sister Kaman singing our favourite song, 'Guantanamera' while Uncle Adnan played the guitar.

We also listened to his old songs from his LPs and EPs on his record player.

LP means ‘long-playing’ and EP means ‘extended play’ record album.

My big sisters Kaman(L), me(M), Kafah(R) and at the back is Kashah listening to the songs on the record player.

That was the first time I listen to songs from a record player!

I really enjoyed meeting Uncle Adnan and he gave us lots of story books.

You can view Uncle Adnan’s paintings at his blog:

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