Meeting Uncle Awang Goneng

14 01 2010

Today I went to A&W in KLCC to meet Uncle Awang Goneng.

His real name is Wan Ahmad Hulaimi.

Uncle Awang Goneng is a great writer.

He is also a famous blogger.

His blog is very popular.

The book ‘Growing Up In Trengganu’ is from the blog.

His blog is

Uncle Awang Goneng lives in London.

I wonder why Uncle Awang Goneng lives in London?

Uncle Awang Goneng will go back to London at the end of January.

By the way I met Pak Cik Saidi Yahya too 🙂

My father, Pak Cik Saidi and Uncle Awang Goneng are from Terengganu.

They spoke English and ‘Trengganuspeak’.

I only understand some words in ‘Trengganuspeak’ 🙂

I am very happy to meet them today.




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18 01 2010
Awang Goneng

Che Ali,

I am very happy to have met you, a famous Terengganu writer and blogger. Keep up the good work (but don’t drink too much root beer).
PS I am sorry about your Dad’s shop :~C


18 01 2010

Dear Uncle AG,
Thank you for sending a comment.
One day I hope I can be a famous writer and blogger like Uncle AG.
I like root beer but I cannot drink it everyday 🙂 I am sad about my grandmother’s shop too.
Please visit my blog again.


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