Dato’ Naser Disa, Dato’ Zainul Rijal, Dr Yusri Di Himpunan 355

17 02 2017

Anda masih belum betul-betul faham tentang apa itu Pindaan Akta 355?
Datanglah ke Himpunan 355 di Padang Merbok untuk mendengar penjelasan daripada peguam-peguam terkenal negara pada malam Sabtu 18 Februari 2016.

Aturcara tentatif:

Dato’ Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar (Presiden Persatuan Peguam Peguam Muslim Malaysia – PPMM)
9:16 P.M.

Dato’ Prof Hj. Mahamad Naser Disa (Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Institut Kajian Strategik Islam Malaysia – IKSIM)
9:32 P.M.

Dr. Yusri Mohamad (Majlis Amal Islami Malaysia – MAIM)
10:10 P.M.

Winners Of National Geographic International Photography Contest for Kids 2016

14 02 2017
Flower power Dewi Baggerman, 11, from the Netherlands, won the international grand prize for her picture of tulips from the ground up. (Picture: Dewi Baggerman/National Geographic)

Flower power
Dewi Baggerman, 11, from the Netherlands, won the international grand prize for her picture of tulips from the ground up. (Picture: Dewi Baggerman/National Geographic)

(Yahoo! News) – Kids these days are much more adept with technology than adults.

Need proof? Then just take a look at these wonderful photos.

These are the winning entries in the National Geographic Photography Contest for Kids, and they are a cut above your average holiday snaps.

The winning images include stunning pictures of lizards on netting and camels on beaches.

You can check out all the winning images on the National Geographic Kids website.

Please click the photos for larger images:


Will Dr. Kamarul Accept DAP Man’s Challenge To Deregister DAP?

10 02 2017


Yesterday, MalaysiaKini reported that Johor DAP leader, Sheikh Omar Ali dares Mapan’s director Dr. Kamarul Zaman Yusoff to “try and get the party de-registered if their claims were true”.

MalaysiaKini wrote that the DAP man was referring to Dr. Kamarul Zaman Yusoff’s article with the title, “DAP Memang Anti-Islam”.

Johor DAP assistant publicity chief Sheikh Omar Ali said those accusing DAP of being anti-Islam should try and get the party de-registered if their claims were true.

He said this in reference to a commentary by Universiti Utara Malaysia’s Institute for Malaysian Political Analysis (Mapan) director Kamarul Zaman Yusuf titled ‘DAP memang anti-Islam’ (DAP is indeed anti-Islam).


Sheikh Omar Ali then added:

“If Kamarul Zaman Yusuf is man enough to stand by his accusation that DAP is anti-Islam, then I challenge him to take legal action to get DAP deregistered as it (being anti-Islam) goes against the spirit of the Federal Constitution,” he said in a statement today.


Will Dr. Kamarul accept the serious challenge to “try and get the party de-registered” as dared by Johor DAP assistant publicity chief?



National Geographic Traveller’s Photography Competition 2017: Finalists

10 02 2017
The town of Oia in Santorini clings to the hillside under an inky blue sky. (Matt Parry)

The town of Oia in Santorini clings to the hillside under an inky blue sky. (Matt Parry)

(Yahoo! News) – National Geographic Traveler Magazine has revealed the amazing finalists for its 2017 photography competition.

The pictures were submitted in six categories: action, urban, people, video, portfolio and nature, and depict scenes of exceptional beauty from all corners of the world.

From glorious Irish sunsets to packed Indian trains, here are the jaw-dropping images.

Please click the photos for larger images:

A Seditious Article From FMT

9 02 2017

In a recent article posted by Free Malaysia Today (FMT), the author, an FMT reader, Ravinder Singh hit out at the Concerned Lawyers for Justice’s Aidil Khalid for his view on the vernacular schools.

In his article, “Unity has its roots in the people’s hearts”, Ravinder not only undermines and questions the use of the Bahasa Melayu as our national language but also our court rulings.

I have no idea why FMT publishes such an irrational piece of article with baseless, illogical slanderous, offensive, bias and racist arguments that can disrupt our national unity.

Below are some examples of what was written in the article:

  • Aidil cites legal authorities to support his view about the “destructive and damaging” effects of vernacular schools. He should be reminded that court decisions are made by humans who have sometimes been proven wrong.
  • National unity is not built by compelling everyone in a country to learn and use a national language.
  • A national language is a common language for administrative purposes. 
  • It is useless having everyone fluent in the national language when that same language is used to condemn and insult persons of different beliefs and cultures, creating walls between them.
  • On the other hand, you can have people of different religions, beliefs and cultures living happily together despite not being fluent in a national language. This was what Malaysia used to be.
  • Isn’t it sad that it is the abuse of the national language by politicians, self-appointed “defenders of the race”, vigilantes, school authorities and academicians that has disunited Malaysians?
  • There is no need to cite court judgments and or make academic pronouncements. They mean nothing when the reality on the ground is that it is the use of the national language itself that has brought about disunity.

Those seditious statements are uncalled for and are against the Section 3(1)(f) and the Section 3(1)(c) of the Sedition Act because such statements are part of elements that disrupt our national unity. 

The Section 3(1)(c) of the Sedition Act states:

A “seditious tendency” is a tendency— to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Malaysia or in any State;

And it is against the Section 3(1)(f) of the Sedition Act to question the national language:

A “seditious tendency” is a tendency— to question any matter, right, status, position, privilege, sovereignty or prerogative established or protected by the provisions of Part III of the Federal Constitution or Article 152, 153 or 181 of the Federal Constitution.

National unity cannot be achieved unless the people understand the foundation and the history of our country.

Our national language, the Bahasa Melayu is the language that unites us as it is the language that breaks the language barrier of our multiracial society and enables us to communicate with people of all races. 

Hence it is wrong to undermine the Bahasa Melayu as merely “a common language for administrative purposes”.

One must learn to argue intellectually and give solid evidence to prove their points and not to resort to using lame, illogical and offensive arguments that prove nothing.

And they must be very careful not to go against the law due to offensive or seditious statements or remarks.

And lastly, the media must play their role to unite the people instead of publishing articles that instigate hatred among the people.

Why Was the Johor Flag Flown Upside Down at the Desaru Tunamaya?

6 02 2017

Yesterday, as we drove in front of Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort I saw something that really shocked me.

I just can’t believe my eyes when I saw the flag of the state of Johor being waved upside down in front of the building.

Flag of Johor flown upside down at Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

Flag of Johor flown upside down at Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort

State flags are patriotic symbols of the state, therefore they must never be flown upside down.

By flying the flag of Johor upside down, Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort is not only disrespecting the state of Johor but also belittling Islam as the religion of the State, the DYMM Sultan of Johor and the Johor Royal Institution because the white crescent and star represent Islam and the sovereignty of the Sultan of Johor.

When the flag is flown upside down, the crescent and star are placed in the lower part of the flag, which is wrong because the are supposed to be at the upper part of the flag as it symbolises the fact that the Sultan is the supreme leader of the state and that Islam is the religion of the state.

The upside down flag is belittling the position of the Sultan of Johor and Islam as the supreme leader and religion of the state respectively, hence, it is a humiliation to the Johor Royal Institution and Islam.

The question is, was the flag accidentally flown upside down, or did the resort or the staff purposely did it?

Both ways are wrong for even if it was an accident, it’s still wrong because the company must understand that the flag is an important symbol of the sovereign state which must be respected, therefore it should be taken seriously.

And worse if it is purposely done, for it symbolises bad intention to humiliate, belittle and a show of disrespect towards the Johor Royal Institution and Islam as the religion of the state.

Therefore, the Desaru Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort must issue an official apology to the Sultan of Johor and the government of Johor.

Please click the photos for larger images:

Kebenaran Di Sebalik Sejarah Penubuhan Persekutuan Malaysia

2 02 2017

Dibawah adalah artikel terbaru saya untuk Menara.my.

Persekutuan Malaysia ditubuhkan pada 16 September 1963, bilamana sebelas negeri dari Semenanjung Tanah Melayu bergabung bersama Sabah, Sarawak dan Singapura untuk membentuk sebuah persekutuan baharu. Namun begitu,  sejarah Persekutuan Malaysia bukanlah hanya bermula pada tarikh tersebut, tetapi telah bermula sejak lama dahulu ketika negeri-negeri di Semenanjung Malaysia masih merupakan negara-negara Kerajaan Melayu Islam berdaulat yang berasingan kerana tanah air kita ini asalnya milik Raja-Raja Melayu.

ali-karim-petak-2-203x300Peristiwa demi peristiwa yang berlaku akhirnya membawa kepada persepakatan sembilan Raja-Raja Melayu untuk mengorbankan kuasa mutlak baginda semua ke atas negara masing-masing dan bergabung di bawah satu kerajaan yang baharu.

Dahulunya, rakyat bersatu, taat kepada Raja-raja dan setia kepada negara. Apabila orang-orang Melayu menyedari tipu muslihat licik British untuk menjajah kerajaan-kerajaan Islam di Tanah Melayu melalui Malayan Union, mereka telah bangkit membantah dan akhirnya berjaya membawa kepada pembubaran Malayan Union pada 31 Januarii 1948. British terpaksa menurut kehendak orang-orang Melayu yang bertindak melalui UMNO untuk membentuk Persekutuan Tanah Melayu yang membawa kepada kemerdekaan Tanah Melayu.

Sebenarnya, menurut pakar-pakar sejarah negara seperti Profesor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr. Khoo Kay Kim,  British tidak pernah menjajah seluruh Tanah Melayu, yang dijajah hanyalah Pulau Pinang, Melaka dan Singapura. Perkara ini dibuktikan oleh dokumen Pemasyhuran Kemerdekaan (Declaration of Independence) yang dengan jelas menyebut, “Melaka dan Pulau Pinang … tamat daripada menjadi sebahagian daripada jajahan takluk Baginda Queen, dan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Baginda Queen tidak lagi berhak menjalankan apa-apa kedaulatan baginda ke atas kedua-dua buah negeri yang tersebut itu”.

Dokumen Pemasyhuran Kemerdekaan merupakan sebuah dokumen persetujuan di antara Raja Inggeris, Queen, dan Duli-Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja-Raja Melayu yang bersetuju bermula daripada tarikh 31 Ogos 1957, sembilan buah negeri di bawah Raja-raja Melayu bersama Melaka dan Pulau Pinang menjadi sebuah Persekutuan baharu bernama Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

Menariknya, dokumen rasmi ini dimulakan dengan nama Allah, tahmid dan selawat kepada Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., menunjukkan ciri-ciri Islam jelas terpahat pada dokumen negara yang amat penting ini. Perkara ini membuktikan ketinggian agama Islam di dalam kerajaan kita sejak dahulu lagi. Malah, British sendiri telah mengiktiraf kedudukan Islam di negara ini, apabila moto negara yang tertulis pada Jata Negara bagi Negeri-Negeri Melayu Bersekutu yang dinaungi oleh Raja Inggeris pun menyebut nama Allah, iaitu, “Dipelihara Allah” yang ditulis dalam tulisan Jawi.

Kerajaan-Kerajaan Melayu di Tanah Melayu ialah kerajaan Islam. Maka atas asas inilah lahirnya Perkara 3(1) Perlembagaan Persekutuan Malaysia, yang menyebut, “Islam adalah agama bagi Persekutuan”, yang mana membawa maksud bahawa Malaysia ialah sebuah negara Islam. Hujah ni diperkuatkan lagi oleh Perkara 37 yang mewajibkan Yang Di-Pertuan Agong untuk bersumpah di atas nama Allah S.W.T. untuk memelihara pada setiap masa agama Islam, seperti apa yang tertulis di dalam Jadual Keempat Perlembagaan Persekutuan, sebelum memulakan tugas Baginda sebagai Yang Di-Pertuan Agong.

Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang merupakan asas kenegaraan kita dengan jelas meletakkan Islam di tempat yang sangat tinggi iaitu hanya selepas ‘Nama, Negeri-negeri dan wilayah-wilayah Persekutuan’, dan ‘Penerimaan masuk wilayah-wilayah baru ke dalam Persekutuan’. Perkara ini dengan sendirinya jelas menafikan fitnah jahat yang mendakwa bahawa Malaysia ialah sebuah negara sekular atau Perlembagaan negara bersifat sekular. Sejarah negara kita jelas membuktikan bahawa negara kita tidak pernah bersifat sekular.

Amat malang kerana pada hari ini, ramai orang bukan Islam dan golongan liberal yang buta sejarah, atau sengaja menafikan sejarah. Mereka melupakan Kontrak Sosial, pengorbanan Raja-Raja Melayu dan jasa pemimpin yang terdahulu. Mereka mendakwa bahawa Perlembagaan Persekutuan bersifat sekular dan Islam hanyalah sekadar agama rasmi sahaja. Malah mereka mahu memadam segala sejarah sebelum penubuhan Persekutuan Malaysia.

Di atas nama hak asasi manusia, mereka mendakwa boleh melakukan apa sahaja hatta menghina Agama Persekutuan, Raja-Raja Melayu, pemimpin negara dan hak rakyat Raja Melayu. Golongan ini menentang asas-asas agama dan asas-asas negara dan dengan sengaja menyalahtafsirkan Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Suara-suara sumbang ini membantah usaha untuk memartabatkan agama negara, contohnya dalam hal Pindaan Akta 355. Walhal, rakyat Malaysia sepatutnya bersatu dalam hal ini, kerana kita mesti ingat akan dua tiang kepada pembentukan Persekutuan ini iaitu Islam dan Kesatuan. Kita mesti bersifat patriotik, memahami asas negara kita dan menjunjung tinggi Perlembagaan Persektuan.

Janganlah kita leka sehingga kita lalai dan tertipu dengan agenda musuh yang mahu membinasakan negara kita. Kita tidak mahu melihat tragedi malang 13 Mei berulang kembali atau negara kita kembali dijajah.



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