The Sounds, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

4 03 2015

The sound of the city,
With the cars honking,
Rock music blaring,
But no monkeys screeching.

The sound of a village,
With the birds chirping,
The humans talking,
But no rock music blaring.

The sound of the forest,
With the birds chirping,
The monkeys screeching,
But no cars honking.


Umno Dan PAS Bersatu?

2 03 2015

The Malays are the main race in Malaysia but they are becoming weaker and weaker because they are so divided by their political stance that some fail to see each other as brothers and sisters.

We must unite; we cannot go on fighting against each other and end up become enemies of our own people.

The most important step to unite the Malays is to start the alliance between UMNO and PAS, which are the main political parties of the Malays.

If PAS continues its alliance with PKR and DAP, then they are actually going against the principals of their own party; hence it will be a joke for them to claim that they are fighting for Islam because it is DAP that is controlling PAS.

Infact, lots of pro-DAP PAS leaders follow DAP’s words instead of PAS’s Majlis Syura and the party president’s decisions.

Fortunately, there are leaders from UMNO and PAS who understand the importance of the unity among the Malays are working towards it.

Both parties’ leaders must find the ways to work together and to be united for the sake of of their people.

I hope that the Malays will be united and can work together to strengthen the ummah. 

“Bersatu teguh, bercerai roboh.”

The Sweetness of Life, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

26 02 2015

Today I was given an assignment by my mother to write either a poem or a story using one of the proverbs from my English book.

The Sweetness of Life

Though you’d flown far,
And your wings are tired,
Your throat has gone dry,
And the food has expired.

Through the chilly rain,
And the burning desert,
Across the strong blizzard,
That makes you exhausted.

Even if you fall down,
Hard onto the ground,
Hurting your backbone,
But do not wear a frown.

Look on the bright side,
There’s a river beside you,
To quench your thirst,
Becoming as good as new.

Whatever that happens,
Whatever you’re facing,
Remember, every cloud,
Has a silver lining.

Sang Nila Utama & The Lion Of Judah By Iain Buchanan

26 02 2015


“Sang Nila Utama & The Lion Of Judah – Dominionism and Christian Zionism in Malaysia” is a new book written by Iain Buchanan which was published on February 24, 2015.

In his speech, “Evangelization: A Global Business” at the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) on February 4, 2015, Uncle Iain told the audience that this 153 pages e-book has 226 footnotes!

This e-book can be read for free on the internet at :

To upload the book, please click the link below:

Sang Nila Utama and The Lion of Judah -Iain Buchanan (click to upload the pdf)

Iain Buchanan is also the author of “The Armies of God”.

Bekas Peguam Anwar, Zul Noordin: W. Azizah Mengakui Anwar Bersalah?

25 02 2015


Saya agak pelik dengan permohonan pengampunan keatas Banduan bernama Anwar Ibrahim oleh isterinya Wan Azizah.

Pelik kerana Wan Azizah sendiri tidak hadir memberi keterangan didalam perbicaraan bagi Banduan sebagai saksi alibi. Kalau di Mahkamah pun dia tidak membantu Banduan, mengapa kini dia pula yang sibuk mohon pengampunan bagi Banduan?

Adakah permohonan keampunan yang dikemukakan ini bermakna Wan Azizah mengakui & menerima sabitan kesalahan meliwat terhadap Banduan?

Bagi saya, permohonan Wan Azizah ini wajib ditolak atas alasan:

  1. Permohonan pengampunan keatas Banduan bernama Anwar Ibrahim oleh isterinya Wan Azizah wajib ditolak kerana ianya dibuat tanpa persetujuan dan/ atau pengetahun Banduan sendiri.

Ini kerana Banduan konsisten dgn pendirian tidak mahu membuat permohonan pengampunan!

Adakah Wan Azizah membuat permohonan ini tanpa pengetahuan atau persetujuan Banduan? Kalau benar Wan Azizah membuat permohonan pengampunan ini tanpa pengetahuan atau persetujuan Banduan, ini adalah satu penghinaan terhadap pendirian Banduan tersebut!

  1. Asas kepada sebarang permohonan pengampunan ialah pengakuan salah kpd kesalahan yang disabit, penyesalan atas perlakuan kesalahan itu dan akujanji tidak akan mengulanginya lagi;
  2. Elemen2 ini tidak ada dalam permohonan Wan Azizah maka ianya wajib ditolak;

  3. Sebaliknya Wan Azizah cuba memperkaldaikan institusi pengampunan DiRaja dengan menjadikan alasan “kehakiman tidak telus” sebagai alasan pengampunan. Ini satu penghinaan keatas institusi pengampunan dan wajib ditolak dan dikenakan tindakan sewajarnya!

  4. Permohonan ini juga suatu penghinaan kepada institusi kehakiman yang dilantik dan bernaung dibawah YDP Agong kerana menjadikan alasan “kehakiman tidak telus” sebagai alasan permohonan pengampunan;

  5. Kebiasaanya hanya mereka yang dijatuhkan hukuman mati atau penjara sepanjang hayat akan memohon pengampunan bagi tujuan pengurangan hukuman. Bagi seorang yang disabitkan kesalahan meliwat dan dijatuhkan hukuman penjara 5 tahun adalah sesuatu yang agak “luar biasa” untuk memohon pengampunan atas hukuman, apatah lagi bagi Banduan ini yg selalu melalak slogan “Lawan Tetap Lawan”. Adakah keluarga membuat permohonan pengampunan kerana Banduan dikatakan tidak mampu melawan nyamuk didalam penjara spt yang diadukan oleh isterinya Wan Azizah?

Pada saya, adalah lebih baik dan afdhal bagi Banduan memohon keampunan daripada Allah setelah dia memohon maaf secara terbuka & peribadi kepada Saiful Bukhari Azlan!

Zulkifli Noordin
6 Jamadil Awal 1436
25 Feb 2015

Drone Captured Spectacular View Of Frozen Niagara Falls

23 02 2015

A video caught by a drone captures the spectacular view of the frozen Niagara Falls.

The video shows such an amazing view of the beautiful frozen Niagara Falls which only a drone can capture.

Here’s the video…

Colours of Nature, A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

21 02 2015

A little blue bird,
Flying in clear sky,
To meet a friend,
Far away in Chiengmai.

It stopped on a branch,
Of a tall oak tree,
To enjoy a great view,
Of a glittering blue sea.

It flew off again,
To find it’s old friend,
Over yellow sunflowers,
On green grassland.

Across red flowers it passed,
Above grey mountains it flew,
The many colours of nature,
More than what it knew.

Soon it arrived,
At the beautiful highland,
And gave its friend,
A flower garland.


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