Peaceful Assembly Over ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Is A Waste Of Time But Bersih Is Not?


Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham angered lots of Malaysian Muslims when he asked whether Muslims were “wasting time and energy” in protesting against ‘Innocence of Muslims’, a film that insults Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He was referring to a peaceful assembly which will take place on Friday over the matter.

As a leader, YB Ngeh Koo Ham must understand that insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Islam is a very serious matter to the Muslims.

And he also must remember that Islam is the religion of the Federation of Malaysia and all leaders must respect our constitution.

And good Muslims do not insult other religions and cause violence while protesting for our rights as misunderstood by some people.

So how about Bersih and other PR’s demonstrations?

Has YB Ngeh Koo Ham ever ask the question if taking part in Bersih 3.0 illegal demonstration was “wasting time and energy”.

And now YB Ngeh Koo Ham said that some people had twisted the meaning of his tweet.

He was reported to say, “There is no doubt that I condemn the video but my tweet was a question and not a statement as some have claimed, belittled Islam.”

I think that he should not tweet the question especially when DAP together with PAS and PKR took part in lots of demonstrations that sometimes turned violent.

Another non Muslim leader, MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said that Ngeh’s comments reflected insensitivity towards the feelings of Muslims.

I am scared if there are Muslims who think that taking part in demonstrations over political, freedom and human rights issues like Bersih is more important than fighting for Islam.

I wonder what will PAS say about this matter and is PAS willing to leave the Pakatan Rakyat as suggested by YB Nasharudin Mat Isa?

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Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

34 thoughts on “Peaceful Assembly Over ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Is A Waste Of Time But Bersih Is Not?”

  1. Surprisingly berfore BERSIH 3 was held , I told PAS supporters not to go there. That was a silly gathering …WHY ? If anything bad happen then you PAS supporters will put a blame on UMNO , the same as UMNO will blame PAS … Its no point saying what justice is…because THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN MALAYSIA…as long as UMNO rules Malaysia.

    BERSIH is okay …but there is a Malay saying …”lemparkan batu , sembunyikan tangan”.

    Okay I read this verse to Malays …unfortunately they blink their eyes like monkeys …

    ” O ye who believe ! stand firmly for Allah , as witnesses to fair dealing and let not the HATRED of others to make you swerve to wrong and depart from justice …” [al-Qur’an 5:8]

    I can quote many more verses from the Qur’an proving that why Malays , especially UMNO do not understand the Qur’an.

    I have always said …I am anti-Malays , but not anti-Islam. Islam is such a beautiful religion but now being abused by UMNO.


    1. Dear Abu Hasan Chan,
      Thank you for writing. I do not agree with you about Bersih. When I wrote about Bersih 3.0, one reader using the name ‘pemerhati’, was very kind to send me a link about the IFC demands. And the people behind Bersih are the people behind IFC demands. I think you won’t agree with me, or you might say the IFC demand is right. As I said Islam does not teach me to hate anybody 🙂


  2. Yes , you are being blind and racist as along as you are UMNO. Its hiding behind the name of Islam and being cruel behind the name of Islam , and of course abusing the TRUE teachings of Islam.

    In my life I do not like Malays because they like to fabricate LIES in their everyday life , in their TV and newspapers. Enough of your lies , learn this verse of the Qur’an and save yourself from hellfire :

    “O ye who believe , if a wicked person comes to you with any news , ascertain the truth lest you harm people unwittingly …” [Qur’an 49 6 ]

    I wonder if you can really understand the verse above ?

    For over 35 years I learned from PAS tokgurus because they are more competent in teaching Islamic texts. Its only your skewed view according to your UMNO mindset think that I am a PAS supporter.

    Let me tell you this ….just a little bit …I do not fully agree with Nik Aziz because despite of his honest looking face , is a messy person. For example he doesn’t teach Islamic Fiqh using any of the ash-Shafi’e texts like “Fathul-Qarib” , “Fathul-Wahhab” or “al-Iqna’ ”

    Next time perhaps I will you more about Uthman el-Muhammadi , why he is such a hoax. He does not fully understand Arabic Grammar , but UMNO is promoting him as a scholar ? In Kelantan , we do not regard him as someone authorative. Its your twisted mind promoting such a wicked person like Uthman el-Muhammadi.

    By the way …you also promote Ahmad Deedat and Zaki Naik as “Muslims” who know about Christianity and the Bible ? That too …is a big hoax. They tell many good things BUT also tell lies about the Bible …telling lies to Muslims worldwide.

    So good for being in your UMNO dreamboat , I am using PAS to destroy UMNO and praying to Allah everyday hoping there will be no more UMNO in Malaysia. BERSIH is seeking justice.


    1. bersih is seeking justice? dengan rosakkan harta benda awam? hampir membunuh anggota polis? pukul anggota polis yg menjaga keamanan negara sehingga nazak? itu awak katakan keadilan? YA ALLAH kenapa saudara terlalu kolot dengan politik kotor ni?


  3. Saya seorang Cina Kelantan yang anti-Melayu tapi bukan anti-Islam. Fasal filem “Innocence of Muslims” , awal-awal lagi saya dah agak orang Melayu (PAS dan UMNO) akan naik angin menunjukkan bantahan untuk menunjukkan mereka membela Nabi Muhammad.

    Saya adalah seorang Islam. Saya membaca Sirah Nabawi dan kitab hadith at-Taj al-Jami’ lil-Usul (himpunun hadith-hadith kitabul-sittah) dengan penuh penghormatan dan memuliakan kalam RasuluLLAH.

    Sudah menjadi kebiasaan sikap orang Melayu apabila ada hal “sensitif” terhadap Nabi dan Islam …cepat-cepat mereka marah kepada Amerika dan Yahudi TANPA usul periksa.

    Saya sempat melihat filem Innocence of Muslims , dan mutu pembikinannya adalah rendah , tidak bertaraf Hollywood. Kalau pihak Yahudi buat filem itu sepatutnya ala Steven Spielberg kerana dia sendiri adalah bapa Yahudi yang mencari keuntungan unutk kepentingan Zionis.

    Bukan Amerika yang bikin filem amatur itu. Ia serupa klip-klip video lucu dalam YouTube tapi mempersenda watak Nabi Muhammad dan Islam. Dikatakan itu bukan filem dalam bahasa asal tapi satu kerja “dubbing” oleh pihak tertentu.

    Bagi saya , ummat Islam mestilah bersikap intelektual bukan emosi dan bertindak liar. Bukan secara menyerang kedutaan asing yang menyebabkan orang yang tidak bersalah terbunuh yang diambil kesempatan oleh pihak lain pula.

    Dalam dunia banyak terdapat minoriti Islam. Di Amerika sendiri terdapat kumpulan-kumpulan samseng dan fanatik yang anti-Islam yang menunggu peluang untuk bertindak terhadap minoriti Islam. Saya bimbang ada masjid di Amerika dibakar , rumah keluarga Islam dibakar , individu Muslim dibunuh atas alasan membalas-dendam. Ini kerana ummat Islam sendiri bertindak tidak rasional yang orang tidak bersalah menjadi mangsa.

    Saya terbaca bahawa filem itu dihasilkan oleh orang Arab Mesir Kristian Coptic sebagai reaksi marah kepada orang Islam Arab Mesir yang samseng yang mengacau sanak-saudara Coptic di Mesir. Rumah , keluarga dan gereja mereka diganggu dan dibakar. Orang Coptic kata perbuatan jahat samseng (Islam) itu adalah ajaran Islam ??

    Sebab itulah filem itu sebagai simbolik sindiran bahawa Nabi Muhammad mengajar perkara jahat yang cuba disembunyikan oleh ummat Islam ?? Contohnya Nabi bersetubuh dengan Aisyah yang berumur 9 tahun , Nabi merogol hamba abdi kafir wanita yang menjadi tawanan perang dan membunuh 600 Yahudi Bani Quraizah yang menjadi tawanan selepas perang Khandak di Madinah ?? Itu dakwaan musuh-musuh Islam !!

    Oleh itu saya bersetuju dengan pandangan Anwar Ibrahim dan saya TIDAK bersetuju dengan Nik Aziz MB Kelantan yang pihak PAS anjurkan perhimpunan membantah filem “Innocence of Muslims”. Mereka menjerit-jerit macam monyet.

    Orang yang bernama Fathul-Bari itu orang UMNO gila. Seolah-olah dia mahu menjadi jaguh pembela Islam.


    1. Dear Abu Hasan Chan,
      I am a Malay Muslim but my mother is more than half Chinese and my dad also partly Chinese. And if you’re an anti Malay, why are you not anti PAS when all of the PAS leaders are Malay. I am a Muslim so I am not racist because Muslims must respect everybody even if they are non-Muslim except people who insult Islam and do bad things to destroy the Muslims and Islam. I have a good Australian friend. He is an archaeologist and a non-Muslim but he is a very wonderful friend. Muslims do not look for enemy and violence. My dad’s friends in America are not Malay or Chinese but they are very nice to all of us and I love them very much.
      I do not really understand what you wrote but I guess you like and support Anwar’s ideas. I used to like Anwar Ibrahim very much until I saw what happened during Bersih 3.0 when he did not protect his supporters and put them in danger and trouble. Then I learned that he is a liberal and pluralist which can harm the akidah of other Muslims. Anwar do not want Muslim to protest people who insult Islam but he do not mind people jumping on police car and destroy things during Bersih 3.0 even when that is against Islam. I do not support Anwar or Nik Aziz but I support peaceful protest over the film and comic because I love Allah, Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Islam and I want to be a good Muslim.


    2. “Bagi saya , ummat Islam mestilah bersikap intelektual bukan emosi dan bertindak liar. Bukan secara menyerang kedutaan asing yang menyebabkan orang yang tidak bersalah terbunuh yang diambil kesempatan oleh pihak lain pula.”(Abu Hassan Chan) saya tertarik dengan kata- kata anda,”ummat Islam mestilah bersikap intelektual bukan emosi dan bertindak liar”. Sekarang hal ini berkaitan agama ISLAM, orang hina agama kita orang persenda agama kita.Kita sekadar nak duduk diam then hina orang yg berjuang untuk ISLAM? Awak bersetuju dengan Anwar Ibrahim yg hina umat ISLAM kerana awak penyokong fanatik beliau. Kenapa sewaktu Perhimpunan Bersih yg tak bersih itu kenapa umat ISLAM yg lebih ramai dari agama lain xda pula awak nak sifatkan mereka perlu besikap intelektual bukan emosi? kerana fahaman politik sempit awak tu!


      1. Dear anonymous sakit hati,
        Thank you for your comment. I agree with you about Abu Hasan Chan. And he wrote that he is ‘anti Melayu’ but not ‘anti Islam’; which is really weird because as a Muslim we must not hate other people, not even the non-Muslims except those who are trying to destroy Islam and the Muslims. I wonder if he is really a Muslim? If he is, I really pity him for hating other Muslims.


  4. BERSIH is okay from my point of view because its a way some Malaysians wished to express what they seek is justice. Because UMNO Malays are animals ..that’s why they torture people who are against them. Some PAS leadership is idiotic. Nasharuddin Mat Isa is an example of a Muslim cleric who thinks he can use certain Islamic methodology (Usul-Fiqh) to justify that BERSIH gathering is haram fearing that some innocent people can get hurt.

    No surprise Nasharuddin Mat Isa will say that America is NOT kafir harbi when their army can attack a Muslim country in the name of promoting world peace and eradicating global terrorism. worldwide. When a kafir army can use advanced and sophisticated modern weapons that can cause mass destruction in a Muslim country , then Muslims must not fight the kafir army.just to save the lives of innocent people ??

    That’s why I think Nasharuddin Mat Isa is an idiot . His views are idiosyncratic.


    1. Dear Abu Hasan Chan,
      I am sorry but I do not agree with you. Bersih is not okay because it is against the teaching of Islam and now there are proves that they get money from overseas including from people who are against Islam. Uncle Dr Muhammad Uthman el-Muhammady always reminds people about the hadiths of respectful Muslims citizens and how to deal with the non-Muslims and tho be patriotic especially when Islam is the religion of our country. You wrote bad things about America but you support Bersih that receive funds from all those people. I do not blame all the Americans and the Western people even if they are not Muslims. There are lots of nice people over there and I respect them as we should as Muslims. As for Uncle Nasharuddin Mat Isa, do you know him as a person or do you only listen to what some PAS leaders said about him?


      1. Dear a.h.c.idoit,
        Thank you for writing. Actually, I pity Abu Hasan Chan because he does not know what is right and what is wrong according to Islam. And he was too emotional, when at the same time he said other people are emotional. Please visit my blog again.


  5. My opinion is the BERSIH gathering is okay because Malaysians , irrespective of religious beliefs gathered together to express and demand justice. Whereas just any demonstration whether it is a peaceful or violent when connected with religion , certain group can take advantage and cause havoc. There are many Muslim minorities worldwide , and religious sentiments can arise cause by thugs and fanatics. As to what happened in Libya when a few innocents non-Muslim Americans were killed , what if non-Muslim in America were to retaliate and burn mosques and minority Muslim houses ?

    If PAS is idiotic , then UMNO is the same. I don’t think UMNO can understand what justice is.


    1. Dear Abu Hasan Chan,
      I am sorry but I do not agree with you. Even YB Nasharudin Mat Isa from PAS said that it is haram to join Bersih. Pemuda UMNO’s and PAS’s peaceful protest over the ‘Innocence Of Muslims’ has gone well without any violence and so did other protests over the film in other parts of Malaysia. It is our duty as Muslims to peacefully say our protest when anybody insult our religion or our prophets. We cannot just smiled and say that it is okay. Fighting for Islam is our duty as Muslims and much more important than political demonstrations like Bersih.
      UMNO fights for the Muslims and has done so much for Malaysia. UMNO is not perfect but PAS is much worse and I do not think PAS understands justice, except a few leaders like YB Nasharudin.


  6. Ali, whenever someone gives you and insult, whether it be to you personally, or to something that you hold dear in your heart, do you consider the source first, before reacting against the insult? When we consider the source of this alleged film, we realize it comes from a source that is not worthy of attention. We should also consider the quality of what has come from this person trying to insult the Prophet…he is a looser, and his actions are stupid and childish. So, because this silly man has done something of very low quality, artless in fact, and behaved like a stupid child that means we have to join our neighbors in the streets, and also act stupidly? I don’t think so. Is not Islam bigger and greater than this stupid malcontent? I certainly think so. He has dishonored himself, his family, and anyone who has ever known him. We should NOT follow suit and dishonor ourselves as well.

    There is the other matter of intent. Is the overt or obvious intent of this movie to discredit Islam really all there is to it? Not now. You must understand that since all there has been seen is the “trailer” for a film, does that necessarily mean that there is a film? What if, all we have is a trailer, and no film? Have you considered that? I suspect, strongly, that is the case. I wanted to see what all the furor was about, so I tried to view the piece, and it is SO BAD and artless; it isn’t worth your time, and nor is protesting about it. It is Garbage! That means we have to assemble at the midden and shout loud slogans till we are hoarse, and carry signs with angry sayings, and then fight with police and break windows. Do you see how useless that is? The Prophet sighs, when he sees the people allowing such drivel to upset their equilibrium, and I think he wonders if he hasn’t taught us better than this? Besides that, has anyone looked into who has been participating in the riots? Are they really angry Muslims, or what? You have to consider this before you too are swept up in the excitement: there is a kind of operative called Agent Provocateur. They are paid to stage unrest for the cameras, and they are the ones being used from behind the scenes to control minds. Don’t be fooled until everything has been checked.

    But there is more to it. When someone insults you, they are trying to goad you into an embarrassing reaction. In Libya, there were criminal operatives who deal in guns that wanted to get rid of a US Ambassador who knew too much about the gun running that has taken place against all international laws, and involving more than one country in the region. He knew enough to bring their schemes to an end, and so he had to be ended. A crafted uprising was used to do this, and then blamed on a silly YouTube video, which the complicit main stream media glommed onto passionately, thinking this angle was newsworthy. The have missed the point entirely because they don’t honestly do research and their stories are crafted to forward propaganda and sway public opinion far away from the truth. Always remember that as long as the news media outlets are owned and operated by the criminals who seek to also own and operate this world in spite of the people who live on it, you will have a lack of truth in media. They are dishonored, and they aren’t worth listening to.

    In America, the freedom to speak is a cherished right that the people struggle to protect from a corporation that has been posing as a government. It isn’t really that, it’s a corporation which was founded in the City of London. But anyway, the freedom of speech, is protected also by the Constitution of America, and I think that people wrongly assume this means one can say whatever comes to mind without restriction. I assert that like any right, it extends to the point that it violates another’s rights. You have a right to speak in matters that affect everyone, to express your mature viewpoint, but that doesn’t give a right to be abusive, insulting or stupid for stupidity’s sake. When such a one does this with freedom to speak, they should be pitied. It doesn’t require an angry or violent response to such ignorance. It just doesn’t.

    I hope that what I have to say to you has helped you.


    1. Dear NoTingles,
      Muslims must fight for Islam and we must not lets anybody insult Islam. Muslims also must not insult other religion or use violence to protest over anything including the movie. I agree with Ban Ki-moon that, “Freedoms of expression should be and must be guaranteed and protected, when they are used for common justice, common purpose” and “My position is that freedom of expression, while it is a fundamental right and privilege, should not be abused by such people, by such a disgraceful and shameful act.”
      And I agree with you that Muslims must not use violence to say their anger over the hateful film. Peaceful protests are okay.


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