Seven Killed In Cameron Highlands Landslide

Racing against time: Volunteers and rescue personnel searching for survivors last night.(The Star)

There was a bad landslide at an orang asli settlement at Kampung Sungai Ruil near Brinchang, Cameron Highlands at 5.50pm yesterday after heavy rain.

Cameron Highlands is a highland resort in Malaysia famous for it’s strawberries.

This is a disaster.

Seven people were killed and two people were injured.

The Star reported that during the incident, the village was hit by an avalanche of logs, earth and debris which swept down a hill, burying the victims alive.

This is the second landslide to hit an orang asli settlement.

15 years ago, 40 villagers were killed in Pos Dipang in Perak.

Scenic Views Of The Taiping Lake Gardens(Taman Tasik Taiping)

One of the beautiful trees at the lake garden with branches grow towards the water.

On the 18th July, I visited the Taiping Lake Garden ( Taman Tasik Taiping ) in Perak on the way back to KL from Butterworth, Penang.

The place is very, very, very beautiful.

The Taiping Lake Gardens is the first public garden established during British rule in Malaysia.

They started to plant the garden with grasses, flowers and trees in 1884.

Now there are many beautiful big, old trees along the road in the garden.

When we drove pass, I fell like going into a tree tunnel 😉

All of the trees are more than 100 years old.

Lots of the branches of the huge trees bend towards the lake and their leaves touch the water 🙂

The tree tunnel. Some of the leaves of the second tree in the row touch the water.
The branches of the tree across the road bend towards the lake.
A nice place in the garden.
Another tree tunnel.
The beautiful garden is full of beautiful old trees around the lakes.
More beautiful view of the lake garden.
The branches of this beautiful tree arch towards the lake.
Another part of the tree tunnel.

I wish that I can go there again and stay at the hotel around the park so that I can spend more time watching and make drawings of the trees 🙂

I also wish to visit the ‘Night Safari’ at the Taiping Zoo near the lake garden and visit the Bukit Larut(Maxwell Hill)

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