Asyraf Haziq Tells His Story(Kisah Benar Asyraf Haziq)

A Malaysian student in London, Asyraf Haziq was attacked and robbed by London rioters.

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First he was attacked by a group including children who tried to steal his phone and they left him after he was injured.

Later another group pretended to help him but they were actually stealing his things.

For his story from his Royal London Hospital bed, please click below:

(-The True Story of Asyraf Haziq – Part 1 – YouTube)

I hope that Abang Asyraf will get better very soon.

Please click here for Before And After Photos: London Riots-BBC News

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Before And After Photos: London Riots-BBC News

On Saturday, 6th August, 2011, there was a riot in Tottenham, London.

The riot then spread to other parts of Britain.

The riots are bad because people use violence, they steal other people’s things, they burn and damage buildings and cars.

Rioters should stop rioting and using violence to get what they want, damaging buildings, stealing and hurting other people.

This disaster has to be stopped.

We should all work hard to heal the world and stop destroying our planet.



Carpetright building, High Road, Tottenham:

The Google Streetview shows how the building looked before the riots, (GOOGLE).
The landmark Carpetright building in Tottenham High Road was set ablaze on Saturday night, (PA).
Fire crews were still working at the scene on Sunday morning morning, when all that remained was a shell,(REUTERS).

Jewellery store, High Road, Tottenham:

The High Road shop was on the corner with Dowsett Road, (GOOGLE).
A jewellery shop and the flats behind it were gutted after being set alight, (PA).

Solicitors’ offices, High Road, Tottenham:

A beautiful row of building before the riot, (GOOGLE).
A solicitor's office further along the High Road was also targeted and set ablaze, (PA).

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