JAKIM: Golden Churn Butter Is Non-Halal/Mentega Golden Churn Sah Tidak Halal-JAKIM

JAKIM now confirms that the Golden Churn Butter is non-halal.

JAKIM confirmed that Pure Creamery Butter-Golden Churn sold in Malaysia is non-halal because it contains pig DNA(please click here).

Golden Churn butter is manufactured by Ballantyne Food,  New Zealand.

Golden Churn Butter.

So Muslims cannot eat Golden Churn butter or any food that use Golden Churn butter in their ingredients.

Golden Churn butter is a favoured ingredient in Kek Lapis Sarawak or Sarawak layered-cake.

(Please click here for:’Is Kek Lapis Sarawak Already In The Market Halal?’)

Muslims should be very careful during Eid because some bakers may have used Golden Churn butter to bake cakes and cookies.

I love creamy butter and luckily we eat Lurpak at home.

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