At Least 9 Killed In Nepal Avalanche

Rescue team members carry a tourist (C) after an avalanche at Mount Manaslu Base Camp September 23, 2012. REUTERS/Simrik Air/Handout

On Sunday, September 23, 2012, at least 9 people were killed by an avalanche on Mount Manaslu, about 100 km (60 miles) northwest of Kathmandu.

At least five injured climbers were rescued from the mountain while four people are still missing. 

The height of Mount Manaslu is 8,163-metre (26,781-foot).

It is the world’s eighth highest mountain. 

Among the dead were climbers from Germany and Spain. 

Since the accident took place at a height of 7,000 meters (22,950 feet), helicopters had to be used to rescue the victims.

Avalanche is very dangerous and lots of people were killed and injured by avalanche each year.

I am sad and sorry for the victims, their friends and families.

Seven Killed In Cameron Highlands Landslide

Racing against time: Volunteers and rescue personnel searching for survivors last night.(The Star)

There was a bad landslide at an orang asli settlement at Kampung Sungai Ruil near Brinchang, Cameron Highlands at 5.50pm yesterday after heavy rain.

Cameron Highlands is a highland resort in Malaysia famous for it’s strawberries.

This is a disaster.

Seven people were killed and two people were injured.

The Star reported that during the incident, the village was hit by an avalanche of logs, earth and debris which swept down a hill, burying the victims alive.

This is the second landslide to hit an orang asli settlement.

15 years ago, 40 villagers were killed in Pos Dipang in Perak.

7 Bodies Found After Canadian Avalanche

7 bodies found after Canadian avalanche on Sunday in Southeastern British Columbia.

3 people were injured and 1 person is still missing.

The avalanche happened in east of Fernie in a snowmobile area named Harvey Pass.

Fernie is a town in Canadian Rockies.

Avalanche is  snow that fall down from mountain.

Avalanche is a disaster.

Authorities found seven bodies a day after avalanches in British Columbia, Canada.
Authorities found seven bodies a day after avalanches in British Columbia, Canada.

): Disasters :(

The disasters are :

UFO, Tornado,  AcidRain,  Space JunkFlood Landslide,  Fire,  Earthquake,  Whirlpool,  Locust,  War,  Drought, Blizzard , Tsunami,  Hurricane,  Sandstorm,  Monsoon Storm,  Avalanche, Mudslide, Volcano Eruption.

Some people are also like disasters because they disturb and hurt other people 😦

Flood in India. It is a disaster.

People get hurt and some people die when disaster happens.

My big sister Aeshah’s friend died when a landslide hit her house in Taman Harmonis, Gombak 4 years ago.

Disasters also destroy houses, cars, farms, roads, schools, shops, hospitals and others.

Cutting down trees, throwing rubbish everywhere, cutting down hills, pollution, playing with matches and fire crackers can cause disasters.

I think we should not play with fire crackers and do not throw rubbish all over the place.

We should plant lots of trees, recycle and do not cut down hills.

We should love and take care of our planet Earth.

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