3 12 2009

Strawberry is a fruit.

It has a lot of tiny seeds.

Ripe strawberries are red.

Strawberry is very nutritious.

It has antioxidant and Vitamin C.

Some strawberries are big but some are small .

I like to eat the sweet and juicy strawberries.

Anyway some strawberries are sour.

We can eat fresh strawberry and also made it into yummy juice.

We can also make strawberry jam, ice-cream and lots of other tasty things to eat.

Please click here for a delicious strawberry yoghurt drink recipe.

Strawberry grows in cool places.

In Malaysia , strawberry grows in Cameron Highland , Pahang.

Cameron Highland a is cool place in the mountains of the Titiwangsa Range.

Last time I had a strawberry plant named Strawy but it died.

There is a place named Strawberry in Arizona, U.S.A.

Anyway strawberry cannot grows there  because it is too hot.



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