I Still Cannot See Pictures In My Blog


I am very sad because I still cannot see the pictures in my blog 😥 😦

Even my header is blank….

😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥  😥

I can only see my avatar and Smileys.

So now I can only type lots and lots of smileys.

Anyway Pak Cik Saidi said that he can see the pictures in my blogs 😐

Some other people said that they can see the pictures in my blog too 😆

I hope to see my pictures in my blog again 🙂

I hope somebody can help me.

HELP!!! – All My Photos Are Gone

All My Photos In My Blog Are Gone Today 😥 Can You Help Me 😦

Please Can Someone Help Me? I Asked My Father – He Also Don’t Know Why.

States Of Malaysia’s Flags

These are the states of Malaysia’s flags 🙂















Pulau Pinang

Pulau Pinang




Negeri Sembilan








FT Kuala Lumpur

A Visit to Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital (AiSH)

The day before yesterday I went to the Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital (AISH) to see Dr. Khairul.

Dr. Khairul is a pediatrician.


Last time the hospital was known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre (KBMC).

Dr. Khairul give me two jabs so that I won’t fall sick.


The jabs made me surprised and they were very painful.

Anyway I did not cry because I am a big boy.

When I went home I took some Panadol Child.


That night I can’t sit up properly during my Hadith class because it was still very painful.

But now it is not painful anymore.

I think I do not want to get jabs anymore 😀


This is the “Thank you” note to Dr. Khairul when I was admitted together with my sister Kashah for a week at KBMC when I was less than two years old. It is now pasted on the wall in his clinic.

KBMC-thanks note

Tulips Pictures :)

Now is spring in Holland.

I am sure there are lots and lots of tulips blooming in the gardens.

I had been to Holland but I had not been to Europe 🙂

Can you guess why?

I went to Holland, Michigan in the U.S.A. and not Holland in Europe 🙂

In Holland I saw real windmills and buildings like the ones in Europe.

I went to a big wooden shoes factory, parks, Windmill Island and other wonderful places.

Anyway it was almost fall so I cannot see tulips in the fields.

But now is spring; so in Holland Michigan there are tulips all over the place.

A field of tulips

2D flower
2D tulip
Colourful tulip
Colourful tulips
Purple tulips
Purple tulips
red pink and yellow tulips
Red, pink and yellow tulips
red tulips
Red tulips
Colourful Tulips :)
Colourful Tulips 🙂
Tulips And Windmill
Tulips And Windmill

A Quiz Of Stowaway A Passenger

It followed me to Kuala Terengganu.

Who can guess what it is 😉  🙂 ?

It was something with a shell…..

Is it an animal?

Something that moves slowly?

Something that is small?

Please send an answer now  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Enjoying English … additional photo

Here is the photo after the “A Moment With English – Enjoying English” program at SK Padang Hiliran.

I only remember Kak Syaza’s name who is standing next to the boy. Maybe Kak Syaza can help to give the names of other Kakaks and Abangs.



More photos here:

My Poems

My sisters like to write poems.

I want to learn to write poem too.

And this is my first poem.

The title is ‘My Rat, Matt’.


My Rat, Matt

I have a rat

Its name is Matt

Matt likes cat

Matt is very fat.


Matt likes to wear a hat

Matt likes to sleep on a mat

Matt’s favourite word is mat

Because its name is Matt.

*Matt sound as in English not in Malay.

A Moment With English – Enjoying English

On 3 /5 / 09 I took part in a program at Sekolah Kebangsaan Padang Hiliran (SKPH).

The name of the program was A Moment With English – Enjoying English

The program started at 9:00 AM and ended at 11.20 AM.


I read an article from my blog entitled the Swine Flu.

My big sister Kaman gave a speech about “The Creation Of Universe”.

Kaman also did a book reading.

She read ‘Budu Spell’ from a book ‘Growing Up In Terengganu’ by Awang Goneng.

My big sister Kashah did a story telling about a girl named Jannah.

My big sister Kafah sang a song about butterfly.ali-khalifahsong-skph

We sang two songs.

First was the ‘Khalifah Song’ and the next song was ‘Guantanamera‘.

The ‘Khalifah Song’ is an English song.

Guantanamera’ is a patriotic Spanish song from Cuba.

After the program we ate fried noodle keropok lekor.

The keropok lekor was tasty but the noodle was too spicy.

I met a lot of kakak and abang in SKPH and a lot of teachers too for example the Head Master and Teacher Siti.

All of them were very nice and I enjoyed visiting the school.ali-receive-cert-skph

I am very happy because Kak Syaza and Abang Kimi wrote comments in my blog 😉

I think there will be more programs in SKPH.

I love going to SKPH!


More photo here: https://ahmadalikarim.wordpress.com/2009/05/09/enjoying-english-additional-photo/


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