Keropok Lekor

30 09 2008

Keropok lekor is a food.

It is a healthy food.

Keropok lekor don’t have trans-fat.

They use fish to make keropok lekor.

I like to eat keropok lekor.

Yesterday I ate keropok lekor.

They are so tasty.

We bought them at Tanjong.

I watched a woman making keropok lekor.

I also went to another keropok lekor place in Bukit Tok Beng.

There they use machine to make keropok lekor.

But the seller was very rude.

Do you like keropok lekor?



4 responses

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13 10 2008

Dear Auntie Emy,

My father said the BTB keropok lekor is the only big one in that area, near a corner of the road.


12 10 2008


I have not been here for some time. I remember one day I asked a friend who was an MAS flight eng. to buy keropok lekor from Bkt.tok Beng….guess what?

When I went to pick them up, I saw horrifying flies swarming over the keropok lekor that was supposed to be mine. As though it was alright to them, they packed and gave me. It was a hefty RM50.00 worth.

Reluctantly I took them home and re boiled before eating them…not that enjoyable anymore after being swarmed by them flies…

BUT I can’t remember which stall I went…


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