Tulips Pictures :)

Now is spring in Holland.

I am sure there are lots and lots of tulips blooming in the gardens.

I had been to Holland but I had not been to Europe 🙂

Can you guess why?

I went to Holland, Michigan in the U.S.A. and not Holland in Europe 🙂

In Holland I saw real windmills and buildings like the ones in Europe.

I went to a big wooden shoes factory, parks, Windmill Island and other wonderful places.

Anyway it was almost fall so I cannot see tulips in the fields.

But now is spring; so in Holland Michigan there are tulips all over the place.

A field of tulips

2D flower
2D tulip
Colourful tulip
Colourful tulips
Purple tulips
Purple tulips
red pink and yellow tulips
Red, pink and yellow tulips
red tulips
Red tulips
Colourful Tulips :)
Colourful Tulips 🙂
Tulips And Windmill
Tulips And Windmill
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