A New Malaysian Flag – A Sign Of PR’s Revolution?

After the  Janji Bersih’s new flag for Malaysia incident, I had the chance to discuss the matter with a lawyer and a politician.

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The demonstrators showing their new flag during the Janji Bersih demonstration.

When I met Uncle Naser Disa who is a lawyer on Friday, I asked him if it is okay to put up a new flag and suggesting the idea to change the Malaysian flag during our Merdeka celebration?

He answered that the action is wrong and those people should not do it if they respect the law and love our country.

He also said that it is not a good idea to change our flag.

And when I asked him if ‘disrespecting the flag’ is a humiliation to the country, he said,’Yes’.

On Sunday when I went to Uncle Kamaruddin Mohd. Nor’s  house, I asked him if it is all right to change our flag.

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I (R) was asking Uncle Kamaruddin (L) questions about the ‘new flag incident’.

He said that we should not change our flag.

He explained that there are things that can be changed but there are things that should not be changed.

For example, the Americans don’t change their flag and so do the people of the United Kingdom who are proud of their Union Jack.

Uncle Kamaruddin said we must love and respect our flag.

So, why did some people try to change our flag?

I guess only Janji Bersih and PR who wants the new flag and they even have a name for the flag, Sang Saka Malaya. Please read here ,  here and here.

My question is, since Libya has a new flag after the revolution, is PR ready to start a revolution by introducing the new flag?

And does PR wants Malaysia to be a ‘Republik Malaysia’? 

The demonstrators showing their new flag during Janji Bersih demonstration.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

17 thoughts on “A New Malaysian Flag – A Sign Of PR’s Revolution?”

  1. as Indonesian, I like the new flag of Malaysia, look, I’m not partisan of Bersih movement or whatever, I pray for Malaysia’s prosperity and stability, because we’re good friends lah..

    I just like the merah putih together blend with crescent moon and star, so catchy, very Melayu and just like Indonesia’s or Singapore’s flag, who are the successor countries of Greater Nusantara region.

    I doubt that Indonesians would accuse Malaysia for steal our flag ( i know it would be so strange), hence this new flag represents the unity among Malay speaking countries, just like the Scandinavian countries which have familiar flags.

    other ASEAN countries would envy with pur togetherness, because believe it or not, Indonesia and Malaysia are the main anchors of this region, Indonesia is the natural leader of ASEAN and Malaysia is well known for economy and political stability for long time ago, with this similar flags, it would be so cool, we’re look alike already, we can complete each other. salam damai!


    1. Dear Mr. Daniel Sinambela,
      Thank you for writing. I am very sorry but the Malaysian flag is Jalur Gemilang and the Sang Saka Malaya is not the new flag of Malaysia. The flag was the idea of some unpatriotic demonstrators who wants freedom to do just anything they wish to do. Our flag represent our country and our dignity. Sovereign countries do not change their flags. Changing our flag without a purpose, do not bring any good to our country. By the way, the Malay speaking nations in this area are Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. Singapore’s national language is English not Malay. Brunei’s flag is not similar to the Indonesian or Singaporean flag at all. And like most Malaysian, I do not think Brunei wants a new flag. We respect our Indonesian neighbours but we have our own identity.


      1. Hi Ahmad Karim, thanks for replying my comment.

        are you writing your blog by yourself, wow, you’re really youngest blogger that I’ve ever known then.

        I think you have to know that belittling Malaysian identity is not my intention, Malaysia of course has their own identity just like the rest nations in the world, I just adore the “new” flag regardless the political motivations behind it, which I don’t follow those unpatriotic issues in Malaysia, I’m talking about color’s taste here anyway, and UMNO’s flag is merah putih (with keris) also right?

        For your information, Malay is one of official languages of S’pore, the others being English, Chinese, and Tamil. That’s why their national anthem is Majulah Singapura, named after Bahasa Melayu. Yes, I forgot to mention Brunei and Timor Leste as Malay speaking countries, in Timor Leste’s case, Indonesian is working language granted by their constitution. cheers. salam damai!


      2. Dear Daniel Sinambela,
        Thank you for writing back. It is important for a citizen to be patriotic to their own country and as the country flag is an important symbol of the country, a citizen must love and respect their flag. A country flag is not a small matter that can be criticised or redesigned. By the way, even though Singapore has four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil but English is the common language of the nation and is the language of business, government and medium of instruction in schools. Malay is only spoken among the Malays and not as important as English and Mandarin to the Singaporean. Please visit my blog again.


  2. Dear Adik Ahmad Ali,

    I have just returned from Medan (Indonesia) and have heard of unpleasant news about the eve of independence anniversary celebrations at Dataran Merdeka a few days ago. I am very disappointed and very angry with bad behavior of a few people who are not patriotic and do not respect the law and our flag (Jalur Gemilang). 😡

    The demonstrators were so rude and their behavior as such as uncivilized citizen by doing things like stepping on the prime minister’s poster, make chaos, screaming and cursing someone and carrying ‘new’ Malaysian flag. At the same time the police did not act anything to prevent the riots may be did not want to become more chaotic situation despite the provocation from the ‘demons’trators. 👿

    You may be right about the attempt certain people to turn Malaysia into a republic by Pakatan Rakyat especially DAP. The proof is that they have created new Malaysian flag similar to the flag of Singapore that only star logo that distinguishes between these two flags. As we know that the DAP logo is also very similar to the PAP logo (blue circles and red objects) so I guess the idea of flag conversion are indeed from DAP.

    They have ‘hidden agenda’ which is only revealed after Pakatan Rakyat wins the general election soon. DAP and PKR leader has their own agenda to rule this country but they conspired to make it easier to take over the government. The facts have proved that both parties are closely related with the United States and Israel which also has an agenda to make Malaysia as a puppet after Singapore.

    The question is now could we let them to do this? ❓


    1. Dear zulfahasan,
      I am very happy to hear from you again. I hope that you had a good time in Medan. I was very sad and angry about the what happened during Janji Bersih and the Selangor’s Merdeka celebration. I think that we should find ways to stop PR’s demonstrations in our country. Let them do it in other countries that support their agendas. But how can we do that ❓ Why do they want to change our flag? Changing a country’s flag usually happens after a revolution, like in Libya. If there is a revolution, people can’t live peacefully and happily anymore. So I pray that Malaysians can understand what PR’s real agendas are. PR does not respect Islam, the Rukun Negara, the Perlembagaan Persekutuan, our law, our Sultans and our leaders. Uncle Naser Disa told me that disgracing our flag means humiliating our country. Now PR blamed the Sultan’s private secretary for not asking for an invitation for the Sultan of Selangor to attend the Selangor Merdeka celebration. I hope that BN will win the PRU 13 so that we can save our country and protect Islam.


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