The Astolf Band, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Part 3)

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“Mmm … Tasty!”  said Martin licking his lips. He put down his tea cup and looked at Lin saying, “The tea is very tasty, Lin”. Lin answered, “Thank you, Marty. So all of you are going to Australia tomorrow morning, right? Can I come along?” “That is a very good idea,” said Eve. She put down her tea cup and said, “You are right, Marty. The tea is very tasty.” Lin went up from her chair and said, “All of you can sleep here tonight. I’ll cook dinner for all of us.” “Lin, do you have the ticket yet?” asked Eve. “No, I’d better book my ticket now,” answered Lin going to her computer to book her ticket.

Early the next morning, the four friends were ready to go to the airport. Lin said to her friends, “We’d better get going. I think it is time to go to the airport.” “Yes! Time to go to Australia to meet our old friend, Peter Hard,” added Paul, smiling happily. Soon, they were in a taxi, on the way to the San Pablo Airport. They rushed inside the airport and checked in their bags. “Vuelo a Australia está listo para despegar!” Lin looked at her friends excitedly and said, “That is our flight to Australia, let’s go!” Soon they were on the aeroplane to Australia to meet their friend.

On the lands of Australia, they rented a car and drove from the airport, past an orchard by a hill, and green fields full of cows. “It is beautiful in Australia,” said Eve. Later they reached Peter Hard’s house. Paul knocked the door and after a while, Peter opened it. Paul asked Peter, “Will you join us to re ….” But before Paul could finish his question, Peter laughed loudly and hugging Paul, Peter said, “Ha ha ha! My old friends. It is really good to see all of you again.”  

Paul was stunned.  The serious Peter was acting so weirdly that made him nervous. Paul cleared his throat and continued his sentence “… vive the Astolf Band?” Peter pulled Paul inside while saying, “Of Course! I love the idea. In fact I really miss the band members. And it is so good to see my old dear friends again.” Peter looked at his friends and said, “This is a big house and I have enough rooms for everybody. You can go apple picking in my orchard while I get things ready for a barbecue dinner tonight.  By the way, there are a few pear trees in the backyard and a few cherry trees near the garage. Bring some big baskets so that we can enjoy lots of the sweet, juicy fruits tonight.”

To Be Continued …

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