Muslims Protest Over ‘Innocence of Muslims’

Protest against ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in Basra, Iraq Sept 12, 2012 (Picture from Utusan)

Protest were held in Libya and Egypt against a film that insult Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by radical Americans.

The title of the film is ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and the producer is Sam Bacile.

The evil film is very insulting and anger Muslims from all over the world.

As the result, an American ambassador, Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed during an attack by angry Libyans at the U.S. Consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi Tuesday night.

The Libyans were very angry about the humiliation but they should not kill the ambassador or other Americans when someone else produced the film.

Of course, I am very angry about the film too but as Muslims we can’t cause violence and kill a person just like that.

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister,  Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin wants the film to be banned in Malaysia.

I really agree with him because people who support freedom of speech could be influenced by the film and may do more crazy things to insult the Muslims or people from other religions.

And there might be people who might loose their patience after watching the film and might hold violent demonstrations at the American Embassy like what happened in Libya, Egypt and some other countries. 

I think that the American government must understand the sensitivity of the Muslims and do not let the freedom of speech to be misused by their citizens to insult and humiliate other religions and the rights of other people.

I am sorry that four Americans were killed and lots of others are unsafe because of one useless film. 

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