A Man Named Jalil, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

Down the stairs Jalil went and he stopped when the alarm rang. “RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG,” the alarm clock went on ringing.

It was time for Jalil to go to work. He rushed downstairs and saw his cat scratching and pulling out the fiber of his carpet. He opened the front door and off he went to his office.

On the way, he stopped at the nearest carpet shop which was next to his office and bought a new white carpet. He put it on the backseat of his car and off he ran to his office.

He opened the door of his office and wondered why it was so dark inside the office. Then he realised that the lights were off. So he switched on the lights and went on to his room. His room was filled with papers all around for he was too busy to clean up the mess.

After getting his job done, he went home. He put the ruined carpet away and cleaned up the bits of fiber that were pulled out from his old carpet by his cat. Then he went to his car and…, “WHAT!” he exclaimed. His new white carpet had turned brown! Jalil scratched his head in astonishment at what he saw. “Had the carpet turned brown because of the bright sunlight?” Jalil asked aloud. He asked himself about what had happened to his new carpet all night but could not find a logical answer.

So the next day he bought an even more expensive new white carpet. He took it home as fast as he could and laid it down in his living room. After it was all done, he went to his bookshelves in his library to look for the book which he had just bought entitled, ‘Darry Doment’.

He was at chapter 3 when he suddenly forgot where he was. So he started reading the book all over again from the beginning of chapter one. “Down the stairs, Darry went,” he read out loud. “And stopped when a boy called, “12 o’clock, 12 o’clock, time to go to the film making stud…” “RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG”,  his alarm clock rang again. “Huh, how can I ever finish reading this book … ” Jalil sighed. He walked to his alarm clock and turned off the alarm. “Oh, now it is time to sleep,” Jalil told himself. He laid down on his bed and fall asleep.

“RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG, RRRIIIIINNNG”, his clock rang again. But now it was not the time to go to the office or the time to sleep. But it’s time to feed the horses, the chickens and the cats! So he opened his kitchen door and walked out to his backyard. He took out the chicken feed to feed the horses, fed the cats with the horse feed and fed the cat food to the chickens. When he was all done, suddenly he realised that he had accidentally fed the wrong food to the wrong animals. But the animals ate very well and in fact even better than they had ever eaten before.

To be continued… ➡ please click here Chapter 2

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