A Man Named Jalil, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim (Chapter 3)

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Jalil rushed to his office to attend the conference. He parked his car and ran into his office. When he reached the conference room, he found out that nobody was there yet. He was very proud to be the first person to arrive for the conference. So he setup the projector and get things ready  for his important presentation.

Soon more people came into the conference room. People looked at him as if something was wrong with him. Jalil looked at himself and realised that he accidentally wear a tuxedo instead of a jacket! No wonder people were looking at him.

After the conference, they had a business meeting. They discussed about ways to look for new costumers and to attract more people to buy their goods. Jalil said to his boss, “I think that we should also try to attract the kids,” he said. “We should use glitters and colourful lights at the kids department of our stores. That will attract more kids’. His boss looked at him and said, “Wonderful! What a great idea! Ten dollars for you, Jamil.” Jalil cleared his throat and said, ‘I am Jalil, boss, not Jamil’.

At home, Jalil looked at the ten dollars note that he received from his boss. Then, “MREEEEOW!” He looked outside and saw his cat fighting with his horse. The cat ran inside the house followed by a few chickens in a parade. Jalil was stunned, “A cat fighting with a horse? It must be the effect of the wrong food that I fed them this morning,” Jalil said to himself.

Jalil chased the cat. The cat ran into his library and jumped onto his armchair. Jalil leaped towards the armchair to catch the cat but he accidentally knocked down the armchair and fell down on the floor together with the armchair. He could not catch the cat because it had already jumped up onto the ceiling fan! The cat looked at Jalil and the armchair and it went up the stairs to Jalil’s bedroom followed by the chickens in a parade with Jalil at the back of the line chasing after them.

Soon the chase was over. Jalil managed to catch the cat and chased away the animals from his house. He locked the door and looked at the mess that they had caused. Outside his house the cats and the horses and the chickens had stopped fighting. Jalil was too tired to clean up the mess, so he walked to the library and sat down to read his book, ‘Darry Doment’ again hopping that for once he can enjoy his book in peace and quiet.

~The End~

Will YB Karpal Dare To Sue YB Nasha?

YB Nasharudin Mat Isa still said that he will not apologise to YB Karpal Singh.

So now, will YB Karpal Singh sue YB Nasharudin?

This will be an interesting case since both of them are leaders of two different parties in the Pakatan Rakyat, YB Nasharudin Mat Isa is a PAS leader while YB Karpal Singh is DAP’s senior leader.

So, if YB Karpal sues YB Nasharudin, will PAS be supporting YB Nasharudin or YB Karpal?

Would PAS dare to support YB Nasharudin and go against Pakatan Rakyat’s Orange Book?

And will YB Karpal dare to sue YB Nasharudin and cause trouble for DAP and it’s ally party, PAS?

And who will win the case and the support of their parties and supporters?

YB Nasharudin or YB Karpal?

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