Janji Bersih: Are They Trying To Make Malaysia A Republic?

PAS leader ‘Mat Sabu’ at the ‘Janji Demokrasi’ or ‘Janji Bersih’ or ‘Bersih 4.0’ demonstration last night.

Last night at the ‘Janji Demokrasi’ or ‘Janji Bersih’ or ‘Bersih 4.0’ demonstration, the demonstrators were holding up new flags as reported by Agenda Daily.

That is surely not a Malaysian flag!

So, why are they displaying the flags?

The article asks for an explanation about the flags.

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Last year a DAP’s assemblyman wrote in his Facebook that PR would come with a new flag for Malaysia.

Is this Bersih’s and PR’s new flag for Malaysia?

I agree with the article that the flag looks like the flags of Republic Indonesia and Republic Singapore.

And I am asking the same question; are they trying to turn Malaysia into a republic?

The demonstrators showing their new flag.

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Flyers as in the picture below were also distributed at the event last night!

Among PR’s leaders who joined the demonstration were PAS’s Mat Sabu and PKR’s Tien Chua and Fuziah Salleh.

I am very sorry for what had happened last night; I think they are not patriotic and had tarnished the 55th Merdeka Day.

Even if they hate the government, they must respect important official events like our Merdeka Day.

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Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

11 thoughts on “Janji Bersih: Are They Trying To Make Malaysia A Republic?”

    1. Dear En. Taufik,
      Yes, corruption is a problem in our country. PR promise to solve the problem but can we trust them? There is lots of corruptions in PR governments too such as Talam and others. The most important is who can take care of Islam, the religion of our country. Who is fighting against Syiah, LGBT, murtad, Liberalism and Pluralism? PR and PAS even tried to twist the meaning of liberalism and say things like not wearing hijab is liberal to say Umno leaders are liberal. Liberal comes from liberty meaning freedom. Liberalism in Islam means freedom in understanding Islam and to use our own minds to justify what ever we want about Islam. What did PR do about all these? Did they ever organise any seminar or discourse to explain that these problems are dangerous because it involve our akidah? When Uncle Nasharudin Mat Isa fights for Islam, a lot of PAS leaders are unhappy and started telling lies about him. I do not like violence and I do not like what I saw during Bersih. Muslims do not behave that way, Muslims obey the laws and Uncle Ustaz Uthman El-Muhammady told me that the hadith says that we must be patriotic, love our country and obey the Muslim leaders who fight for Islam and the akidah of Muslims. So which is better, PR’s empty promises or the not perfect BN government? English proverb says,’better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know’.


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