Is PAS Still An Islamic Party?

After reading about PAS continues to adhere to PR’s Orange Book from AIDC, I started to think if the name Parti Islam Se-Malaysia still fits PAS.

An Islamic party must follow the Quran and not the Orange Book.

PAS tells the Muslims that PAS follows the Quran and still fights for the Islamic law.

But PAS leaders also made statements that PAS continues to adhere the Orange Book.

Al-Quran is the Muslims’ holy book but the Orange Book has nothing to do with Islam!

So, who are PAS trying to cheat?

PAS supports the LGBT rights, ‘murtad’, liberalism and pluralism fighters.

PAS did not let PAS members join HIMPUN but told them that it is ‘wajib’ to join Bersih 3.0.

And PAS says that everybody has the rights to call their gods Allah.

So how could PAS still claims that they are fighting for Islam?

PAS should be happy when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak said that the government will fight against LGBT, Liberalism and Pluralism; but PAS did not support him.

PAS should offer advices, ideas and helps even if PAS does not like Datuk Seri Najib, because Muslims should help each other to protect Islam.

But instead, PAS said bad things towards Datuk Seri Najib for making the promises.

I used to love PKR and PAS because I think that they are Islamic and fair.

But now I know who they actually are.

So, what does the letters P,A and S in PAS really stands for?

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

9 thoughts on “Is PAS Still An Islamic Party?”

  1. No, PAS is not Islamic party! They manipulate Islam religion into the political issues only for VOTE in election. They don’t care about Islamic country neither uphold the muslim’s solidarity but demolish the peaceful from what we have now.


    1. Dear zulfahasan,
      That’s true. PAS should not only give speeches about Islam but PAS should do something to fight against LGBT, Liberalism, Pluralism, murtad and Syiah. PAS said UMNO is not Islamic but UMNO has been fighting for Islam including fighting against LGBT, Liberalism, Plularism, murtad and Syiah. PAS was against HIMPUN but said taking part in Bersih 3.0 is wajib. Muslims must fight for Islam because we love Islam and not for politics or to get votes to win elections. Muslims must not hate each other but Muslims must work together to protect Islam and our country. PAS is actually fighting the Muslims who do not agree with their weird agendas but supports the non-Muslims who are using them 🙂


      1. I agreed with you indeed. It’s very sad our muslim’s in Malaysia are breaking apart and fight each other for the sake of political profits. As a political party that champions the rights and interests of Muslims in this country, PAS is seen bold in issuing fatwa that must be followed by Muslims. The ends justify the means or ‘matlamat menghalalkan cara’ has become their dirty political game to gain votes.

        There’s too many damaged already PAS has done to my beloved country but they’d never learnt from the past (Tragedy 13 May 1969). PAS was already defeated by DAP and PKR which are most powerful in Pakatan Rakyat. That’s why PAS leader has to keep the mouth shut on issues LGBT, pluralism, murtad and syiah.


      2. Dear zulfahasan,
        I know that UNMO is not 100% good 🙂 But UMNO is much, much better than PAS in protecting Islam and the Malays. And BN is a strong government that works hard to protect our country from being destroyed by our enemies. Riots can turned bad like in Tragedy 13 May 1969. But PAS only wants to win the PRU 13 and I think that they do not really care about the people and Islam.
        That is why I really hope that BN wins the PRU 13.


      3. Yes, I’m believe BN will win the PRU13 by over 2/3 majority far better than previous general election. This time our prime minister Dato Seri Najib Razak will do the best to make sure Umno and BN component parties working hard to claim back all seats in DUN and Parliament.


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