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S’ngor Palace To Anwar: Get Your Facts Right Before Making Statements

Can you trust Anwar Ibrahim’s statements?

As a Muslim, I am sad to see another Muslim who keeps on lying at the age of 67.

But sadly, his supporters believe his lies…

Photo credit to jinggo-fotopages.blogspot.com
Photo credit to jinggo-fotopages.blogspot.com
Sultan's stmt pg 2
Photo credit to jinggo-fotopages.blogspot.com
Sultan's stmt pg 3
Photo credit to jinggo-fotopages.blogspot.com
Sultan's stmt pg 4
Photo credit to jinggo-fotopages.blogspot.com

Sultan Selangor Dukacita PKR, DAP Engkar – Kenyataan Akhbar Istana

(Photo credit to Jiwa Paradox.)
(Photo credit to Jiwa Paradox.)
(Photo credit to Jiwa Paradox)
(Photo credit to Jiwa Paradox)

TMI Suruh Khalid Derhaka Kepada Sultan?

Insider 6

Above is an article by The Malaysian Insider (TMI):

It wrote:

“All signs point to the fact that Khalid has lost his job. That he should go. He should inform the state ruler of that immediately and not wait to seek an audience. Why should Selangor suffer a week or two more with a menteri besar in name but without any support?” – TMI

So, is TMI pushing Tan Sri Khalid to quit immediately without a royal audience?

Apart from that, TMI also wrote:

“But why wait for the sultan to decide his fate? Why hide with palace protocol?” – TMI

Is TMI trying to accused Tan Sri Khalid as being power crazy and forcing Tan Sri Khalid to go against the Sultan’s orders?

Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had tried to seek an audience with the Sultan who is overseas at the moment to inform the Sultan about what is happening and to seek for the Sultan’s advice.

But the Sultan of Selangor told Khalid to wait until he comes back, and that is why Tan Sri Khalid is still the MB of Selangor; because the Sultan says so.

What ever Tan Sri Khalid wants to do next, he must first seek an audience with the Sultan.

He obeys the Sultan’s orders and is not trying to force the Sultan like what Anwar Ibrahim, his gang and some of TMI’s commentators are doing – forcing the Sultan of Selangor to accept Wan Azizah only because Anwar wants his wife to be the MB.

Remember that Tan Sri Khalid gave his pledge on 10 Aku Janji or undertakings and he is keeping his words.

After all these jokes started by Anwar’s Kajang Move, I now admire and respect Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.


PAS Rasmi Sokong W. Azizah; Apa Tindakan Khalid?

PAS's official statement, August 17, 2014. (Credit to khairulryezal.blogspot.com)
PAS’s official statement, August 17, 2014.
(Credit to khairulryezal.blogspot.com)

Today PAS announces its official decision to support Wan Azizah as the MB of Selangor, after its president, Haji Hadi Awang and Majlis Syura Ulama PAS earlier announcement that they do not want Wan Azizah to be the MB.

So now it proves that PAS’s Anwaris group is more powerful than the Majlis Syura Ulama PAS; which means that Anwar Ibrahim is more powerful than Haji Hadi Awang within the PAS leaders.

May be PAS leaders should elect Anwar Ibrahim as the president of PAS.

Anyway, the Selangor MB crisis is not yet over for only the Sultan of Selangor has the right to give the final say to what will happen next.

And meanwhile, the Sultan says that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will remain the MB until the Sultan’s next announcement.

It is weird when the president’s statement on party matters is only regarded as a personal statement and no longer respected by the party leaders; and the party takes orders from leaders of other parties.

Anyway, I wonder why does PAS wants Azmin as the second candidate and what will Anwar say about it when Anwar only wants his wife as the only candidate?

Khalid: S’gor Bukan K’jaan Pakatan, ‘Tak Daftar’

Apa kata Anwar Ibrahim?

Anwar Ibrahim.
Anwar Ibrahim.

Kes TS Khalid… Sejak 50 Januari – KETUM (KETua UMum) PKR (Video)

50th January?

I’ve never known that 50th January has ever existed!

KETUM PKR cakap 50 Januari?
Was it 50th January or 60th January? Ha, ha, ha…

S’gor MB Crisis: The Winner Is …

Khalid 5

Selangorku: Khalid Ibrahim Keluar PKR?

Nowadays, it has been raining very heavily in Selangor every evening, so heavy that it caused flash floods in some areas.

Flash floods and mud floods in Balakong and Batu 11, Cheras - The Star, April 26, 2014.
Flash floods and mud floods in Balakong and Batu 11, Cheras – The Star, April 26, 2014.

But sadly, despite the rains and flash floods, the taps are still dry in Selangor…

Image from AIDC
Image from AIDC

…the situation had caused some people to be very, very, angry…

From Jeff Ooi's Facebook.
From Jeff Ooi’s Facebook.

…and very, very sad…

A sad, dry sink tap... I wonder who made it sad...  (Image credit to  Helen Ang)
A sad, dry tap… I wonder why is it feeling so sad… May be it felt cheated by the Selangor government’s false promises. (Image credit to Helen Ang – helenang.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/dun-sgor-perlukan-hanya-seorang-sahaja-adun-melompat-untuk-ia-segera-tumbang/)

And sometimes when there is water, this is what we get…

"Hello!" says the 'Air Karat'
“Hello!” says the rusty water. (Image credit to Helen Ang).

But crisis can also make people becomes very creative…

No wonder he wants to meet Obama so much... (Image credit to  Helen Ang)
No wonder Anwar wanted to meet Obama so badly… (Image credit to Darul Ehsan Today)

This is what Anwar wanted President Obama to see – how Selangor government helps people create new inventions…

 (Image credit to  Helen Ang)
(Image credit to Darul Ehsan Today)

Creative inventions and innovations create more businesses and good for the economy.

Well, Anwar made Khalid Ibrahim worked too hard to improve the economy of the Selangor’s residents…

I wonder if he cries at home. And maybe until he can't go to sleep...
He works so hard that he did not have much time  to sleep…

…until sometimes he got too tired, that he fell asleep during a press conference…

... So he must sleep during the press confrence and dreamt about water crisis...
… MB of Selangor fell asleep during a press conference…

Maybe Khalid should take a rest and watch this video…

Wow… it works! Khalid is feeling better and cheerful now… but wait, he has found a new friend?

...since he and Najib are good friends...
See, how happy Khalid is with Najib…

Selangor PKR Crisis: Khalid Resigning?

PKR leaders preaches good governance and made fun of the Federal government.

So , is this a part of the good governance practice that they are preaching?

Khalid 3.jpg

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