Flight MH370: Crew And Passenger List

8 03 2014

Below is the list of crews and some of the passengers on board of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. The rest of the passengers Chinese citizens since the flight was operating as a China Southern Airlines codeshare.

Click here for the Malaysia Airlines’s official list of MH 370 passenger manifest.


1. Fariq Ab. Hamid

2. Zaharie Ahmad Shah

3. Foong Wai Yueng

4. Goh Sock Lay

5. Gomes Patrick Francis

6. Mohd. Hazrin Mohamed Hasnan

7. Junaidi Mohd. Kassim

8. Andrew Nari

9. Ng Yar Chien

10. Tan Ser Kuin

11. Tan Size Hiang

12. Wan Syaid Wan Ismail

Malaysian Airlines Passengers 

1. Anne Catherine Daisy (MYS)

2. Bai Xiaow (CAN)

3. Beherey Usage Waitrelos Laurence Arlet (FRA)

4. Biby Nazli Mohd. Hassim (MYS)

5. Brooskii Nikolath (RUS)

6. Burrows Mary (AUS)

7. Burrows Rooney (AUS)

8. Chan Huan Peen (MYS)

9. Chen Weihoing (MYS)

10. Chew Kar Mooi (MYS)

11. Chng Mei Ling (MYS)

12. Chuang Hsiu Ling (TWN)

13. Chustrak Oleg (UKR)

14. Deineka Sergii (UKR)

15. Dina Mohamed Yunus Ramli (MYS)

16. Gu Naijun (AUS)

17. Guan Hua Jin (MYS)

18. Huang Tianjui (CHN)

19. Hue Pui Heng (MYS)

20. Jee Jing Hang (MYS)

21. Jiang Cuiyun (CHN)

22. Koh Tiong Meng (MYS)

23. Kolekar Chetana Vinod (IND)

24. Kolekar Swanand Vinod (IND)

25. Kolekar Vinod Suresh (IND)

26. Kozel Christian (AUT)

27. Lawton Catherine (AUS)

28. Lawton Robert (AUS)

29. Lee Kah Kin (MYS)

30. Lee Sew Chu (MYS)

31. Li Hongjing (CHN)

32. Li Yuan (AUS)

33. Lim Por Chua (MYS)

34. Lui Ching (CHN)

35. Maraldi Luigi (ITA)

36. Maria Mohamed Yunus Ramli (MYS)

37. Meng Leoinf (USA)

38. Meng Nicole (USA)

39. Mohamad Sofian Ibrahim (MYS)

40. Mohd. Khairul Amril Selamat (MYS)

41. Muhammad Drazahan Zamani (MYS)

42. Mukherjee Muktesh (CAN)

43. Muzi Yusop (MYS)

44. Ng May Li (MYS)

45. Noorida Mohd. Hashim (MYS)

46. Nor Fadzillah Mat Rahim (MYS)

47. Norliakmar Hamid (MYS)

48. Puspanathan Subramaniam (MYS)

49. Ramlan Safuan (MYS)

50. Sharma Chandrika (IND)

51. Shirsath Kranti Pralhad (IND)

52. Sim Keng Wei (MYS)

53. Siregar Firman Chandra (IND)

54. Song Feifei (CHN)

55. Swadaya Ferry Indra (IND)

56. Sugianto Lomr (IND)

57. Suhaili Mustafa (MYS)

58. Surti Dahlia (NLD)

59. Swadaya Ferry Indra (IND)

60. Tan Ah Meng (MYS)

61. Tan Chong Ling (MYS)

62. Tan Sioh Peng (MYS)

63. Tan Steik Hin (MYS)

64. Tan Sei Chew (MYS)

65. Tan Xudong (CHN)

66. Tanurisam Indrasuria (IND)

67. Tee Ling Keong (MYS)

68. Teoh Kim Lun (MYS)

69. Tong Soon Lee (MYS)

70. Vinny Chynthyatiomrs (IDN)

71. Wan Hock Khoon (MYS)

72. Wang Willysurijanto (IDN)

73. Wang Ximin (NZL)

74. Wattrelos Ambre, Caroline, Laurence (FRA)

75. Wattrelos Hadrien, Marc, Pascal (FRA)

76. Weeks Paul (NZL)

77. Wong Sai Sang (MYS)

78. Wood Philipi Talmadge (USA)

79. Yang Jiabao (CHN)

80. Yap Cheemeng (MYS)

81. Zhang Liqin (CHN)

82. Zhao Qi Wei (CHN)

83. Zhao Yan Anne (FRA)


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