DJ Nizal of eWana FM

I met Uncle Nizal Mohammad in 2011 at the book launch of Uncle Raja Ahmad Aminullah’s ‘Minda Tertawan’.

I am so excited to meet Uncle Nizal at the book launch of ‘Minda Tertawan’.

(Please read, Meeting Uncle Nizal Mohammad).

At that time Uncle Nizal was working for TV AlHijrah.

And tonight I’ll be meeting him again at the eWana FM radio station as Uncle Nizal has invited us to be on his night show, ‘When Night Falls-Bila Larut Malam’.

I am very excited for this will be the first time I’ll be on air in a radio show though I have been in a few radio contis before.

I will be on air tonight at 11p.m. (Malaysian time).

(Please click here for When the Night Falls – Ahmad Ali Karim & His Family of Bloggers).


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