Charming Colourful Portraits From Junk By Jane Perkins

Queen Elizabeth II: The Exeter-based artist also transforms famous works of art - such as Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers' - into colourful masterpieces. (Photo by Jane Perkins/Caters News)
Queen Elizabeth II: The Exeter-based artist also transforms famous works of art – such as Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ – into colourful masterpieces. (Photo by Jane Perkins/Caters News)

Jane Perkins, from Exeter got an idea to create colourful paintings from junks in 2006 after she wrote a thesis about recycling materials to use them for art. 

The artist used broken jewellery, buttons and toy parts that she bought from second-hand shops and recycling centres to create her ‘junk art’ paintings.

Later she started to create colourful portraits of famous people like Queen Elizabeth II, Albert Einstein, Barack Obama and Winston Churchill.

I really love the idea of junk art because we can create beautiful items and save the earth from rubbish and junk at the same time.

I think that junk art artists are very creative people.

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UK Landmarks From Potato By Prudence Staite

Rex Features/Rex - Prudence Staite's 'White Cliffs of Dover' features chips as the cliff face and mushy peas above. (Rex)
Rex Features/Rex – Prudence Staite’s ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ features chips as the cliff face and mushy peas above. (Rex Features)

Prudence Staite, a food artist and her team used potato chips or French fries and mushy peas to make edible sculptures of the London Eye, Big Ben, Stonehenge, the Angel of the North and other popular landmarks of the United Kingdom.

It is very impressive how the artist can come up with the idea to create landmarks using potato chips.

Here are some photos of Prudence’s ‘chip art’.

Prudence Staite recreates iconic British landmarks using chips and mushy peas (Rex Features)
Prudence Staite recreates iconic British landmarks using chips and mushy peas (Rex Features)
The 'chip art' relies on the 'perfect combination' of chip shop chips and oven chips (Rex Features)
The ‘chip art’ relies on the ‘perfect combination’ of chip shop chips and oven chips (Rex Features)
An edible Loch Ness Monster, made entirely from chips (Rex Features)
An edible Loch Ness Monster, made entirely from chips (Rex Features)
Wheely Tasty: Prudence's take on the London Eye. (Rex)
Wheely Tasty: Prudence’s take on the London Eye. (Rex)

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Telremy, The Lost Kitten Part 1, By Ahmad Ali Karim

(Dedicated to a lost kitten, Telremy Found Ekor Junior)

It was seven o’clock in the evening. A scared, tiny kitten was calling for help from a dark, gloomy drain. Suddenly it saw bright lights coming from across the street.

The kitten looked out and felt that it was safe to get out from the drain. But just right after it popped its tiny head out, a car came passing by and the kitten scurried away. Again, it meowed for help.

An eighteen years old girl, named Isma heard the meow and so did her little brother Hamid. She went out, opened the gate and walked across the street towards the drain from where she heard the meow.

Isma looked inside the drain and saw a brownish tiny kitten. It was very cute with big, round eyes. The tiny kitten meowed and Isma cleverly meowed back. She tried to reach for the kitten but tiny kitten moved away. It was really scared.

Isma went back inside and Hamid came running downstairs, asking about the kitten.

“There is a cute, tiny kitten in the drain. I really hope that we could help the kitten,” answered Isma.

“What’s happening?” asked Adlin.

“Kak Isma found a lost kitten, Kak Adlin!” said Hamid to her big sister.

The next day, their father came back home from Japan. The children welcomed him and told him about the lost kitten. That evening while they were having tea, they heard a loud meow from porch. The meow got louder and louder.

“I think it’s the kitten that meowed last night!” said Adlin.

Everyone went out, searching for the kitten. But it was no where to be found. As Hamid walked pass his father’s car, he heard another meow.

“I think the kitten is under the car!” Hamid said excitedly.

Everyone looked under the car. But they could not see anything. Suddenly they heard another meow.

“Maybe it’s in the bonnet!” suggested Adlin. Their father opened the car bonnet but they could not find the kitten. But again they heard another meow.

“Isma, go inside and get some milk, may it’ll come out if it sees the milk,” suggested their father.

Isma ran inside and poured out some milk for the kitten. She placed the plate of milk under the car and they waited for the kitten to come out. Then the saw its tiny head but the next moment it scurried away.

“Oh, come on!” Hamid said in frustration.

Then suddenly the tiny kitten came out and their father quickly caught the kitten. He picked up the kitten and put it in a box. Hamid put the plate of milk inside the box and the kitten licked the milk hungrily.

After it finished the milk, the kitten jumped out of the box and ran to the house next door. The children watched the kitten running away in dismay but there was nothing that they could do to stop the kitten from running away.

“Why not we name it Telremy,” suggested Hamid.

“That is a good idea!” agreed Adlin, “Telremy is a nice name.”

The next morning as their father was going out to his office, the children saw the tiny kitten in a dustpan by the front door. It opened its eyes widely and looked at the children nervously.

Telremy was about to run away when Hamid picked it up and stroked its fur softly until the scared tiny kitten purred happily. Then Isma gave the kitten some cat food and milk and they all played with the kitten.  

Syabas : Water Rationing/ Catuan Air Hulu Langat, Kuala Langat, Sepang Feb. 2014

SYABAS announced that water supply rationing for Hulu Langat, Kuala Langat and Sepang will start on Feb 27 and go on until March 31.

For more information, please visit,
For more information, please visit,

A Little Boy And His Dinner – A Poem By Ahmad Ali Karim

Roasted chicken for dinner,
Was served on the dinning table,
Lying nicely on a paper liner,
Next to a plate of apple crumble.


A little boy sat at the table,
Looking hungrily at the food,
Tasty chicken and green vegetable,
And said, “Everything looks so good”.


He took a picture of his dinner,
Using his new phone camera,
The one he won as the winner,
For creating the best diorama.


He ate the tasty chicken,
His sister ate some too,
According to what was written,
He ate more than two.


UK Flood: After Flood Water Recede Then And Now Photos

A playground has turned into a water park in Wraysbury - but no children will play here. Parts of Surrey and Berkshire have seen a sharp drop in water levels as fierce storms release their grip on the UK. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
A playground has turned into a water park in Wraysbury – but no children will play here. Parts of Surrey and Berkshire have seen a sharp drop in water levels as fierce storms release their grip on the UK. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

For many communities in the south and west of England the worst of the flooding is over.

After two months of non-stop rain, the flood water has begun to recede.

Villages and towns are re-emerging in areas where only travel by boat had been possible.

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Who Is Racist?

Who are actually racists?

Below are some tweets by Pakatan Rakyat’s DAP Hannah Yeoh: 

(Image credit to

(Image credit to

(Image credit to

(Image credit to

(Image credit to

(Image credit to

(Image credit to

(Image credit to

Pakatan Rakyat, an unregistered political alliance whose leaders and supporters always accuse UMNO as racist may not be too happy after BN announced Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun as the candidate for the Kajang by-election.

Below is a Facebook statement by a Pakatan’s supporter :

Click to enlarge (Image credit to Pisau.Net)

Click to enlarge (Image credit to Pisau.Net)

Look at what was written in the above red box; now who is talking about race?

My point is, Pakatan would accuse UMNO as racist if the BN’s candidate for Kajang is a Malay because Kajang’s seat used to be MCA’s; but when BN chose an MCA’s candidate, Pakatan made a racist remark that UMNO is scared of MCA.

Photos: Rainbow River, The River of Five Colours

Photographer Olivier Grunewald has taken wonderful photos of the beautiful ‘Rainbow River’.

The Cano Cristales is a small river of five colours that attracts tourists around the world to Colombia every year.

During the summer months, colourful plants blossom under the surface to transform the waters into the ‘river of five colours’.

The small, beautiful river located in the Macarena National Park is also known as ‘El rio mas bonito del Mundo’, the ‘Rainbow River’ and the ‘Escape from Paradise’ to the locals.

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Hakim’s Hot Chilli Bread – By Ahmad Ali Karim

There was a man named Hakim who lived in a small house by a lake named Apple Lake. On the night of his birthday, Hakim went to a nice restaurant for dinner. He had a delicious dinner and he really enjoyed the chilli bread that was served with the chicken soup.

The next day, when Hakim was baking a loaf of bread, he decided to add ten tea spoons of red-hot chilli flakes to his bread dough because he wanted a very hot chilli bread. When it was done, he took it out from the oven and the aroma of the freshly baked bread filled his kitchen as he put the hot bread on his kitchen table.

He cut a slice of the bread and popped it into his mouth. His face suddenly turned red and he ran around his kitchen searching for his apple juice. He poured it into a glass, spilling half of the juice on the floor. He drank the apple juice as fast as he could. Then he poured another glass and drank the juice until he felt better.

He looked at the bread, wondering what to do with it. He walked out of the kitchen and stumbled upon some button mushrooms in his backyard garden. He  looked at the mushrooms and suddenly he got an idea. He could cook some mushroom soup so that he could eat it with the hot bread and reduce the spiciness of the bread.

He searched his cookbooks for a nice mushroom soup recipe. Then he found the one that he liked. He was so excited and he went to a grocery store to buy the ingredients for his mushroom soup.

As soon as he was back home, he prepared all the ingredients and started  to cook the soup. After an hour, he put the pot full of the freshly cooked mushroom soup on the dining table and added some fresh black pepper to the soup. He poured the soup into a bowl and tasted it. It was very, very tasty with chunky pieces of tasty mushrooms floating in the soup.

Then he took out a knife and sliced the chilli bread. He dipped it into the tasty mushroom soup, but again, his face turned red. The bread was still too hot even when he ate it together with the mushroom soup. Once again, he went around searching for his apple juice.

After he felt better, he thought hard about what should he do with the bread. Then he heard the sound of cats fighting outside his house. An idea struck in his mind and he took a piece of the bread. He went out and called for the cats. He placed the small piece of bread on a white plate and the hungry cats started eating. But then they all ran away for they too could not stand the spiciness of the bread.

So Hakim went back inside, thinking of what should he do. Then his phone rang and Hakim quickly ran to answer the phone. It was his old friend from India calling. His friend was in town and Hakim asked him if he would like to come to his house for dinner. Hakim’s friend agreed and told Hakim that he would appreciate something hot and spicy for he really missed the hot and spicy Indian food.

Hakim got an idea, he would serve the hot chilli bread with some tasty soup and some tasty meat pies for dinner.

When his old Indian friend came, he could smell the delicious aroma of the chilli bread heated in the oven and the freshly cooked meat pie from the living room. Hakim served the delicious food and they started their dinner. The Indian man took a slice of the chilli bread and dipped it into his soup. He popped the bread into his mouth and Hakim looked at his friend nervously, wondering if the chilli bread was too hot for him too.

His friend loved the hot chilli bread and told Hakim that it was the tastiest bread that he had ever tasted. Hakim was so happy because his old friend really enjoyed his chilli bread and he finished the whole loaf all by himself.

Hakim told his friend about what happened to him when he ate the hot chilli bread. As the old saying goes, ‘too much of anything is bad for you’. Hakim made a conclusion that even though he loved a hotter chilli bread than the ones he ate at the restaurant, he must not add too much chili flakes to his bread because it will be too hot for him.

The International Garden Photographer of the Year

Congratulations to the winners of the International Garden Photographer of the Year. 

Trees, Woods and Forests Category:

 'Tuscany' by Krzysztof Browko
‘Tuscany’ by Krzysztof Browko

The National Trust’s Breathing Spaces Category:

 'Corfe Castle in Summer'
‘Corfe Castle in Summer’ by Andy Farrer

Beautiful Gardens Category:

 'Native Coast' by Jason Liske
‘Native Coast’ by Jason Liske

Greening the City Category:

 'Space Invaders' by Tom Gilks
‘Space Invaders’ by Tom Gilks

Wildflower Landscapes Category:

'Collection of Wild Plants' by Mateusz Liberra
‘Collection of Wild Plants’ by Mateusz Liberra

Wildlife in the Garden Category:

'Springtime Rivalry' by Martha Cabey
‘Springtime Rivalry’ by Martha Cabey

The Bountiful Earth Category:

'Safely Gathered In' by Nigel Burkitt.
‘Safely Gathered In’ by Nigel Burkitt.
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