Mujahid, A Muslim Must Not Lie

I read in Helen Ang’s blog that Malaysiakini reported the MP for Parit Buntar, PAS’s Mujahid Yusof Rawa, made a statement that PAS won’t keep silent as the Christians are bashed.


My question is who bashed the Christians?

Now I wonder, is Mujahid dreaming?

Even though he really wants to become the hero of the Christians, he should be an honest man and must not be a liar.

Screenshot of Malaysiakini's article,
Screenshot of Malaysiakini’s article,

Actually it is Mujahid’s friends who keep on calling other people racist, extremists, low-class and other bad names and try hard to bashed others.

Mujahid should tell his friends to obey the law, follow the Federal Constitution, the Rukun Negara, respect the social contract and study the history of Malaysia.

As a leader of PAS, Mujahid must respect his bosses and listen to PAS’s Majlis Syura before making any statement; or may be Majlis Syura and Dr. Harun Din is not relevant anymore to PAS.

I wonder…

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