Putra Height Landslide Buried Six Cars

Putra Height landslide, Thursday December 3, 2012. (MStar Online)
Putra Height landslide, Thursday December 3, 2012. (MStar Online)

At about 6:15pm this evening, there was a landslide at Jalan Putra Bahagia, near the Putra Heights police station in Subang Jaya.

Six vehicles were buried in the incident, while other vehicles passing by were splattered with mud and soil.

Fortunately nobody was reportedly hurt.

One of the six cars that were buried in the landslide. (NSTP photo)
One of the six cars that were buried in the landslide. (NSTP photo)

The Star reported that Subang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Yahaya Ramli said, “Initial investigations revealed the slope is under construction. The contractor is also helping the authorities in the cleanup.”

The road is temporarily closed to clear all the debris and is expected to reopen by tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Seminar Mendaulatkan Islam Agama Negara (SEMAIAN)

S'maian 27th

Seminar Mendaulatkan Islam – Agama Negara (SEMAIAN)

Date: 5th January 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 8:00 morning – 5:30 evening

Location: Dewan Muktamar, Pusat Islam, Kuala Lumpur

Titles of papers to be presented during SEMAIAN:

  1. Keynote Speech: Memartabatkan Islam Sebagai Agama Negara by Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim ( Former Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Malaysia)

  2. Islam, Raja dan Melayu Sebagai Paksi Keutuhan Negara Berdasarkan Perlembagaan Persekutuan by Dato’ Mohd Noor Abdullah (Former Judge of Appeal Court of Malaysia)

  3. Ancaman Terhadap Kedudukan Islam Agama Negara by Haji Mahamad Naser Disa (Bureau of Law, Federal  Federal Territory Islamic Religious Council/ Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (MAIWP))

  4. Kedaulatan Islam Sebagai Agama Negara – Peranan Raja-Raja Melayu Berpaksi Perlembagaan Persekutuan by Associate Proffessor Dr. Shamrahayu Abdul Aziz (Lecture, Kulliyyah of  Laws International Islamic University Malaysia/ Pensyarah, Kulliyyah Undang-undang Profesor Ahmad IbrahimUniversiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia)

  5. Islam Agama Negara: Antara Tuntutan HAM Sejagat dan Kedaulatan Islam Dalam Perlembagaan by Azril Mohd Amin (Vice President, Persatuan Peguam Muslim Malaysia (PPMM))

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