Ngeh Koo Ham, Majlis Syura Ulama PAS And ‘Kalimah Allah’

16 01 2013

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Today Sinar Harian (SN) publishes an article about YB Ngeh Koo Ham’s statement on the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue.

The ‘kalimah Allah’ issue, became a hot topic again after DAP’s Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng’s statement about using the word “Allah” in the Malay version of bible.

Ngeh told SN that he agrees with PAS’s Majlis Syura Ulama that ‘kalimah Allah’ is universal and can be quoted by everybody.

SN wrote, “Beliau berkata, setiap agama mempercayai bahawa wujudnya satu tuhan iaitu ALLAH cuma setiap agama berbeza perspektif dalam mempercayainya” or he quoted, all religions believe that there is one god which is Allah but they believe in Him in different prespectives.

SN reported YB Ngeh saying:

“Saya yakin kebanyakan agama di dunia meyakini tuhan itu satu tetapi konsep ketuhanan itu sedikit berbeza. Saya juga bersetuju bahawa bukan Islam tidak boleh menggunakan kalimah ALLAH untuk maksud yang lain.”  


 “I am confident that most of the religions in this world believe that god is one but their concepts of god is slightly different. I also agree that the word ALLAH can’t be used by the non-Muslims for other meanings.”

His statements made me sad and surprised.

So does Ngeh mean that all religions believe in the same god that is Allah or the Muslim’s Allah is the same as other gods of other religions?

Is Ngeh referring to Pluralism of Religion?

If he means that; then he is totally wrong; for in Islam (which is the religion of this country as in Article 3(1) of the Federal Constitution), we do not believe in Pluralism of Religion.

The DAP’s Perak Chairman always made untrue statements about Islam when he is not a Muslim and does not understand Islam.

PAS should advise its ally …but PAS leaders themselves seems to be very confused over lots of issues regarding Islam.

They put all the blame on UMNO or Umno related medias for what ever mistakes they made including this issue!

So, can we trust the oppositions?


Photos: Helicopter Crashes Into Crane In Central London

16 01 2013
Fire: Eyewitness Gervios Aruthor took this picture from the scene straight after the crash (Gervios Aruthor)

Fire: Eyewitness Gervios Aruthor took this picture from the scene straight after the crash (Gervios Aruthor)

An Agusta 109 helicopter crashed into two cars just off Wandsworth Road near South Lambeth Road and exploded into flames after it smashed into a crane in central London on Wednesday morning at around 8am.

It was on a scheduled commercial flight from Surrey to Elstree, but was diverted to Battersea due to bad weather.

Two people were killed; the pilot and a person on the ground.

Burning wreckage and aviation fuel covered the road at the accident site and debris is scattered over three surrounding buildings.

Witnesses said the helicopter wheeled out of the sky after hitting the crane on St George Wharf Tower, in Vauxhall, in heavy fog.

Thirteen people were injured, with one reported to be in a critical condition. 

London Fire Brigade said they had rescued a man from a burning car at the scene, although his condition is not known. 

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