In Photos: Northeast Blizzard Now And Then

10 02 2013
1940: During one of the worst blizzards in New England history, the heart of Boston's shopping district is shut down. (AP Photo/Abe Fox)

1940: During one of the worst blizzards in New England history, the heart of Boston’s shopping district is shut down. (AP Photo/Abe Fox) Please click the photo for larger image.

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Tales From Calovinia, A Story By Ahmad Ali Karim

9 02 2013

Chapter 1 – An Attack

It was a glorious day in Calovinia. All the flowers were blooming and all the birds are singing in the gardens around the beautiful castle. King Ali of Calovinia was having a happy time talking to King Gampore from the country of Arguay. But soon, an attack by their enemy, Cinra disturbed their private gathering.

Their ally, Torky came to help the Calovinians and together they fought the enemy but they almost lost to the very powerful Cinra. Torky sent more armies and at last they won the battle. The King of Torky ordered his infantry units named the Janissaries to attack Jupron because it was the King of Jupron who made the plan for Cinra to attack Calovinia.

In Jupron’s fort, a Jupron spy came back from Calovinia, telling the news of the incoming attack to his leader. The Jupron army leader, Date Masamone commanded his armies to prepare and sent a cavalry archer to see if the Torky’s armies had arrived.

As the cavalry rode out from the fort looking out for the enemy, he was almost shot by Torky’s Janissaries. Immediately he rode back to the fort with the bad news. He jumped from his horse and ran to tell the Date that armies from Torky were already there.

Date Masamone commanded, “One hundred skirmishers, attack now!” and off went the hundred skirmishers to the battle ground. They attacked the Janissaries but the Janissaries were too strong for them and they were defeated in no time. Jupron sent more and more armies and at the same time a big reinforcements from Torky reached the battle field .

The Juprons fought and fought until most all of their soldiers at the battle field were killed. The Date did not give up, he sent more and more armies. But the Janissaries were too strong for the Juprons. Then Date Masamone sent  out all of their archers. They almost won the battle but as a new reinforcements from Torky reached the battle field, the Torky won the battle.

The King of Torky was very happy to hear the good news. He had defeated all of his enemy except Cinra. But the King of Torky was a very wise man. He knew that he could not be really sure that there was no other enemy except Cinra because anyone could turn into an enemy in just a blink of an eye.

To be continued …

Photos: Sudan’s Ancient Pyramids Discovered

8 02 2013
This aerial photo shows a series of pyramids and graves that a team of archaeologists has been exploring at Sedeinga in Sudan. Since 2009 they have discovered at least 35 small pyramids at the site, the largest being 22 feet (7 meters) in width. Although the tops are not attached, the base of the pyramids can be seen. The pyramids date back around 2,000 years.

This aerial photo shows a series of pyramids and graves that a team of archaeologists has been exploring at Sedeinga in Sudan. Since 2009 they have discovered at least 35 small pyramids at the site, the largest being 22 feet (7 meters) in width. Although the tops are not attached, the base of the pyramids can be seen. The pyramids date back around 2,000 years.

I love to read about historical artifacts and sites, especially when they give us clues about the old civilisations.

Some ancient pyramids were discovered at a site called Sedeinga in Sudan.

They were about 2,000 years old.

They were built aroung the time when a kingdom named Kush flourished in Sudan.

Kush shared a border with Egypt and, later on, the Roman Empire.

Here are more photos …

Please click here for more photos of the ancient pyramids in Sedeinga and some of the historical artifacts found at the site.


7 02 2013

Ahmad Ali JetPlane

A light aircraft, Piper 28 piloted by a pilot trainee from the Malaysian Flight Academy (MFA) crashed into the side of a hill near the Cheng Heights Condominium in Malacca at about 11.57am today.

NST reported that the victim, P Devenis Roa, 20 managed to contact the nearest air control tower prior to the crash, which happened right next to the Alor Gajah-Malacca-Jasin highway.

He suffered injuries to his head and neck and was sent to Malacca Hospital for treatment.

Deputy state police chief Datuk Shah Ghali Khan Shahadad said there was no fire and that the Fire and Rescue team on the scene had successfully contained the accident.


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Stunning Close-Ups Starfish Photos By Alexander Semenov

7 02 2013

(Photo by Alexander Semenov)

The above photo of starfish by Alexander Semenov is so nice and it looks like some sea anemones.

I have never seen such photos before and I think that they are so beautiful.

Biologist Alexander Semenov uses  a macro lens to capture these stunning close-ups of vibrant starfish.

Mr. Semenov is chief of diving team at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS), in Russia.  

He graduated from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in the department of Zoology in 2007.

Now Mr. Semenov organises all WSBS underwater projects.

He enjoys underwater photography and I think that he is really good at it.

I hope that I could see the real thing and take the beautiful pictures by myself.

By the way, here are some more stunning starfish photos by Alexander Semenov …

Please click here for more beautiful close-ups photos of starfish by Alexander Semenov.

PR, Psy And Gangnam-Style

7 02 2013

I wonder why Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders made so much noise about Psy coming to Penang?

(Please read

Actually I do not know that Psy ever existed before this issue.

Now I  know that Psy is the singer of the song Gangnam-Style that was used to make DAP’s own song, Ubah-Rocket Style.

So now, why are PR leaders busy making statements about Psy?

The funny part is if Lim Guan Eng thinks that Psy and his song is bad, then why did DAP’s Ubah-Rocket Style use the tune and music of Psy’s song?

By the way, Lim Guan Eng ‘sang’ in Ubah-Rocket Style video clip too.

And by doing so, DAP and Lim Guan Eng is promoting the Gangnam-Style song and Psy.

May be PR wanted Psy to sing Ubah-Rocket Style instead of Gangnam-Style?

And another funny part is when Malaysiakini wrote that PAS’s Nik Aziz “urged Psy to cover her ‘aurat’ “.

(Please read Dr MiM’s blog –

Dr MiM also questioned why didn’t Nik Aziz ask Psy’s dancers to cover their ‘aurat’?

Now I am wondering why didn’t Nik Aziz complain about PKR’s latest dinner show at  Taman Sago in Kulim, Kedah when the dancers were not properly dressed?

(Please read Suara Pakatan Rakyat –

And that is not the first PKR’s ‘K-Pop styled’ show. 

It seems that Nik Aziz and some other PR’s leaders only made statements on these issues when it involves UMNO/BN but they do not complain about ‘aurat’ during Pakatan Rakyat’s show.

They dare not say much when PKR called for K-Pop styled dances to their functions to dance all around the stage in improper clothes.

PR’s leaders also do not complain when PKR sold both ‘Halal and Non-Halal tables’ at the same function.

(Please read

I think PR is very weird because they can only see UMNO’s and BN’s faults but cannot accept their faults even when they did worse things than UMNO/BN.

If they are really serious that Psy and Gangnam-Style is bad, they should suggest to have the song banned a long time ago.

In fact they did not complain when BoBoiBoy invited children to dance on stage to the Gangnam-Style song during the Stamp Week on 2012.

By the way I do not listen to Gangnam-Style and I am not a fan of Psy because enjoying those kind of songs is ’empty fun’.

It is better to listen to songs with good messages like GuantánameraMicheal Jackson’s Earth Song, Dawud Wharnsby Ali’s songs and other better songs.

6 02 2013

Ahmad Ali JetPlane

An 8.0 magnitude earthquake struck 340 km (211 miles) east of Kira Kira in the Solomons on Wednesday, February 2013.

The strong earthquake triggered a tsunami in remote part of the Solomon Islands.

A 0.9 metres (three feet) tsunami hit near the town of Lata on the remote Santa Cruz island, hitting some villages and the town’s main airport.

Lata hospital’s director of nursing, Augustine Pilve, told New Zealand television that five people had been killed, including a boy about 10 years old, saying, “It’s more likely that other villages along the coast of Santa Cruz may be affected.”

Some communities have been badly hit, with houses have been damaged by the waves.

The Solomons is situated on the active “Pacific Ring of Fire”.

In 2007, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake triggered a devastating tsunami that killed at least 50 people while dozens were missing and destroyed more than 13 villages.

This is a disaster.

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