Old, Cute Photos Of Cats By Harry Whittier Frees

These are adorable photos of cats dressed and posed in everyday human situations.

The photos were taken by an American photographer, Harry Whittier Frees date back to 1914.

(Photography by Harry Whittier Frees/Library of Congress)

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National Geographic Travel’s Best Travel Photos of 2013

Below are some of the top 50 best travel photos of 2013 chosen by National Geographic Travel.

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Your Shot: A Sneak Peek At National Geographic’s Contest Submissions

National Geographic magazine turned 125 this month.

The magazine moves the birthday celebration off its pages with the October 1st public launch of a photo-sharing platform, Your Shot (NGYourShot.com), that allows photography fans to connect with photographers and editors around virtual assignments, get direct feedback on their work and participate in a unique photography-based community.

One of the magazine’s young star photographers, Cory Richards, will usher in the month as lead curator of the magazine’s first assignment on Your Shot.

Led by Richards and his magazine photo editor, Sadie Quarrier, the assignment invites photographers to share three images that convey how photography can help us explore our changing world.

Throughout the assignment, Richards and Quarrier will provide photo tips and feedback on the images that are submitted along with direction on what they feel will best help tell the story.

Their favourite photograph will be selected to appear in a future issue of National Geographic magazine.

Participants must join Your Shot, National Geographic’s free online photo community and storytelling platform, to submit photos to the assignment, which runs until today, October. 22. (National Geographic)

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Tiny People In The World Of Big Foods

Photographer Christopher Boffoli had photographed a collection of wonderful photo featuring tiny, hand-painted figures photographed against real food environments.

He photographed them as if they were climbing some rock candy, collecting salts, went to a linguine car wash and others.

Aren’t they cute?

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Please click here for more wonderful photos by photographer Christopher Boffoli.


Clouds Which Looks Like UFOs By Denis Budkov

Lenticular clouds hover of the mountains of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

I love photography and I had posted lots of photos by great photographers who took beautiful photos of animals, trees, mountains, lakes and others.

And today, I want to share something different – cool photos of clouds that looks like UFOs or Unidentified Flying Object by Russian photographer Denis Budkov.

These photos were snapped over Klyuchevskaya Sopka, the highest mountain of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.

They look so cool, especially the above photo.

The Mail Online wrote that the lens-shaped formations are scientifically known as ‘altocumulus lenticularis’ and are the result of moist air that has condensed at a high altitude.

They are formed when the air temperature drops and moisture droplets are pushed up a steep slope by high winds.

This unique atmospheric condition creates the interesting lens-shaped form that defines a lenticular cloud. 

Mountains act as natural barriers forcing clouds to condense quickly as they are pushed to cooler altitudes.

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Stunning Close-Ups Starfish Photos By Alexander Semenov

(Photo by Alexander Semenov)

The above photo of starfish by Alexander Semenov is so nice and it looks like some sea anemones.

I have never seen such photos before and I think that they are so beautiful.

Biologist Alexander Semenov uses  a macro lens to capture these stunning close-ups of vibrant starfish.

Mr. Semenov is chief of diving team at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS), in Russia.  

He graduated from Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in the department of Zoology in 2007.

Now Mr. Semenov organises all WSBS underwater projects.

He enjoys underwater photography and I think that he is really good at it.

I hope that I could see the real thing and take the beautiful pictures by myself.

By the way, here are some more stunning starfish photos by Alexander Semenov …

Please click here for more beautiful close-ups photos of starfish by Alexander Semenov.

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