Pak Cik Amin

29 01 2010

Pak Cik Amin’s name is Tuan Haji Mohd Amin Hashim.

Pak Cik Amin is an architect.

Pak cik Amin is my father’s friend.

I love to go to Pak Cik Amin’s house.

I usually go there on Wednesday at 9:00 pm.

There is a Hadith class at Pak Cik Amin’s house.

Over there I meet Abang Hatim, Arisa, Abang Amar, Ummi Yati ( Mak Cik Amin) and Abang Aiman.

Abang Hatim is my best friend.

Abang Hatim is Pak Cik Amin’s son.

I like to eat curry puff at Pak Cik Amin’s house.

Pak Cik Amin’s special coffee is my favourite.

I asked Pak Cik Amin where can we buy the coffee and he told me that he made it by himself 😉

I took this photo by myself during the Wacana

I think that Pak Cik Amin is a very good and kind person.




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2 02 2010

thanks ahmad 🙂 🙂


2 02 2010

assalaamualaikum dear ahmad
how are you today.?
there is one story, where my vacation yesterday to the city TASIKMALAYA
we are fishing there, because in front of my grandmother’s house there is a very large pond and lots of fish
I like fishing
I like to eat fish
and I also like to drink coffee, because in my country is my favorite coffee is named kopi kapal api … if you go to my place, I want to share with you, eat fish and drink coffee together
how about you
Another time I want a vacation to your country, I want to see the twin towers ..
thanks ahmad,


2 02 2010

Dear Tedi,
I like fish too. I saw on Malaysian TV they say ‘Kopi Kapal Api betul-betul kaw’. I went to Bandung when I was about 2 years old. Bandung is in Indonesia. My big sister said that there are lots of Kopiko sweets in Indonesia.


30 01 2010

dah pandai minum kopi eh sekarang? ish ish ish…


2 02 2010

Dear mik,
Pak Cik Amin said it is a special herb coffee and he does not use coffee beans to make the coffee 🙂
By the way is this Abang Muhammad?


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