My 8th Birthday

13 02 2011

My mother also gave me a stamp booklet of Keretapi Tanah Melayu train stamps.

Today is my birthday.

I am very happy to be 8!

Aunty Selina sent me a cute E-Card from Maryland, USA and I also get E-Cards from Kaman and Kashah.

I also received 5 birthday cards.

I get Abang Muhammad’s card and birthday present from Chicago this morning because Kafah forgot to collect the mail yesterday 🙂

All together I get about 35 birthday presents and 249 pieces of stamps.


Some of my birthday presents.


I am very happy because I get a stamp album and 132 beautiful stamps to start my stamp collection from my mother.

Abang Muhammad sent me 34 USA mint stamps, 15 other stamps were from Pak Cik Amin, about 6 stamps from Kaman and a stamp from Kashah.


I am looking at the stamps in the stamps album that my mother gave me.


Kaman also gave me a Malaysian mint stamp.

I also get a ‘Maisto’ Assembly Line Enzo Ferrari from my father!


My yellow Enzo Ferrari


I can assemble the beautiful yellow Ferrari myself because it is mine 🙂

I also get 2 ‘Hotwheels’ cars and a DIY metal plane from my sisters.


The DIY metal plane from Kaman.


Other presents are 3 sheets of colourful stickers, lots of nice books, a set of colouful pens and lots of other wonderful things.

And I also started my silat class today 🙂

We had a tasty Domino’s pizza birthday dinner and my mother promised me a belated birthday cake.

I hope to get more stamps for my collection :mrgreen:

My best birthday present!



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20 02 2011

Good birthday!

I also collect stamps from all over. I have extra from Japan if you’d like me to mail them to you? They’re on paper and need to be soaked still but are very colorful.

If it’s ok with your family I can mail them no problem. My email is


20 02 2011

Dear Ann,
Thank you, you are very kind. Yes, I would love to have the stamps. I’ll email you my address.
Please visit my blog again.


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18 02 2011



15 02 2011
Aunty Moon n Uncle Kamil

Assalamualaikum Ali

Happy Birthday Ali. May Allah bless you and family always, Amin.

Lots of love n bear hugs
Aunty Moon n Uncle Kamil


15 02 2011

Dear Aunty Moon and Uncle Kamil,
Thanks for the birthday wish and the doa.

Ahmad Ali


14 02 2011

Alhamdulillah..Happy birthday dear ahmad. :mrgreen:
I am very happy to see you happy 🙂


14 02 2011

Dear Tedi,
Thank you. Please pray for me. You are my good friend!


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