The Calovinia – A Book By Ahmad Ali Karim

This is the front cover of 'The Calovinia'. I designed the cover my self. Ahmad Ali JetPlane Books is a subsidiary of one of my imaginary companies, Ahmad Ali JetPlane group.

I love writing stories. I wrote my first story, entitled ‘The Pink Elephant’ when I was about 3 years old. It was actually a really, really short story 🙂 And on my ninth birthday (February 13, 2012), I finished writing my first storybook! The book has 26 chapters with about 5100 words. My mother and my big sister Aiman Amani love my book and said that it is fun, funny and really amazing. 

I am very, very, very happy and excited when my father printed a few copies of the book 🙂 I gave the first copy to Pak Cik Amin and Ummi Yati. I am very happy because Pak Cik Amin, Abang Aiman and Abang Hatim like the way I wrote the story. I wish I can print this book in a real story book format and sell it like Uncle Awang Goneng :mrgreen:

Below is the first chapter of my book:


   Once upon a time, there was a nice beautiful place called Calovinia. But one day, Brotosh armies attacked the place and destroyed some of the beautiful buildings.

   The next day, the Calovinians make an alliance meeting with the Brotosh and the Brotosh became allies. Sir Adhavadejonge of Calovininia told the Brotosh not to let the Arguays know about the agreement. But unfortunately the Arguays had already heard about it.

   The Arguays rushed in to the Calovinian castle and attacked them using some magical swords and arrows. Sir Ali ordered his griffins to attack the Arguays. The griffins blew big blue fire from their mouth but the Arhuays managed to steal the special dagger from the Calovinian treasure box and put it into their own treasure box before taking it away.

   After the Arguays had gone, Sir Ali’s friend named Jolly said,”I want to get out dagger back from the Arguays all by myself”. Sir Ali said,”I don’t think that’s a good idea, Jolly”. Sir Adhavadejonge added,”You will be captured if you go there all alone”.

   Then Sir Layon of Calovinia took out his sword belt. The sword belt was a special belt where there would always be a new sword whenever it’s owner put it’s hand into the bet’s pocket. Sir Layon said,” No one should bring their own sword because the Arguays will steal your swords just like they stole our special dagger. I have enough swords for all of us

The back cover of 'The Calovinia'.

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

14 thoughts on “The Calovinia – A Book By Ahmad Ali Karim”

  1. Dear Ahmad Ali,

    I am amazed to read that you started your blog at the age of 5. I have just started my blog at the age of 54 and it is not that easy to come out with ideas to write. I truly support you to continue writing using your imaginations. I like to imagine crazy things too. But as an adult, I always hesitated and always so conscious of what other people will think of me. My blog is still hanging with incomplete articles.

    So my dear young man, please do not stop writing. Pen down all the stories that you have in your mind. Let it be crazy. One day Stephen Spielberg might turn “The Calovinia” into a movie.

    I support your work.

    Sincerely yours,
    Aunty Maznah


    1. Dear Aunty Maznah,
      Thank you for supporting me. As Aunty wrote, blogging is hard work but from blogging I made lots of wonderful siber friends from all over the world who are always there to support me. And blogging also taught me to work very hard to improve my writing.
      The Calovinia is my first book and I am very proud of it 🙂 If only I can publish it …
      Please pray for me and please visit my blog again.


      1. Dear Ahmad Ali,

        You have written your book and you can start selling online i.e.
        e-book , pdf format. Use big fonts, pictures and cartoons to add colour and more drama to the story. This way it will reach the world and not just the book store. Sell it via click bank. I have not read your book but the first chapter sounds so interesting. Do think about it.

        warm regards
        Aunty Maznah


    1. Dear uncle zee,
      Amin. Thank you for writing. I wish to be a genius and my mother always tells me to work hard and pray to Allah so that I’ll be a better person and a good Muslim. I am sad to read about the Malays who are not proud to be Malays and forgot that Malaysia was Tanah Melayu. A Malay person must be proud to be a Malay and my parents taught me that we must respect and understand our Federal Constitution and our history.
      Please visit my blog again. May Allah help us and our country.


  2. utk budak 9 tahun, blh tahan ceritanya. Kalau blh cubalah gunakan watak2 dgn nilai keMelayuan dan islamik. Orang Melayu ada gelaran Tan Sri, Dato’, dll bukan Sir 😀
    Apapun yg jelas hebat ialah semangat yg adik tunjukkan utk tulis/terbitkan buku. teruskan usaha.


    1. Dear lelucon2020,
      Thank you for the comment. I just follow my imaginations when I write my stories and I do not really plan what to write. My parents told me to try to write stories with Islamic values too but it is hard. It is easier to write articles. I’ll try to write stories with Islamic too. Please doa that Allah will help me.
      Please visit my blog again.


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