A Bloggers Meeting

This morning I met Aunty Emy, Tok Cu Bee and Uncle  Syed Mohd Zaid at Shukur Nasi Dagang in Subang Jaya for breakfast.

Anyway I did not eat nasi dagang.


I ate fried mee hoon.

It was yummy but too hot and spicy.

Aunty Emy (RoyalTLady) and Tok Cu Bee (La Vie en Rose) are bloggers too.

Aunty Emy always send comments  to my blog  😉

She is Uncle Azahar ‘s friend.

Uncle Azahar is a blogger (Nature Lover) too and he also sent me lots of commets 😉

Uncle Azahar is a vet or animal doctor.

He knows a lot about animals  just like Diego 🙂

Uncle  Syed Mohd Zaid works as a Malaysian Airlines pilot.uncle-syedzaid

He explained what made the FeDex cargo plane crashed and exploded into a fireball in Tokyo Narita Airport.

Very strong wind made the plane cannot land properly and the plane tilt.

The wing touched the runway and the fuel from the plane made the plane exploded.

Uncle Syed Mohd Zaid said that it is one of the dangers in landing a plane and it can happen even to a good pilot.

I think that was like a bloggers meeting 🙂

Author: Ahmad Ali Karim

Blogger. Official Ambassador at Muafakat Pendidikan Johor (MPJ). Columnist at Utusan Malaysia. Secretary at Pertubuhan Permuafakatan Pendidikan Malaysia (ME'DIDIK).

9 thoughts on “A Bloggers Meeting”

  1. Dear Aunty Emy,

    Dad did told us that we’re going to meet you and Tok Cu Bee but unfortunately Ali was asleep at the time and nobody realize that he was asleep at that time :). If he knew it was Aunty Emy who he met I can’t imagine when would he stop telling his ‘never-ending-stories’… Perhaps at noon ;).


  2. KA!

    You did not tell AA about me? cht, cht, cht… how could you. I am a great fan of his.
    Tergelak jugak Aunty Emy tonight baca AA punya remark.

    Dahlah uncle Datuk Azahar… satu hal… dah close encounter, tak pulak menanya Aiman tu dari mana? Rugi nasi ayam Kemaman!!


  3. AA

    How wonderful to know you did not know who you were meeting that day? Lets all blame your dad, ok? Cht, cht, cht he did not tell you about meeting the grandma bloggers? How could he………

    HAHAHAHA… you are so cute… This tickles me tonight… so, who did you think this grandma was?

    AA, ni kalau uncle Datuk Azahar baca, mesti tergelak sakan dia…


  4. AA,

    Sorry I took time to reach your blog… the journey seems too long now. AND how come I missed your post…

    Indeed it was an enjoyable meeting. Perhaps we could ask the bee hoon seller to fry “Bee Hoon Singapore”… why it’s called Singapore I am not sure… all I knew is, It’s not hot or spicy at all.

    I saw you passing by
    Deep in your sleep
    I smiled but you did not know
    Then your dad made a turn
    He parked near our car

    You got down
    Not knowing your fans were smiling
    You look so cute, gentle and babyish
    Too quiet to say anything

    Mom said, wait till you get the “mood”
    You would not let us talk
    I am still waiting for this moment
    Perhaps in the next meet or more!

    I love strawberry too. I eat them with plenty of cream and few sprinkles of icing sugar


  5. Salaam Ali,
    It was really nice talking to you, and just now, reading your blog.
    We must have another meeting like yesterday, as it was so much fun! Another Nasi Dagang place where they also sell fired Mee Hoon should keep everybody happy!


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