I Had A High Fever

25 11 2008

Last night I had a high fever.

I also have a cold and cough.

I was very tired but I cannot sleep.

My mother put wet towel on my body so that I feel better.

This morning I cannot open my eyes because they were swollen.

My lips are swollen too.

I look so different and I don’t like it.


I went to see Dr Khairul at Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital.

It was also known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre.


Dr Khairul did some tests and gave me some medicine.

Now I still feel tired.

I must eat my medicine and rest a lot.

I want to get better and look like myself again.

I have to tell my father to tell my hadith ustaz to doa and make me a special water to drink.


Please doa so that I’ll get better.




5 responses

21 09 2012

i am Always doa for you dear ahmad, 🙂
InsyaAllah allah save dan keep you always


22 09 2012

Dear Tedi,
Amin. You are my good friend 🙂 Thank you and please doa that I’ll be a good and successful Muslim.


21 01 2011
My Hadith Class « Ahmad Ali Karim’s Weblog

[…] The teacher’s name is Ustaz Raof. […]


28 11 2008

Dear Auntie Emy,
Now my eyes are ok.
But I still have fever and cold.
Please doa so that I’ll get better.


28 11 2008


AA, I certainly hope you are getting much better now. Its probably the virus that is in the air. Yes, you look a bit different from your “cute” face…Insyaallah, soon your fever would subside and you would get back to normal again. Amin.

Amir Harith is still having cold. His fever has subsided but strange red spots popped up on his skin.

So, yesterday Aunty and his Papa brought him to see a paediatrician in University Hospital. Nothing to worry about said the doctor. So, today the spots looked much less swollen and less red.

But Mama, Papa and Aunt Zaza are fevering still. ME? alhamdulillah syukur, am okay today.


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