A Bad Cold

I’m not very well since yesterday.

I had a  bad cold.

I have runny nose and I am coughing too.

I also have a fever.

I feel very sick and tired.

I also have allergy reaction on my face and body.

I must rest and drink lots of water.

I take my medicine every 6 hours.

I take PCM for my fever, Actifed syrup for my cold and Buventol Easyhaler for my asthma.

Please pray so that I’ll get better very soon.


I Had A High Fever

Last night I had a high fever.

I also have a cold and cough.

I was very tired but I cannot sleep.

My mother put wet towel on my body so that I feel better.

This morning I cannot open my eyes because they were swollen.

My lips are swollen too.

I look so different and I don’t like it.


I went to see Dr Khairul at Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital.

It was also known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre.


Dr Khairul did some tests and gave me some medicine.

Now I still feel tired.

I must eat my medicine and rest a lot.

I want to get better and look like myself again.

I have to tell my father to tell my hadith ustaz to doa and make me a special water to drink.


Please doa so that I’ll get better.

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