NaPoWriMo Poem #4: Shivering Cold

It’s cold, cold, shivering cold,
It’s so cold with lots of snow,
Now I need my winter coat,
Out in the snow I wish to go.

It’s cold, cold, shivering cold,
I wish I were a polar bear,
With thick white fur to trap the air,
To keep me warm in open air.

It’s cold, cold, shivering cold,
It’s a good thing that I’m not old,
I’ll be jumping and running around,
Makes me warmer, and not too cold.

Winter in Mount Fuji, December 2013.
Winter in Mount Fuji. This photo was snapped by my father in December 2013.

Bitter cold to linger across U.S. through weekend


It is freezing in U.S.A. now.

It must be very, very ,very, very cold.

I read in CNN that it may get colder later.

The wind is very, very, very, very cold too.

In some places in U.S.A. you’ll get frozen if you play out side.

So you can’t make snowman in the garden.

There are lots and lots and lots and lots of snow.

But maybe there is no snowman 🙂

It is freezing
It is freezing

There is lots of snow in Ohio too.

I don’t want to go to  Uncle Arif’s house now  because it is freezing.

I hope Uncle Arif is not frozen in the snow.

I think  everybody’s car is frozen in the snow because it is very, very, very cold.

I Had A High Fever

Last night I had a high fever.

I also have a cold and cough.

I was very tired but I cannot sleep.

My mother put wet towel on my body so that I feel better.

This morning I cannot open my eyes because they were swollen.

My lips are swollen too.

I look so different and I don’t like it.


I went to see Dr Khairul at Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital.

It was also known as Kampung Baru Medical Centre.


Dr Khairul did some tests and gave me some medicine.

Now I still feel tired.

I must eat my medicine and rest a lot.

I want to get better and look like myself again.

I have to tell my father to tell my hadith ustaz to doa and make me a special water to drink.


Please doa so that I’ll get better.


Ice-cream is so cold.

We keep ice-cream in a freezer.

They are beautiful because they are colourful.

Ice-cream is delicious.

I like gotcha, twister and traffic-light ice-cream.

I like ice-cream very much.

But I don’t like ice-cream cake and ice-cream potong.

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