Lego Bricks

25 02 2009

I like to play with my  Logo bricks.

My father bought most of my Lego bricks from Toys’R’Us.

Toys’R’Us means Toys Are Us

I like to play with the Lego bricks because it is really fun.

I can build caravans, cars, buildings, zoo, robots, playgrounds and lots of other things.

What I like to build most is caravan.

It is hard to build the caravan and I need a lot of Lego bricks.

I build WALL-E using Lego bricks too.

Lego Wall-E

Do you know that in 2013 a LEGOLAND  may  be opened in Johor Bahru?

There is a LEGOLAND in California, in the United States too.

The Legoland Map

The Legoland Map

Do you like to play with Lego bricks?

I think going to LEGOLAND is fun.




4 responses

25 05 2013
World’s Largest Lego Sculpture: A Life-Size X-Wing Fighter (Photos) | Ahmad Ali Karim's Weblog

[…] in New York City’s Times Square on May 22 to watch the unveiling of the world’s largest LEGO model, a 1:1 replica of the LEGO Star Wars X-wing […]


22 06 2010

Im going to lego land tommrow


23 06 2010

Dear Shadow,
I wish that I go there too. Please tell me about the trip.


14 11 2009
Lego « Anisah Afifah’s Weblog

[…] Comment! Lego is so fun because I can pretend that they are living-thing. Sometimes me and Ali put our baby dolls and name the place ‘Lego Land‘ because there is a lot of Lego. […]


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