Chili Con Carne

23 02 2009

I am eating chili with bread and butter

I am eating chili with bread and butter

Last night I ate Chili Con Carne for dinner.

Chilli Con Carne is a Mexican food.

It tastes sweet, sour and hot.

Tasty Chili Con Carne

Tasty Chili Con Carne

I like it very much because it is very tasty and healthy.

It has beef, spices, beans, tomatoes, onion and lots of other vegetables.

But I don’t like the beans.

I ate Chili Con Carne with French loaf and butter.

Chili Con Carne, French loaf  and butter

Chili Con Carne, French loaf and butter

I also like to eat Chili Con Carne with cracker.

Chili on cracker....Yummy!

Chili on cracker....Yummy!

I think my mother cooks the best Chili Con Carne.




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27 03 2009

Wow I cant believe Ali knows the ingredients in Chilli Con Carne and that he keeps up with the latest news!


30 03 2009

Dear Teacher Jehan,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I saw my mother cooked Chili Con Carne and I asked my mother its ingredients so I can write in my blog.
I read the CNN news on the internet because I also like to write the latest news on my blog.


16 03 2009

Chilli con carne is always a hit in our family.


7 03 2009
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28 02 2009

Great blog and hope to have time soon to come back and read some more! xx


26 02 2009

Assalamualaikum AA

It has been a long time since I last posted comments and communicated with you.

If you don’t mind, please ask your mom for Chili Con Carne recipee… please….

Thank you.
aunt emy


2 03 2009

Dear Aunty Emy,
I have to ask my mother for the ways to cook chili. I don’t know how to cook.


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