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Deadly Ice and Snow Storm Cut Swath Across US

There is a very bad ice and snow storm across the United States.

At least 17 people died in the Midwest.

Trees fell on power lines so there is no electricity in lots and lots and lots of houses.

Some school are closed because it is dark and too much snow so people cannot go out side.

There are lots of accident because the roads are too slippery.

Winter StormIt is hard to walk out side because it is icy and too slippery.

Winter Storm
Winter Storm

Anyway the ice on the trees look so beautiful.

Winter Weather
Winter Weather

There is lots of snow in Ohio and I think there is a lot of snow outside  Uncle Arif’s house in Columbus.

APTOPIX Winter Weather

APTOPIX Winter Weather

CHICAGO (AFP) – Hundreds of thousands of people were left shivering in the dark after a massive ice and snow storm cut a swath across the United States Wednesday, knocking down power lines, snarling traffic, grounding flights and forcing schools to close.

Freezing rain on the southern end of the storm covered trees and bridges with brilliant ice crystals but made roads incredibly slick and dangerous from Texas to Pennsylvania.

At least a dozen deaths were reported.

The northern side of the snow dumped as much as a foot (30 centimeters) of snow in some areas of Ohio and the US east coast.

And with a cold front moving in behind the storm it could be days before the ice melts and weeks before all the damage is repaired, officials warned.

In The Night Garden.


I love to watch In The Night Garden because the characters are so cute.

The Characters

The characters are:





Pinky Ponk


Ninky Nonk


Upsy Daisy




Makka Pakka






I love Igglepiggle the most.

My favourite character
My favourite character

I love to play In The Night Garden games on the website. (Click here to go to the website).

I wish I will get an In The Night Garden CD and In The Night Garden stickers for my birthday.

I think there will be a new character in the In The Night Garden 2.


Solar Eclipse In Malaysia

This evening I watched solar eclipse from my house in Ampang.

Solar is the sun.

It was a partial solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse started 4:36 PM.

Solar eclipse is when the moon hide the sun.

When the moon hide the sun, the sun will be hidden.

So it will be dark because we can’t see the sun.

I watched the solar eclipse on TV too.

I saw a total solar eclipse on TV.

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

A Flood In Minas Gerais

Flood In Minas Gerais...
Flood In Minas Gerais...

Just now I watched a video about the flood in Minas Gerais.

The video was from Reuters.

Minas Gerais is in Brazil.

It was a big flood.

The colour of the flood water was brown because the water came from the river.

The water was mixed with mud.

The water moved very fast.

I saw cars washed away by the flood.

I saw a truck was washed away too.

The water was so high .

People have to bring their things because they don’t want the things destroyed in the flood.

Some people was trapped in the water and hang to lamp posts and trees because they might fall in to the water or get washed away like the cars and truck.

The rescue team used helicopter to save the people.

I think lots of buildings were damaged.

Flood is a disaster.

Learn More About Disaster>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Click Here

Stay Away From Some U.S. Peanut Butter

There are some peanut butter from the U. S. that can’t be eaten because they carry salmonella.

Salmonella is a bacteria that can make us very sick.

Actually bacteria is a germ.

Salmonella food poisoning gives us  diarrhoea, fever and tummy cramp.

Some people died because of salmonella food poisoning.

People use peanut butter to make cookies, ice cream, cake and other food.

Those food can’t be eaten too if they carry salmonella from the peanut butter.

Some schools in the U.S. ban peanut butter.

It means there is no peanut butter in the schools.

Anyway I don’t like peanut butter so I don’t eat peanut butter.

I think if we want to made peanut butter make sure there is no salmonella.

Peanut butter in a jar.
Peanut butter in a jar.

Peanut Butter Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The sole source of the U.S. salmonella outbreak involving contaminated peanut butter appears to be the Peanut Corp of America’s Blakely, Georgia processing facility, federal officials said on Wednesday.

More than 125 products including cookies, crackers, ice cream and even some pet food have been recalled in connection with the outbreak, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

Six deaths may be associated with the outbreak, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The CDC said at least 486 people from 43 states and one person in Canada have been reported ill from the outbreak of the Salmonella typhimurium strain, with 107 of them being hospitalized.

Stephen Sundlof, director of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, said Connecticut health authorities tested an unopened container of peanut butter from the PCA’s Blakely plant and discovered the strain linked to the outbreak of illness.

The fact that the unopened container had the strain indicates contamination did not occur after it was shipped from the facility, Sundlof said. Coupled with previous evidence, Sundlof said authorities believe the Blakely plant is the only source of the outbreak.

“That is our assumption at this point. We will continue to follow up on any leads that point us in a different direction,” Sundlof told reporters during a conference call.

Blue Whale At Batu Buruk Beach(Pantai Batu Buruk)

There was a blue whale at Batu Buruk Beach last night.

Batu Buruk Beach is in Kuala Terengganu.

The blue whale was injured.

The whale was found at about 9:30PM.

It was still alive but it died about an hour later.

It was a female blue whale.

The blue whale was very big.

I think it was bigger than me.

Blue Whale At Batu Buruk Beach.
Blue Whale At Batu Buruk Beach.

KUALA TERENGGANU, Jan 21 (Bernama) — The blue whale that beached at Batu Buruk is said to be a Kogia Breviceps (Pygmy Sperm Whale), a species rarely found in Malaysian waters, Terengganu Fisheries Director Munir Mohd Nawi said today.

He said the 3.14m female blue whale, weighing an estimated 150kg, had critical injuries with scratches on its body and pectoral fins.

“The whale was still alive when it was washed ashore at around 9.30pm yesterday but died an hour later due to the injuries,” he told a news conference here.

Munir said the carcass would be preserved and kept in the fisheries gallery in Dungun for display and student research.

The whale was found alive on the Batu Buruk beach by members of the public but died after attempts to drag it back into the water failed due to strong waves.

U.S. Celebrates as President Obama Vows New Era

President Obama
President Obama

Barrack Obama becomes the new U.S. president yesterday.

President Obama is the U.S. 44th president.

President Obama is a smart politician.

He won lots of elections.

The U.S. 43rd president was George W. Bush.

When George W. Bush was the U.S. president, there were lots of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine.

U.S. presidents live at the White House in Washington DC.

The U.S. first president was George Washington.

I hope President Obama will go to the United Nations meetings to stop the wars.

I think war is very,very,very,very,very bad and a disaster.

President Barrack Obama's Inauguration ceremony
President Barrack Obama's Inauguration ceremony

War In Gaza, Palestine

Smoke in Gaza, January 12, 2009
Smoke in Gaza, January 12, 2009

There is a war in Palestine.

Israel attacked Gaza, Palestine on Dec 27, 2008.

War destroyed lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of houses and buildings.

When the buildings were destroyed, there were  lots and lots of thrash.

Destroyed orphan centre in Gaza, January 12, 2009.
Destroyed orphan centre in Gaza, January 12, 2009.

Schools were destroyed too.

It’s not good because kids cannot go to school.

There is no electricity and water too.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of people died and hurt.

Animals, plants and trees died too.

So people can’t eat  vegetables and fruits.

There is more air pollution when there is no plant and trees as in SimCity 3000 Unlimited.

When I become a politician I’ll go to meetings at the United Nations in Geneva and New York to tell everybody to stop all wars.

War is a disaster.

I think war is very, very, very, very,very, very bad.

War Is Bad
War Is Bad And A


Strong Earthquake Hits Kermadec Islands Off New Zealand

There was an earthquake in New Zealand.

Earthquake is a disaster.

Fortunately nobody die or hurt.

There was no tsunami warning.

The map of Raoul Island

WELLINGTON, Jan 19 (Bernama) — A strong earthquake measuring 6. 7 on the Richter scale jolted Kermadec Islands north of New Zealand early Monday, China’s Xinhua news agency quoted the U.S. Geological Survey as reporting.

No casualties or damages were reported. The Kermadec Islands are uninhabited apart from Raoul, where the Department of Conservation maintains a field station.

The quake occurred at 3:11 a.m. New Zealand local time on Monday (14:11 GMT Sunday), some 80 km south of Raoul Island, and 1, 005 km northeast of New Zealand’s largest city Auckland. Its depth was just 10 km.

No tsunami warning was immediately issued.

The quake might have been felt along New Zealand’s east coast.

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