Private Character Editor

A page from my '7th Mail Cooperation Newspaper'.

Last week, I found out about the Private Character Editor.

We can create our own font and also draw using it.

And the best part is, it is very simple.

We can easily search the Private Character Editor in Windows 7 and Vistacomputer

First draw or write, then exit and search for Character Map.

Next, open the Character Map and choose the All Fonts (Private Character Editor).

Click your drawing, letters or words that you wrote and then click ‘select‘.

Then go to PowerPoint and paste your writing or drawing.

Give it a try and have fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Digital Drawings

I use Microsoft Paint on Windows 7 to draw these pictures:

Modern Art - Imation. 'Imation' is just a word that I created as the title for this picture.
An Angry Lady
'No Table Allowed' Sign
Michael Jackson

Food On The Table
Chinese Lady
Boy Illusion. If you cover the two black dots you will see a smiley face. If you cover the two white dots you will see a smiley face.
'Hand' Pointer Symbols
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