WhatsApp’s New Emoji Set – A Huge Mistake Made in the Malaysian Flag

Popular communicating app, WhatsApp, recently introduced their own design of emoticons or emoji, in their 2.17.386 update for Android.

The update which was released late last month replaced the use of the Apple emoji with their own unique versions.

This ranges from the usual smiley emoji to the flags of most of the countries in the world.

I was scrolling through the list of it’s flag emojis and realised that something is not right with the emoji of the Malaysian flag, so I took a closer look at the emoji.

I found that the new WhatsApp emoji of Jalur Gemilang has 7 short stripes (4 red stripes and 3 white stripes); whereas in the Malaysian flag, the short stripes should be 8 (4 red stripes and 4 white stripes) and not 7 like the emoji.

That makes it no longer the image of Jalur Gemilang flown proudly by all Malaysians.

The flag of a country reflects the identity of the country, hence country flags must be respected not only by its people but also by the people of other countries.

Such a mistake regarding a country flag is a grave mistake, and as a loyal citizen of Malaysia, I find that the WhatsApp emoji of the Malaysian flag as an insult to the country.

WhatsApp is a huge company running one of the biggest communication platforms in the world; hence the mistake in a country flag emoji is uncalled for and a taint to the image of the company.

WhatsApp must issue an official apology letter to the government of Malaysia for this mistake in their new set of emoji and fix the mistake as soon as possible if the company has high respect for national flags as I do.


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