In Video: Cats vs Cucumbers

25 11 2015

I watch this video on Huffingtonpost.

It’s funny but I feel bad for enjoying something naughty like scaring poor cats.

Anyway, I just wonder why the cats are scared of cucumbers and if all cats will react that way; but of course I’m not going to try it.


Videos: Afghanistan 7.5 Magnitude Earthquake – 26th October 2015

28 10 2015

Video Kak Wan Naik Train Ada Toll

26 10 2015

PKR President, Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was interviewed by a reporter after the 2016 Budget at the Parliament last Friday.

In a video that was shared via social media, the reporter asked Wan Azizah in Malay if the free toll Pan Borneo is a way (for the government) to buy vote in Sarawak and to everyone’s surprise, Wan Azizah thought that Pan Borneo is something to do with train or railroad when it is actually a new highway in East Malaysia.

How can she, as the opposition leader does not know what is Pan Borneo when the highway is a big project?

And the opposition leaders think that she can lead our country better than PM Najib?

Now, that is even funnier 😀

Video Wanita Pukul Bayi

22 04 2015

Please click here for the news.

Drone Captured Spectacular View Of Frozen Niagara Falls

23 02 2015

A video caught by a drone captures the spectacular view of the frozen Niagara Falls.

The video shows such an amazing view of the beautiful frozen Niagara Falls which only a drone can capture.

Here’s the video…

Video: Year 6 Student Bullied

4 01 2015

Yesterday New Straits Times Online reported about an alleged school bully incident that has gone viral on social media involving a Year 6 pupil in Jalan Langgar, Alor Star, Kedah.

Looking at the video, I guess it was recorded by one of the bullies’ friend or maybe by one of them.

I’m very sad to see such an incident and I have lots of things to question the bullies:

  1.  Why must they bully their friend? At that age, they should have known that bullying is bad and it is against the school rules.

  2. How did they feel when they were doing what they did and how did they feel when they watched the video of the incident? They recorded the incident, seems to be proud of what they did and even laughed at the victim when they should be ashamed of their actions.

  3. For what reasons, did they recorded the incident? Was it to show their power against the victim? Aren’t they ashamed of themselves?

  4. Did they know that they hurt their parents and teachers by doing what they did?

Is bullying part of liberalism, meaning that a person want to liberalise the existing laws and to express their freedom of expression? 

We are human and we are civilised so we must understand that we have our responsibilities as a student, a human being and a citizen of our country; so we cannot be selfish, we have to think about others, we must make ourselves good and help others be good too.

Video: MP Segambut Confused Pasal Hari Kemerdekaan

19 11 2014

I am really shocked to find out that there is a Malaysian Member of Parliament who does not know about our Hari Kemerdekaan or Independence Day.

DAP’s MP of Segambut, Lim Lip Eng must be ashamed of himself.

This is a disaster!

I wonder how will PAS and PKR leaders will defend him…

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